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Agreeya Solutions: A Company That Keeps Its People First!

Agreeya Solutions: A Company That Keeps Its People First!

   Ajay Kaul,  Managing Partner

Ajay Kaul

Managing Partner

What makes a company great to work for?
The best companies are focused on strategy and have clearly defined business goals, delineating the company's vision & mission statement and displaying a business value that employees understand & become devoted to serving".

Company culture is at the backbone of any organization. AGREEYA’s culture of respect for employees,carving out career progression, deep engagement, and fun at work makes it a great place to work.

The organization helps one learn new skills to help challenge the conventional and lead the way to a better tomorrow. At AGREEYA, one receives an environment where their ideas and contribution are recognized.

Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner at AGREEYA Solutions, recently highlighted the company's best points as a great work place.

How has AGREEYA Solutions been maintaining its mark so far? Highlighting its offerings, state what makes them suitable for both the domestic and global markets.
AGREEYA Solutions, a leading global software, solutions, and services provider to global Fortune 100, medium and small organizations, leverages a technology-enabled and consultative approach to digital transformation for its clients. We are running into the 25th year of our existence, and since AGREEYA's inception in 1999, diversity has been a pillar of our existence and culture.

The basic DNA of AGREEYA is built on the philosophy of building our future on our customer's success. We take immense pride in our value system, built on the pillars of Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect & Excellence (I-CARE). AGREEYA is a place where people care about each other, not just at a professional level but also personally.

AGREEYA's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts, partnerships, and programs have grown year over
year and expanded to help customers achieve their DEI goals. Our resilient business model makes us a future ready organization and our global presence has helped us reach out to our customers easily our global talent pool makes us the right organization to deploy resources just in time and make solutions go to market faster.

AGREEYA is not just a technology company full of talented people but also a people company full of technology. Its customer's trust and support make it what it is today

Tell us about the exposure your company offers to its employees. Shed some light on AGREEYA Solutions' unique work culture and technology environment.
At AGREEYA, human capital is our biggest asset, and over the years, we have focused and worked towards attracting and retaining the best talent from the industry. We focus on allocating employees to jobs based on their abilities and interests. We offer all AGREEYAns an opportunity to work in a growth environment free of bias.

As part of our unique work culture, we offer a strong value system, and employee-centric policies to deliver excellence. We hold employees' physical & mental health the foremost priority, and consistent learning & development for the career growth of all our employees. We have fast track program for career progression, learning, and AGREEYA’s Innovation lab (iLab) to promote innovation at our company. Apart from offering a safe and nurturing working environment, we ensure that the perks & benefits are at par with industry standards.

Our deep technology expertise, collaborative approach, and an agile methodology that has made us the preferred partner for many global enterprises. We are just the right size organization to work with small, medium to Fortune 100 organizations.

Not only are we leveraging advanced technologies for the employees' benefit, but we are also continuously raising the bar by adopting best industrial practices & advancements. Our solutions around modern workplace, smart analytics, intelligent automation,AI/ML, cloud transformation, mobility, and talent management deliver the value of digital transformation for our clients.
How does AGREEYA contribute towards their growth and that of the company?What are the CSR activities you encourage your team to take part in?
AGREEYA believes that it is not just an organization operating in the IT & Software industry we have responsibility for the employees who work with us. We continue to revisit and improvise our existing practices to ensure we offer the best working environment and add value to their career throughout their job at AGREEYA.

At AGREEYA, we all are tied with the shared philosophy of giving back to society. We all are committed to making the world better than we found it. We are connected with many social causes and love devoting our time to those collectively as a team. A few of such organizations are SCALE (Society to Create Awareness Towards Life & Environment) for supporting girl child education, Rotary Delhi South West Foundation for providing medical amenities, Paramhansa Yogananda Charitable Trust for healthcare and educational support to children, Court Appointed Special Advocates, Children's Charities of Sacramento, Society to Create Awareness towards Life and Environment, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, American Cancer Society, and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento's 'Build for Unity' Program.

What are the ways of recognizing top talents and rewarding great performances within the organization?
At AGREEYA, we understand that rewarding and recognizing employees offers an environment that motivates people and maintains strong team spirit. Further, it also helps attracts the best talent, retain key employees, and stay ahead of the competition with top talent.

We frequently keep updating our R&R Program. Our reward and recognition program brings a sense of healthy competition among the employees and encourages them to beat their performance benchmarks. We have different categories of Awards Individual, Team, Star, and Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Awards. Further, we have a fast track learning program for high potential individuals. We also encourage internal job postings to promote career progression for the suitable candidates, offering opportunities across the globe.

Ajay Kaul, Managing Partner, AGREEYA Solutions
With over 3 decades of experience in sales and managing global operations, sales management, marketing & strategy, global delivery, and M&A, he is proficiently heading AGREEYA Solutions.

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