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Anil Kumar Kamisetty : Charting A Bold Path Forward For KPC Projects

Anil Kumar Kamisetty : Charting A Bold Path Forward For KPC Projects

 Anil Kumar Kamisetty ,  Chairman & Managing Director

Anil Kumar Kamisetty

Chairman & Managing Director

In the fast-paced world of construction and infrastructure development, leaders must prioritize innovation to stay ahead. Constantly seeking new technologies and methodologies is crucial to enhancing efficiency, quality, and sustainability in construction practices. By paying close attention to the latest innovations, leaders such as Anil Kumar Kamisetty guarantee the company's competitiveness and flexibility in response to industry shifts. This proactive approach not only fosters growth and profitability but also positions the company as a leader in driving positive change and setting new industry standards.

Anil Kumar Kamisetty, a visionary leader in the realm of infrastructure development, stands at the helm of KPC as its Chairman and Managing Director. With a career spanning over three decades, Anil Kumar Kamisetty has not only steered KPC Projects Limited to remarkable heights but has also left an indelible mark on the construction industry landscape in India.

Below is an excerpt of Anil Kumar Kamisetty’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

Could you walk us through your professional journey and what drives you today?

My professional journey as Chairman and MD of KPC Projects is a testament to a legacy of entrepreneurship and commitment to excellence. Starting in 1993 alongside my late father, K.C. Pullaiah, a pioneering contractor, I have navigated through challenges and triumphs. Our early projects, like school buildings, laid the groundwork for our growth and reputation for quality. Over the years, we have expanded across sectors and geographies, reaching significant milestones in turn over and team size.

Today, our motivation lies in our solid pursuit of excellence and our dedication to overcoming challenges. We prioritize integrity, efficiency, and customer satisfac
- tion, ensuring that each project reflects our commitment to excellence. Our success is measured not just in numbers but in the trust and satisfaction of our stakeholders. This ethos drives us forward, propelling us to new heights of achievement and impact.

Could you elaborate on KPC market position and customer-centric value additions?

Over the past decade, KPC has left an indelible mark on the infrastructure landscape, both nationally and globally. Our collaborations with esteemed organizations have resulted in completing projects that were once deemed too complex or ambitious. From state-of-the-art buildings to monumental statues, our portfolio showcases our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Under my leadership, KPC has embraced latest advancements in technology to enhance efficiency & innovation

Furthermore, our ability to execute projects swiftly and efficiently, such as completing an airport in a record-breaking 15-month timeframe, demonstrates our dedication to meeting and surpassing expectations. At KPC, we not only deliver projects; we redefine possibilities and set new standards in the industry. Our focus on customer-centric value additions ensures that every endeavor we undertake is characterized by quality, integrity, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Tell us about the latest technology interventions brought into the company under your administration.

Under my leadership, KPC has embraced technology to enhance efficiency and innovation. In the housing sector, we've transitioned to advanced construction methods like modular construction and steel structures, accelerating project timelines and improving cost-effective-ness. Similarly, in public buildings, we've adopted steel structures and precast components to streamline construction processes, reducing project durations while maintaining structural integrity. Moreover, our implementation of SAP in organization has revolutionized internal processes, ensuring compliance and operational continuity amidst regulatory changes like GST. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our ecofriendly office infrastructure,
designed for minimal energy consumption.

Overall, technology has become integral to our operations, driving efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. At KPC Projects, we remain committed to leveraging the latest advancements to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients and stakeholders.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership approach empha- sizes teamwork, accounta- bility, and respect. I believe in sharing success with the team and taking responsibility for failures. Respect and autonomy are central; I empower my team to explore ideas and choose their work, fostering a sense of ownership. While compensation matters, professional respect, and autonomy hold greater significance. Honouring salary payments consistently has built loyalty and motivation. Over 30 years, our retention rate reflects our commitment to these values, making KPC a place where employees feel valued and motivated to contribute their best.

What's your vision for yourself and the company in the next five years?

In the next five years, I envision KPC pioneering the transformation of the construction industry. We'll prioritize innovation, customer satisfaction, and social responsibility. By embracing technology and fostering a culture of integrity, we'll elevate our reputation and contribute significantly to employment and economic growth. Through our commitment to excellence and impactful CSR initiatives, we'll not only create job opportunities but also make meaningful contributions to society. With dedication and discipline, we aim to position the construction industry as a respected and essential sector, driving towards positive change and progress.

Anil Kumar Kamisetty, Chairman & MD, KPC Project

Anil Kumar Kamisetty, Chairman & MD of KPC Projects, epitomizes visionary leadership in the construction and infrastructure sector. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, he has propelled KPC to the forefront of the industry, shaping its trajectory with his strategic vision and unwavering dedication.

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