Aditya Ajay Singh: Exhibiting Authenticity Through Tech & Creativity Across Entertainment Industry | CEOInsights Vendor
Aditya Ajay Singh: Exhibiting Authenticity Through Tech & Creativity Across Entertainment Industry

Aditya Ajay Singh: Exhibiting Authenticity Through Tech & Creativity Across Entertainment Industry

Aditya Ajay Singh,Managing Director

Aditya Ajay Singh

Managing Director

The digital transformation of the Media and Entertainment industry is accelerating exponentially. It is the earliest adopter of digital advancements. Together with innovative technology, it is developing effectively. CEO Insights’ exclusive team rendezvous with a young leader who has been contributing to the transformations of the industry with the collision of tech and creativity. Aditya Ajay Singh, Managing Director, POPter Media Network started his journey in the Media and Entertainment industry with the desire to fulfill his passion and add creativity to his life.He has a significant professional expedition which includes Content Production, Acquisition, and Distribution. His expertiselies in content distribution, overseas film distribution and film production. He has been a part of more than 40 Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada films. Through POPter, Aditya aspires to leverage innovative technologies & techniques and optimize advanced digital tools to deliver the best media services across the Entertainment and Marketing industry. He is a creative leader who possesses beyond-the-box ideas and builds a culture where every team member contributes to the ideas to take the company to greater heights. Let’s hear it from Aditya.

What did you learn from the challenges that you have encountered in your journey so far? Also, how did you overcome them to emerge as a successful
Coming from a small town it was really difficult to find a way to get into the Media & Entertainment industry and tap into the pre-existing networks. Major challenges so far were to tie up with the leading studios. The challenges have helped in shaping me into the person I am today. Every project comes with a new experience and new challenge. These challenges make me and my team stronger and prepared for the days to come. I am fortunate and blessed to work with many senior industry leaders. I keep observing them and learn new ways to run the organization and handle major hurdles. I aspire to implement these exceptional experiences and knowledge into my organization.

The Media & Enter tainment industry must become more welcoming towards people who come from a non-media back ground

What is the future impact of technologies on media and entertainment, especially during this post-COVID recovery?
Technologies have changed the way we consume content. OTTs are playing a major role and will be one of the biggest revenue generators for content creators in the future. Demand has risen up for Indian content across the globe. In India, the growth of digital subscription revenues is increasing by 49 percent every year. The market is getting bigger and it is opening doors for quality content across the world

Tell us your views about the current scenario of the media and entertainment industry across India. What is the one thing that you would like to change within the industry?
Regional content is growing rapidly across India.One recent example of
the increasing demand for regional content is the Telegu film named Pushpa. Today media and entertainment have become more welcoming towards regional content and the adaptation has grown. Any new talents who want to venture into the media and entertainment space must focus on the regional content rather than only Bollywood. The Media & Entertainment industry must become more welcoming towards people who come from a non-media background. The established organizations must look forward to supporting and creating opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs in the industry.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction?What are your future goals for POPter?
The last year 2021 has been the best year for POPter as we were able to close 30+ projects and added many new partners to our list and managed to expand to the global market Throughout my professional journey, I have hired and guided many young talents and it gives me immense satisfaction when I see them thriving for better career opportunities. We as an organization want to be the premium content as well as commerce studio. POPter is my brainchild and I want to use it as a tool to shape future bright minds and help them achieve their goals. I further plan for my company to make a benchmark in the global market in the coming years.

Give us a glimpse of your upcoming projects?
We are working on two fresh production projects one is Tamil and the other one is Hindi. This will be our debut in the production sector.

Aditya Ajay Singh, MD, POPter Media Network
Aditya is a creative entrepreneur who has a Masters of Arts from R.D. National College. Currently, he is the MD of POPter Media Network and has been associated with more than 40+ films.

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