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Abhishek Maity : Traversing The Digital Marketing Frontier By Forging The Future

Abhishek Maity : Traversing The Digital Marketing Frontier By Forging The Future

 Abhishek Maity ,  Partner

Abhishek Maity


Advertising services are vital for businesses as they contribute to boosting sales, enhancing brand visibility, and influencing consumer behaviour. Through advertising, companies can stimulate demand for their products or services, resulting in increased production, investment, and overall output. Adbuffs operates as a contemporary media buying agency specializing in performance-based strategies tailored to maximize brands' marketing ROI. With a focus on enhancing memorability, impact, and profitability, Adbuffs assists businesses in navigating the evolving landscape of digital advertising to achieve lasting success. Since the inception of Adbuffs, Abhishek Maity, as a Partner, has been instrumental in driving the organi-zation's success and continues to play a pivotal role in its achievements.

During an interview, Abhishek provided insight into Adbuffs' journey from its humble beginnings to its current success, offering valuable perspectives and lessons learned along the way.

Can you provide a summary of your professional history and accomplishments, as well as the driving force behind your daily activities?

I initially pursued a career in chemical engineering during my university days before transitioning to a technology service provider company, where I gained five years of valuable experience. Around 2013, during the boom of startups like Flipkart, I became intrigued by the startup ecosystem and felt compelled to explore entrepreneurial ventures. Despite facing initial setbacks, I made the bold decision to quit my job in 2018, shortly after getting married, much to the dismay of my family. With the guidance of a mentor, I delved into digital marketing and discovered the potential of perfor-mance marketing services, recognizing its significance in an evolving online market.

Joining forces with my Co-founder, Ramasish, we ventured into the
digital marketing space, serving clients both in India and abroad. Through this journey, we identified the gap in creative-driven marketing strategies among Indian companies compared to their international counterparts, which inspired the founding of Adbuffs in 2019. Starting as a two-person team, we have since expanded to a team of around 120 individuals, and our journey thus far has been promising and fulfilling.

Our constant focus on anticipating future challenges enables us to stay ahead of industry trends

Please share insights into the distinctive experiences provided by Jadavpur University and the valuable lessons gained outside of academic pursuits during your time on campus.

Jadavpur University offers a rich array of extracurricular learning opportunities. One notable event is Sanskriti, where esteemed alumni share their experiences and achievements, inspiring me to explore entrepreneurship. Wit-nessing their pride in running successful ventures, particularly in areas like organic food production, ignited my own aspirations to embark on a similar path in my career journey.

How would you characterize Adbuffs and its current standing within the market?

As we began our journey at Adbuffs, numerous marketing agencies already existed in the market. Starting with just a two-person team, we have now grown to over 120 members. Presently, we hold a prominent position as a leading tier-one agency specializing in performance marketing. Our reputation is built on our unwavering commitment to excellence, evidenced by our clients' success rates after availing our services. We continuously strive to maintain high standards both internally and externally, setting benchmarks for the industry. Our innovative approach and continuous evolution in service offerings have positioned us as the premier performance auditing agency in India. Other agencies often look to us for inspiration, frequently adopting our strategies and structures to enhance their own growth prospects.

Describe your leadership style and the principles or methods you adhere to as a leader.
In terms of leadership, I prioritize direct communication without sugarcoating, delivering feedback to teammates personally and celebrating successes publicly. Accountability is crucial, especially in performance marketing where we manage client funds, as it ensures responsible spending and client satisfaction. Mental stability and consistent daily routines are emphasized to maintain focus and handle financial responsibilities effectively. Traits like patience and going the extra mile for clients are valued, and we've implemented internal KPIs to track progress and support team members in areas where improvement is needed.

How do you ensure you stay abreast of current industry trends to guide your organization's trajectory forward?

As our organization continues to expand, my focus is divided between client servicing and agency building. I primarily oversee operations and administration, which helps us prioritize tasks effectively. For instance, while the current buzz in digital marketing revolves around the importance of creativity, we introduced this concept to our clients back in 2020 before it became widespread. By consistently setting high standards and seeking innovative solutions to reduce costs for our clients, we continuously explore new avenues for service optimization and client satisfaction.

What is the ultimate goal or direction you envision for the future?

Currently, my main focus is on Adbuffs, where we currently have around 120 employees. We aim to expand our team to approximately 800 or 900 individuals within the next five to six years. Additionally, while our headquarters are in Kolkata, we aspire to establish offices in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, and potentially even internationally in locations such as Singapore or Dubai. These are the aspirations and goals that I am personally working towards.

Abhishek Maity, Partner, Adbuffs

As a Co-Founder and Partner at Adbuffs, Abhishek Maity focuses on implementing data driven and comprehensive e-commerce strategies aimed at boosting revenue and assisting direct to-consumer brands in reaching their objectives. With more than 7 years of expertise in digital marketing, Abhishek has demonstrated a consistent ability to deliver outstanding outcomes for clients across various sectors including jewellery, fashion, and beauty.

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