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Adrian Ross: Epitome Of Innovation & Impact

Adrian Ross: Epitome Of Innovation & Impact

Adrian Ross,  CEO

Adrian Ross


The art of entrepreneurship is drawn along the lines of efforts, dedication, and innovation along with the ability to stand through the thick and thin that the brainchild may go through. All of these abilities are extra needed in the case of startup founders. It's almost a mom's role; nurturing the business and creating opportunities for the people who belong there. While such startup founders are appreciated who are striving to make a mark, Adrian Ross, the CEO of Fanfury deserves the honour as an inspiring leader in the realm of blockchain based fantasy sports.

In an exclusive conversation, he enlightens about the interesting ride of his journey, company, leadership secrets, and more.

Take us through your professional background and experiences.
I entered the crypto domain while carrying over 15 years of work experience with well-reputed MNCs. My background lies in product, game design, and concept development along with developing SaaS and financial tools for these multinationals.

Today, we stand at a pivotal moment in the history of the world economy with blockchain being at its forefront. With the product that we are building today our emphasis is to champion this constantly evolving market and make it accessible to people across all walks of life.

How would you define Fanfury as an organization and its position in the market? What is its USP?
Fanfury is one of the first daily fantasy sports (DFS) apps built on blockchain technology. The current DFS market is a potential market valued at $20.14 billion; growing at a CAGR of 11.47 percent. But the industry has its pitfalls like data manipulation, smaller winner pools, and higher rake fees. These issues
in the traditional DFS platform only seem to benefit the business model rather than the players themselves. But at Fanfury, our focus is on changing this narrative, we offer the lowest rake fees in the industry, a 70 percent winner pool (which is large!) data oracle that will ensure accurate realworld data is collected and sent to smart contracts on the blockchain that will trigger reward distribution. Not only this but we will also offer Governance and voting rights to Fan Club members and owners to ensure the power lies in the hands of the players rather than vesting it with the platform.

If you need something to work listen, communicate, and constantly plan a step ahead of the curve

Elaborate on the technology innovations adopted by the company.
Fanfury is being built on the Cosmos-SDK on the Juno Network, which is a part of the Cosmos network. Juno itself was built by different well-known and reputed developers from across the cosmos chain and created a seamless platform for protocols like Fanfury. We also use Data Oracle which ensures data collected from realworld sports athletes is accurately represented with zero manipulation and then sent to smart contracts that ensure accurate reward distribution. To put it in simple terms some of the major USPs of Fanfury are: Community ownership and governance; Data oracle to ensure zero manipulation; A deflationary tokenomics then ensure price stability for its native token $FURY; and Fan clubs that offer ownership and memberships in Fan clubs creating a perpetual source of passive income.

What's the leadership approach you follow to lead your team?
My approach to everything in my personal and professional life is pretty much the same if you need something to work, listen to, communicate, and constantly plan a step ahead of the curve.

Our team at Fanfury believes in an agile work environment that focuses on results rather than deadlines. We take inputs from all areas be it marketing, tech, or operations, and function as a unit rather than depart
ments. This is one reason why we can take an entire protocol to its audience in record time.

Reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered. How did you overcome and what did you learn?
Crypto and blockchain on their own is a challenge combined with more than 60 million users worldwide who already are on one or the other traditional DFS platform, offering them something worth the transition is a huge task while ensuring a completely transparent system on a public blockchain, along with ease for non-crypto users and utility for the existing crypto community.

Before the Juno network, Fanfury was being built on the Terra network which as you may know unfortunately faced a huge crash causing a lot of the projects to head back to the drawing boards, Fanfury itself was days away from launch when this happened and we had to make some tough decisions, the challenges faced were regarding the platform, code and rebuilding the entire protocol from scratch while ensuring we stay true to the core goal of the project. Fortunately, thanks to my team and their hard work we were able to come back faster than most projects while constantly communicating with the already existing Fanfury community ensuring transparency. Within 120 days, we have already announced the roadmap to Gameplay which is just a few weeks from now.

My biggest take away from this was that you can never be completely prepared for what is to come but with a well-equipped team, and transparency with your community no challenge will ever feel too big to conquer.

Adrian Ross, CEO, Fanfury
Adrian Ross is a crypto entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience in game and financial tools development, product design, and conceptualization. He has worked with some of the largest global MNCs and now brings this knowledge to his own blockchain project 'Fanfury'.

•Hobbies:Travelling, Playing Video Games, and Trading.
•Favourite Cuisine:Indian & Continental.
•Favourite Book: Machiavelli: The Art of Teaching People What to Fear.
•Favourite Travel Destination: Portugal & Goa.

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