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Ajay Menda: A Visionary Leading The Sustainability Movement In Workspace Solutions

Ajay Menda: A Visionary Leading The Sustainability Movement In Workspace Solutions

 Ajay Menda,  CEO

Ajay Menda


The interior design and workspace solutions industry is a dynamic and constantly evolving sector. Dedicated to creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable environments for workspaces, Greenmood is a name that inspires creativity, productivity, and employee well-being. Led by Ajay Menda as the CEO of Greenmood France, the firm has made significant strides in incorporating biophilic elements into workspaces. Ajay's visionary leadership has been instrumental in empowering the sector by infusing a strong commitment to using bio-sourced materials and natural components with minimal carbon impact. Greenmood has expanded its presence to 12 countries, establishing a solid brand reputation and recognition for the quality, uniqueness, and relevance of its products and services. Ajay's dedication to challenging projects and an ecological approach have contributed to making him a key figure in advancing the cause of creating sustain able and environmentally friendly workspaces. Let’s discover more insight from him in the below interview snippets.

Can you share a summary of your professional journey and what drives your daily routines?
I was born in West Africa into a family of entrepreneurs, who introduced me to the business world at a young age. After finishing high school in 2001, I took a bold step and launched my first business, which became the driving force behind my future career path.

In 2003, I moved to France to pursue higher education. After completing my studies,I joined an operational consulting firm that specialized in assisting clients with project management and transformations. This experience provided me with the opportunity to work with industry leaders like Veolia, Valeo, and Airbus.

In 2014, we founded Greenmood, a company with a vision to promote environmentally friendly work places. Since then, I have embarked on various other commercial projects, both independently and in collaboration with partners, focusing on ecological transition, innovation, and Web3 technologies, and facilitating access to the
European market while also supporting the financing needs of innovative Indian and African companies seeking growth opportunities. A significant milestone was achieved in 2023 with the launch of a venture capital initiative aimed at funding high-growth projects.

Alongside these ventures, we are also establishing a dynamic business circle centered around our core values and expertise. The primary goal of this initiative is to foster strong business connections, encourage collaboration, and facilitate growth opportunities. Throughout all our endeavors, our central objective remains consistent to make a positive impact in our daily operations. With each organization we establish, our aim is to contribute positively to society and the environment, driving meaningful change wherever we can.

Our commitment to sustain ability drives positive transformation in workspaces, positioning us for continued growth and success

Tell us about Greenmood as an organization and its position in the market.
Greenmood is an organization established in 2014 from the fertile imagination of my partner and friend Sadig Alekperov with a clear mission to incorporate biophilic elements into workspaces using bio-sourced materials and natural components with minimal carbon impact. Today, Greenmood has expanded its presence to 12 countries worldwide through subsidiaries and franchisees, earning a solid brand reputation for the quality, uniqueness, and relevance of its products/services compared to competitors.

Tell us about the factors you consider while developing effective corporate growth strategies.
As the CEO, when developing effective corporate growth strategies, I consider several key factors alongside classic strategic considerations. Understanding the dynamic market nature is vital for success and remaining competitive. Staying in sync with the market pulse and being responsive to trends and shifts allow us to adapt strategies and offerings accordingly.

Gaining deep customer insight is equally important, as understanding evolving mentalities, and consumer habits, and increasing environmental awareness. Catering to the environmentally conscious generation drives us to create planet-friendly designs and products
through talented designers like Alain Gilles, Studio Nove 3, Jéremie Kuntzinger, Cas Moor & Lieven Musschroot & Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte.

Our commitment to sustainability drives positive transformation in workspaces, positioning us for continued growth and success.

How do you promote a learning culture within your team?
We believe in creating a nurturing and empowering environment for our team members to flourish. To achieve this, we foster a culture of freedom, autonomy, and initiative within our teams, encouraging them to take ownership of their work and drive innovation. As leaders, we set a positive example for our teams. Our focus extends beyond customer satisfaction alone we also aim to strike a balance between customer, collaborator, and partner satisfaction. This balanced approach is a strategic investment in fostering a positive organizational culture, which ultimately enhances customer satisfaction. When our collaborators and partners are content, they are more motivated to go above and beyond, leading to improved customer experiences.

Customer feedback is integral to our continuous improvement efforts. It not only helps us enhance our internal processes but also enables us to tailor our products and services to meet our customers' specific needs and address their concerns effectively.

What is the future destination your organization is aiming for?
Geographically, our company is actively involved in advanced negotiations to expand its presence and enter the promising markets of Japan and India.These strategic initiatives present significant opportunities for us to tap into two dynamic and expansive economies with tremendous growth potential.

Strategically, we are placing a strong emphasis on bio-sourced and acoustic direction and advancing the integration of biophilic elements into our work environments. This is being driven by our talented and trend-conscious R&D team, led by Sadig and our designers. The focus includes incorporating biophilic design principles and creating specific furniture designs that align with our vision, enriching our workspaces with nature-inspired features.

Ajay Menda, CEO, Greenmood France
Ajay Menda is the CEO of Greenmood France. A pioneering company in the interior design and workspace solutions industry. His dedication to eco-conscious practices and commitment to creating inspiring work environments have established him as a key figure in advancing sustainable interior design solutions.

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