Amit Parasnath Kumar: A Visionary Leader Focused On Developing Solutions For Management Of Municipal Solid Waste | CEOInsights Vendor
Amit Parasnath Kumar: A Visionary Leader Focused On Developing Solutions For Management Of Municipal Solid Waste

Amit Parasnath Kumar: A Visionary Leader Focused On Developing Solutions For Management Of Municipal Solid Waste

Amit Parasnath Kumar,     Founder & CEO

Amit Parasnath Kumar

Founder & CEO

Municipal Solid waste Management has been an unresolved problem for many years. Though there are many new ideas, numerous schemes and multiple projects from various non-profit organizations, this problem has remained a major headache for a developing country like ours.Realizing the importance of addressing the prevailing gaps of this segment, an IIT Delhi Alumni has come forward to tackle this issue with the help of cutting-edge technologies. Amit ParasNath Kumar’s mastermind behind this impeccable idea of effective solid waste management through high technologies has led to the birth of Hari Bhari Waste Valorization India Pvt Ltd which brings comprehensive solutions from converting Organic waste compost and non recyclable combustible waste to hydrocarbons. Working on valorization principles of waste management strategies, Hari Bhari has emerged as a prominent name in the waste management sector of India under the guidance of Amit.

Amit’s affection for technology made him completely gravitate toward tech-oriented solutions and most certainly Hari Bhari is the result of his involvement with cutting-edge technologies. Hari Bhari has its inhouse solutions and working on dynamic automation to tackle waste management problems across India catering to different sizes of Urban Local Bodies.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights Magazine, Founder & CEO of Hari Bhari Waste Valorization India Pvt Ltd, Amit ParasNath Kumar speaks about his professional journey and Entrepreneurial hurdles.

Elucidate your professional background and experience and how has been your journey so far.
My journey is an amalgamation of numerous experimentations, learning, teaching, and execution. I graduated from IIT Delhi in a mechanical engineering discipline in year 1993, and soon after my education, I joined MMTC, India’s most valuable PSU. I worked with several other Corporate like Mahindra Logistics, and Reliance Retail. The best thing about working with different companies is that I got to learn the intricacies of the
companies and their functionalities. I have got first hand experience in the domain of project procurement, I have single-handedly dealt with projects such as negotiation tender agreements, and contract management worth millions of dollars very early in my career.

We strive to achieve our Vision of “Regenesis of Mother Earth & beyond, where Child has freedom to live

Having cumulative experience in the diversified market landscape collectively helped me in gaining best and efficient practices of both the worlds i.e. PSUs and Private Sector and helped me to come out with my idea and work towards achieving it with utmost potential. And I started this venture of Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Year 2012, along with my childhood friend, Sujay Jha who is an MBA & LLB from Delhi University and brings along with him huge amount of experience in Sales & Marketing from companies like Modi Xerox & Mahindra Logistics. Today we have long term concession agreements with 4 Municipalities across India and processing more than 0.4 million MT of Waste/annum neutralizing millions of tons of CO2 & CH4 from escaping into the environment. We are proud to state that our Company has sustained and grown steadily in this business for last 8 years and maintains a very healthy EBIDTA ratio of more than 40%, while most of the large companies have failed in this segment. We are on our path to be one of the most valuable and profitable ESG companies in this segment in next 3 years.

How are technologies helping you to elevate your business?
We are the pioneers to introduce use of NFC chip on every household for proof of service delivery concept in the field of door to door waste collection. Presently, we are focusing on the processing of waste and manufacture compost using aerobic digestion process from our plants. We are one of the largest FCO compliant compost manufacturer in the Country producing around 50,000 MT/annum. On the other hand, we have developed new technology for manufacturing diesel and coal from plastic waste. Almost 91% of plastics are non-recyclable and to address this very problem, we have our inbuilt solution with which we process about two tons of plastic waste every day and convert that into diesel, coal, and gas at Prayagraj, UP. Our Engineering team is working on to set up a large processing unit that converts 150 tons of non-recyclable combustible waste(Refuse derived Fuel/ RDF)to coal, oil, and electricity.
How is your Education background supporting your current role at Hari Bhari Waste Valorization India Pvt Ltd?
My eagerness to learn and excel eventually took me to IIT Delhi. I would say IIT Delhi was the place to learn and experience the intricacies of the fundamentals of science & technologies and its applications. That is the place where smartest minds of the world get together, and competing with that kind of minds was challenging & enduing for me. But that phase gave me practical exposure to the best in class problem solving skills. More than academics, IIT Delhi taught me how to enhance my personality that matches the global standards of professionals. In all honesty, I would say My school Notre Dame Academy, Jamalpur taught me all the basic virtues like persistence, patience, honesty, hard work etc. and that IIT Delhi trained me to face the world with a 360 degree problem solving skills and personality.

What are the goals that you wish to invest in and how do you plan to take them in the future?
We are preparing ourselves to set up a large scale plant to tackle the problem of non-recyclable and combustible waste. 30% Municipal solid Waste consists of RDF. Disposal of which in a sub 15 lakh population ULB is a great challenge across the globe because of large quantity of non recyclable plastic particles embedded in it. We are focused to solve this problem through our initiative at Prayagraj where we are setting up a 150 MT/ day RDF to Fuel Plant based on Pyrolysis technology. This will be the first of it’s kind in India and the world.

We are aiming to install 40 plants across multiple cities in India & Africa in next 3 years. The hard work and amount that we are putting into this drive is creating a buzz in the solid waste management arena and one of our working models was seen and appreciated by the Honorable Prime Minister of India in an exhibition held at Lucknow in 2021. Appreciation from PM Narendra Modi elevates our vision and motivates us to work with extra energy & momentum.

Amit Parasnath Kumar, Founder & CEO, Hari Bhari Waste Valorization India Pvt Ltd
Amit ParasNath Kumar is a visionary leader with impeccable work experience in diversified domains such as logistics, management, and technology. Amit is a A tech gig, voracious reader and avid learner, who strives to adapt to new technologies in the workplace and personal life. Highly driven by the concept of best in class business processes, Amit along with his team is working to implement solutions for Management of Municipal Solid Waste by converting Combustible Municipal Waste into fuel

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