Amit Sahay : Transforming The HR Paradigm With Sustainable & Innovative Solutions For Tomorrow's Workforce | CEOInsights Vendor
Amit Sahay : Transforming The HR Paradigm With Sustainable & Innovative Solutions For Tomorrow's Workforce

Amit Sahay : Transforming The HR Paradigm With Sustainable & Innovative Solutions For Tomorrow's Workforce

 Amit Sahay ,  Founder & CEO

Amit Sahay

Founder & CEO

HRM solution providers can revolutionize offerings by embracing new-age digital platforms. Leveraging cutting-edge technology allows for innovative, path-breaking, and cost-effective HR products and services. Aligned with this vision, Amit Sahay founded GREENHRM Solutions, a move that optimizes efficiency, streamlines HR operations, and introduces sustainable solutions. This strategic initiative ensures a forward-thinking approach, meeting the evolving requirements of corporate houses in today's dynamic business landscape.

Amit Sahay, the visionary Founder & CEO of GREENHRM Solutions, embodies a wealth of experience and expertise, boasting a remarkable 31-year career in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Positioned at the helm of this innovative startup, Amit spearheads a paradigm shift in HR practices, uniquely focusing on innovative, environ-mentally conscious, and disruptive HR products and services. Having been an integral part of various prominent companies at the Senior Leadership Team since 2006, Amit has been a catalyst in driving various strategic HR initiatives during dynamic organizational phases, significantly contributing to business growth.

Below is an excerpt of Amit Sahay’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you give a brief account of your professional journey and what inspired you to establish GREENHRM Solutions?

My professional odyssey began in a boarding school, leading to an MBA from XISS, Ranchi. Over three decades, I have navigated diverse roles in different organizations, which include, Tata, Jindal, Evonith, and ended my corporate journey with UK-based Liberty Steel Group where I was CHRO.

Personal passion, high professional commitment, and great people skills ignited the flame of entrepreneurship within me and was further fueled through long-time association with friend and colleague Jaydeep Sarkar who had a vision to think differently.

In June 2022, GREENHRM Solutions
emerged, driven by a mission to infuse environmental conscious-ness into HR practices.

You possess 31 years of professional experience in the Human Resources and Industrial Relations field, how do you guide your team to provide environment-friendly, innovative, and disruptive HR Products and Services?

GREENHRM Solutions stands as Jharkhand's premier full-stack HR consultancy, with services spanning across India. From inception, we've articulated our Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals, anchoring our growth aspirations. Our team comprises seasoned professionals driven by a commitment to fostering eco-friendly HR practices. Our leadership ensures organizational alignment and performance-driven culture, where employees thrive, guided by our simplified core values. We emphasize continuous improvement, epitomized by our approach to innovation: doing things better, cheaper, faster, and safer. This foundational strategy, vital for our growth phase, positions us optimally to navigate challenges and achieve our business objectives. With streamlined communication and a steadfast commitment to our values, we're poised for success despite prevailing business constraints and risks.

Be Simple & provide simple solutions to Complex Problems. Embed Imagination, Creativity, Ideas, & Suggestions, into your work. Continuously innovate your products & services

How do you stay current with the latest industry trends?

I maintain an active approach to staying abreast of industry trends through extensive reading and leveraging social media platforms. Engaging with various groups, including my school, college, and professional networks, proves invaluable. These diverse connections offer insights into the HR, Environment, Social & Cultural fabric of Jharkhand, India, and beyond, providing a comprehensive understanding of evolving trends. Sharing experiences and seeking advice within these groups fosters a collaborative environment.

I draw on this collective wisdom to make informed decisions, ensuring my knowledge remains current and relevant. This dynamic exchange not only enriches my professional understanding but also enhances the adapt ability of my approach to industry developments.
What is the future destination you are headed towards?

Our priority today is to establish GREENHRM Solutions as a full-stack HR Consultancy Firm who are in the arena to break prevailing stereotypes in the HR Domain. Going forward, we will venture into Learning and Development and a Job Portal.

Achievement of Vision 2030 is our commitment to Jharkhand, a state where I was born, educated, and started my professional journey. Jharkhand is rich in Jal, Jungle, and Jameen (Water, Forest & Land). It is our responsibility to give back many more times to Jharkhand. We will soon form a social organization (Not for Profit), aligning with our mission.

In light of your experience, what would be your advice to budding industry leaders?

My advice to budding industry leaders is rooted in the importance of focus and clarity. It's essential to define clear goals, values, and vision. Here are five principles they should adopt: First, embrace the 3P model: People, Planet, and Profit. Secondly, shift perspective: view People as Revenue, not just Cost. Thirdly, develop active listening skills for deeper understanding. Fourthly, prioritize integrity in all dealings, fostering trust. Lastly, embrace discomfort and be ready to sacrifice for growth. These principles form a solid foundation for navigating the complexities of leadership and achieving sustainable success.

Amit Sahay, Founder & CEO, GreenHRM Solutions

Amit Sahay, CEO of GREENHRM Solutions, boasts 31 years of HR and industrial relations expertise. A trailblazer in HR transformation, he founded GREENHRM Solutions to revolutionize the industry with sustainable and innovative HR products and services. Amit's visionary leadership and strategic acumen drive the company's mission to reshape the HR landscape.

Hobbies: Watching Sports and Playing Music
Favorite Cuisine: Steamed Rice & Mutton
Favorite Book: Living with Honour – Shiv Khera, The Winning Way – Harsha & Anita Bhogle
Favorite Travel Destination: Singapore & Dubai

Awards & Recognition: Certified External Assessor for Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM), Senior Business Leaders Program (SBLP), Tata Affirmative Action Program (TAAP) & CII National HR Excellence Program. And have done many external assessments in many Tata Group companies and beyond.

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