Ahmer Rizvi: Helping People Improve De-Aging Through An Impressive Line Of Nutrition Supplements And Healthcare Products | CEOInsights Vendor
Ahmer Rizvi: Helping People Improve De-Aging Through An Impressive Line Of Nutrition Supplements And Healthcare Products

Ahmer Rizvi: Helping People Improve De-Aging Through An Impressive Line Of Nutrition Supplements And Healthcare Products

   Ahmer Rizvi,     Co-Founder & CEO

Ahmer Rizvi

Co-Founder & CEO

In today’s fast paced world, people are too busy with their lives as well as responsibilities to focus on their health. All those bad food habits as well as reckless lifestyles result in rapid aging as well as various diseases. Intending to aware people of proper food habits and nutrients, Ahmer Rizvi, an alumnus of IIT Dhanbad, started his nutraceutical firm Reman Lifecare in 2017, which deals with both pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products. A strong believer in building a strong organizational structure through proper distribution of work, Ahmer has pushed Reman to become one of the leading nutraceutical brands in Patna with a strong presence in both digital and offline markets and plans for further expansion both in the B2B as well as B2C sector.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Ahmer shares the underlying idea behind starting Reman, his vision regarding the future roadmap of the firm, and much more:

Shed some light on your professional journey. What inspired you to establish Reman?
In Patna, which is also my hometown, jobs are available only in a few sectors such as the coaching sector, pharma sector, real estate sector, and so on. After my graduation, as I was looking for a job only in my home town, I started my professional journey in the pharmaceutical sector. Around 2016, I noticed my hair turning grey and got stressed about the same. During my research for the same, I came to know about anti-aging and learned about the fact that aging can be delayed by following proper nutrition and diet. I even came across a lot of friends of mine who work for long hours in front of the computer and were facing the aging problem. That is when I came up with the idea to start selling anti-aging supplements and finally established my firm Reman(Re-Man) in 2017.

Tell us about the unique
experiences IIT Dhanbad offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
Apart from education, one of the most important pieces of knowledge I gained from my IIT Dhanbad days is about leadership. I learned the way to meet people, take decisions in difficult times, and about optimization. I also learned about budgeting as well as networking. When you start a startup, usually you work under all kinds of constraints at the beginning. However, those skill sets gained during my college days have helped me throughout the whole journey.

As compared to operation, establishing a proper organizational structure plays a more vital role in a firm’s success

How would you define Reman as an organization and its current position in the industry? What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Reman Lifecare is a Patna based fast growing nutraceutical company dealing with both pharmaceuticals and nutraceutical products with branches in Chandigarh and Delhi. The firm is one of the leading nutraceutical firms in Patna and is going to start its manufacturing unit in Noida. The firm is presently manufacturing a great line of products such as Vitamin B12 toothpaste, sunscreen lotion, baby massage oil, and so on. Coming to the work force, Reman has a perfect blend of experienced people and young people working at the firm.

As compared to operation, establishing a proper organizational structure plays a more vital role in a firm’s success. One person can’t do all the work at a firm and proper distribution of work is very important. You need to find people who are good at a specific job and allot the same to them. So proper distribution of work, as well as effective problem solving skills, are some of the success mantras I believe in.

Which are the areas you have envisioned in creating impacts on the future roadmap of your company?
We have listed our products on e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon, and are
planning to form a digital marketing team in the future to increase our online business. We are currently operating in multiple cities across the country and are planning to expand the business on a pan-India level. We are also planning to expand our product portfolio by venturing into the manufacturing of gym supplements and protein powders.

We are also planning to export our products to countries in Western Asia, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. Our focus areas are in the b2b as well as b2c sectors. While we will be focusing more on the e-commerce business as part of our growth plan in the b2c sector, we are working on contract manufacturing as well as export operations as part of our growth plan in the b2b sector.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
The majority of the people venturing into the pharma domain are from sales backgrounds. However, they usually focus more on sales rather than the organizational structure. While the sale is important for business development, they also have to give priority to other aspects such as accounts, finance, HR, office administration, operation, and so on. My advice for those budding entrepreneurs in the pharma sector is to distribute their work effectively among deserving employees while focusing equally on all the parts as the success of a firm depends on the overall successful operation.

Ahmer Rizvi, Co-Founder & CEO, Reman Lifecare
Ahmer Rizvi is a seasoned professional with more than a decade of professional experience in the pharma sector and is the founder of Patna-based neutraceutical company Reman Lifecare. A visionary leader with strong problem-solving skills, he has done his schooling at St. Michael's High School, Patna,and his BTech in Petroleum Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IndianSchool of Mines), Dhanbad.

•Hobbies:Playing Cards, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, Watching OTT
•Favorite Cuisine:Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Mutton Stew
•Favorite Books:The Alchemy of Happiness by Al-Ghazzali, Influence: The Psychology
of Persuasion by Robert B.Cialdini
•Favorite Travel Destination:Agra And Manali

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