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Angira Singhvi Lodha:  A Pioneering Professional With A Passion For Offering The Best Legal Solutions

Angira Singhvi Lodha: A Pioneering Professional With A Passion For Offering The Best Legal Solutions

Angira Singhvi Lodha,   Partner

Angira Singhvi Lodha


Angira Singhvi Lodha is a Partner with Khaitan & Khaitan. She has been with the firm for over a decade, and a partner for 6 years. She began her legal career with Herbert Smith Freehills in their London office (with a brief secondment at Dubai). Angira qualified as a judge through the Delhi Judiciary Examination, 2013 (All India rank 23), but chose to continue her legal practice. She is a Gold Medalist, National Law University (B.B.A. LL.B.), Jodhpur, 2008 and is also a qualified Solicitor, England and Wales. Along with law, she is also a rank holding Company Secretary, member of the ICSI.

Her preferred areas of practice are Venture Capital & Private Equity transaction advisory, Corporate-Finance and Commercial contracts, Employment, Technology & IP Laws. Her transactional practice comprises of advising on investment structures & contracts, supply chain contracts, lending agreements and debt restructuring, technology transfers and IP protection as well as family & inheritance laws. She also advises on regular commercial matters and agreements, company policies and procedures and compliance management.

Angira’s client spectrum spans across Multi National Conglomerates, Japanese chemical majors, National Housing Finance Companies, Banking & NBFCs, Real Estate, Education, Infrastructure, Technology, Fintech, Hospitality, Leisure & Tourism, IT/ITES, Food & Agri, Lifesciences, Manufacturing, Entertainment, Media &Broadcasting, Sports, Knowledge industries, Retail and other trading franchises.

What are the significant skills you have attained in your legal career?
I believe that I honed my legal advisory skills and work ethics when I began my career with Herbert Smith Free hills in their UK office. Herbert Smith offered me a platform to learn from the finest lawyers; time spent there shaped my knowledge about the practice of law as a discipline as well as client management and soft skills to a larger extent. The attention to detail, the finesse and the overall client delivery that I experienced there has
been enriching for life.

These initial learnings were further enhanced at Khaitan & Khaitan, where I joined in 2012, under two of the senior most partners at the Firm with 40+ years of legal experience each.

What is the nature and size of matters that you are generally involved in?
Thanks to the variety of my clients across business stages and industries, each having unique legal advisory needs, I have been hand holding bootstrapped startups on one end and on the other end advising Multi National Corporations on large transactions. Such a wide spectrum has helped me in appreciating the horizon of key aspects and how matters of signifi cance change from value of every penny, to avoiding liability, to having a positive impact of a transaction on the society. Given such profiles, I have learned to address these unique requirements and emphasize on what is genuinely important for my clients.

Some examples of my work include advisory as part of the core team handling acquisition of Telecom Companies across 15 African countries by a leading Indian Telecom player. Advised on restructuring of one of the largest Indian real estate companies(>USD 1 Bn). Advised a large Japanese Agro Chemical giant in its operations, acquisitions and large-scale settlements in India. Advised 2 of the top 5 Indian housing finance companies on their routine corporate and corporate finance transactional works. Currently advising on transfer of shares (>5%holding) of a leading listed banking company to the acquirer. Furthermore, advising on restructuring and settlement of a portfolio of a group comprising of ~60 entities valuing more than INR 100 Billion.

I have also had the privilege to work on smaller matters such as advising a number of startups and venture capital funds in their day to day advisory as well as fund raise transactions. For instance, in 2021,my team advised 6 startups in the technology sector in raising funds (ranging from boot strapped to Series B) through various kinds of instruments, such as Safe Notes, Compulsory Convertible Debentures, Preference Shares, Convertible Notes, etc. Must say, it is always very challenging advising startups as they all have a different story to tell and a new learning to give.

How important is time management for you and how do you achieve the same
Strict adherence to time and deliverables has gained relevance with me being a mother of two lovely daughters. Since time is limi
ted but work is not, it has become very important for me to ensure that every minute at the workplace is well utilized in order to attain optimal efficiency. Today,I can proudly say that I have never delayed a client deliver able from my end, irrespective of the circumstances (including working continuously for days altogether when required). At the same time, it is equally important to devote time towards other aspects of life and strike a healthy work life balance that keeps one motivated and remain fresh, alert & healthy.

What is the USP of your practice?
It is important for a corporate lawyer to understand the business in depth and make recommendations to the client that work practically for them. I tend to offer practical solutions to the problems and legal hurdles faced by my clients instead of scaring them with extraordinary consequences. Planning a transaction in advance and being organized does help a lot in pre-empting legal issues that may arise in the future. In addition, having some working knowledge of commerce and business does help in appreciating the relevance of critical decisions and risks that the clients take. Holistic advice can be provided with the correct convergence of law and business(management/finance/ accounting/operations, etc.). It feels good when clients appreciate this aspect of your practice and rely on your judgment in closing open matters for them.

What are the activities apart from work that you are involved in?
In addition to the profession and family, it is also important for a person to give back to the society that has helped in shaping and nurturing the person, as they say in Africa, it takes a village to raise achild. In belief of this thought, I have also been a part of initiatives towards women empowerment. I have been on the board of National Advisory Board of WICCI- Tourism and Hospitality) that works towards women upliftment. I also have a large emotion towards mother nature and I constantly work towards sustainable and ecofriendly practices and education.

Farmer upliftment is also one of the activities I am deeply involved in. I help farmers collect through legal mechanisms, help them provide platforms for sale and guide them towards utilization of sale
proceeds meaningfully.

Angira Singhvi Lodha, Partner, Khaitan & Khaitan
She strives to ensure that the clients needs are taken care off in the best possible manner. And to ensure this she strives for consistent improvement through constant learning.

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