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Akhilesh Kumar Mishra: A Veteran Corporate Lawyer Bringing Years Of Experience To Make A Difference

Akhilesh Kumar Mishra: A Veteran Corporate Lawyer Bringing Years Of Experience To Make A Difference

  Akhilesh Kumar Mishra,   Head - Legal

Akhilesh Kumar Mishra

Head - Legal

In the last few years, India has significantly developed into an active center for global innovation. This has made the requirement for effective, international standard legal services an absolute necessity. Legal services play a pivotal role in your business. It not only ensures smooth and hassle-free business operations but also protects your business from any uncertain financial and legal calamities. As the leading figure of the legal fraternity whose commitment, expertise, and strong leadership have led to incredible success in an increasingly challenging legal industry, Akhilesh Kumar Mishra is a renowned corporate lawyer who has been practicing law for around two decades, playing prominent roles in several reputable organizations including Paras Buildtech, Purearth Infrastructure, Viridian Red Group, and Inox Wind. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra is currently the Head-Legal of Ramky Infrastructure, one of India's largest infrastructure development company. Ramky Group is a diversified group having presence in Infrastructure development, Environmental & Waste Management, Pharma & Life Sciences Sector, Real Estate sector, and more.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Akhilesh Mishra elucidates more about his professional journey and Ramky Infrastructure.

Tell us about your educational back ground & professional journey.
I have done B.A. (History Honors) from BBRA Bihar University followed by an LL.B. from Campus Law Center-Faculty of Law, Delhi University, and LL.M. in Business Law from Kuvempu University. After completing my LLB, I started my legal career in the year 2003 as a practicing lawyer in Delhi under the guidance of Ramesh Gupta, a well-known criminal defense advocate and designated senior counsel at the Delhi High Court. After several year’s practice in the Courts, I shifted my career to corporate sector and worked in several reputed organizations including Paras Build tech, Purearth Infrastructure, Viridian Red Group and Inox Wind before joining Ramky Infrastructure as a Head-Legal.

During my professional journey, I dealt with all sorts of issues and cases relating to police and Economic Offense Wing, NCLT, RERA, consumer, civil & criminal, and more. I do possess an excellent experience and exposure of the real estate sector. I have closely worked with the Business, Leasing and Sales Team and learnt a lot from them regarding making a balance between business requirement and law.

While working in the corporate sector, I did a lot of work in real estate sale & leasing, drafting, vetting various agreements and negotiating the sales/ leasing agreements with numerous national & international companies. I had successfully concluded space leasing agreement with Vivo Mobile India for approximately 15 lakh sq. ft. when Vivo came to India for the first time to start its mobile assembly unit in the project 'World Trade Centre Noida'. I have also done a lot of works in arbitration and other out-of-court settlement processes, engaging with government officials, reviewing documents, legal risk mitigation, advising various Departments of Group Company on legal concerns, resolving customer related issues, briefing to senior lawyers across the country and many more.

Describe your leadership style and what traits best define you as a leader in the legal field.
As a lawyer, I believe that we should always be positive and result-oriented. We should always work as
a team rather than in individual capacity. In that regard, I am always confident and enthusiastic about my team members, we work together to help the company meet its legal requirements and achieve its goal. I don't believe in clashing with any department of the company, but in convincing others that I am firm in my decision. I strive to enable team members to excel for that great sense of overall prosperity, growth, and security, which ultimately brings a good and dedicated work environment for the company.

I want to excel in the top legal position in corporate sector solely on merit basis and bring positive changes in the legal sector

I do believe in regular communication and conversation with all. I look at things differently with a mix up of legal knowledge and business requirement and then plan with a practical approach on any critical issue of the company. I do believe that intermingling with collogues at all levels can help in overall progress. It’s not needed to peep in their deficiencies rather to encourage their efforts and tend them to reform their works. A healthy work environment always yields better production. Company’s management part is little bit tricky, sometimes it is understandable and sometimes not. However, I think listening their perspective is important and after due analysis of their need, it is important to communicate them firmly and convincingly of what one is thinking about.

Define Ramky Infrastructure as an organization and its market position.
Since the inception of the group in 1994 in Hyderabad, Ramky Infrastructure has been focusing on developing projects that positively impact both the environment and the economy as a whole. Ramky has steadily advanced to become one of India's leading players in infrastructure development and environmental management sectors. The group has a pan-India presence with more than 500 project locations across 23 states, including union territories. Internationally, the group's footprints can be seen in the USA, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Vietnam, China, West Africa, and Peru.

Ramky Group’s primary areas of focus are infrastructure development, environmental management, waste management, real estate, and more. The group has pioneered bio medical and hazardous waste management facilities in India in the field of environment and waste management. We are now the market leader in solid waste management, with a 50 percent market share.

How do you ensure your department stays aligned with the business priorities and stays informed regarding regulatory aspects in the industry?
First and foremost, encouraging the team members is very important. I make them try to understand the priorities and practical issues of the company by the way of participating in the business meetings which helps in understanding the company’s business viewpoints and vision of next level. Team member read contents of legal websites, legal magazines and go through the important judgements which help them to understand the judiciary’s latest viewpoints. In terms of regulatory issues in the industry, they keep an eye on all regulatory agencies and regulatory changes that are relevant to our business requirements. we monitor regulatory agency’s websites, follow regulatory agencies on social media, subscribe to blogs and newsletters, build relationships with regulators, join industry associations, attend conferences and seminars relating to our group's business requirements. Implementations of new technology and software is another aspect of keeping an eye on legal and regulatory compliances.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
In the coming days, I wish to be
recognized as some one who brought some positive contribution to the group where I worked. Achieving the top legal position in the corporate sector solely on merit basis is also a desirable dream. After retirement from the Corporate Sector, I would like to provide all legal & moral support to the poor & uneducated people of the villages, destitute women and children who are still not in a position to get their right in the main stream. With my other friends of the legal field, I will establish a legal organization which will act in the field of Intoxication in the villages, elimination of Gutkha like dangerous chewing materials from the villages which are major elements for causing mouth cancer.

How do you see the InHouse Legal Department and your long Corporate Journey? Any suggestion for change?
Though I had started my legal journey with the practice in the courts at Delhi, however, I made achievements in corporate legal practice. I am very much satisfied with my corporate legal journey so far. Hailing from the Hindi heartland that too from core Hindi medium, it was not an easy thing to sustain in corporate. But at the same time when you are sound in your subject understanding, you get a chance to sustain. When I see the whole journey, I realize that corporate working is not an easy going task rather it demands full dedication and a lot of other capabilities.

I strongly believe that In-House Legal Department in any company should be stronger to keep all the business in right and ethical way. In-House Legal Department can play very vital role for sustainable and ethical growth of the business through its compliances, legal audit and super vision.

What is your advice to individuals stepping into the legal field while hacking future opportunities?
My advice to individuals and newcomers who are considering pursuing a career in the legal industry is to be consistent with legal study and a good learner at all times. One must be self-assessed, argumentative, a deep learner and a good researcher. They should not be judgmental, rather provide compelling and well researched arguments before others on the subject matter.

I believe that the application of law without understanding the business need of a company can badly jeopardize the 'go ahead and bring business' principle. The Legal Department should not become a problem in itself rather it should become pivotal in the search of the solution. I can say that knowledge of the bare legal subjects can neither help a lawyer grow in his practice career nor in the corporate career unless he understands the need of management as well as that of business departments. One should make a balance between company’s need and legal limitation.

Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Head-Legal Ramky Infrastructure
Akhilesh is a well-known corporate lawyer who has held key positions in numerous recognized organizations. Akhilesh Mishra, who was raised in a middle-class Brahmin family in a relatively remote village named Sugaon in the District of East Champaran in Bihar, has distinguished himself as a prominent figure in the legal community by persevering against all odds and maintaining a positive outlook on life.

Hobbies:Playing chess and reading literature books
Favourite Cuisine:Indian & Bihari
( Litti & Chokha)
Favorite Book:The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru and Novels written by Munshi Premchand like Godan, Gaban, Poetry book Rashmirathi by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and Anand Math of Bankim Chandra Chatarjee.

Favorite Travel Destination:Love to travel his village once a year
Awards & Recognition:
•Rashtriya Gramin Pratibha Scholarship from the government of Bihar
•Won drama writing and poetry writing at a district level
•Best Achiever for Outstanding Work by Viridian Red Group

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