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Anil Kumar Malhotra: Entrepreneurial Visionary And Inspiring Leader

Anil Kumar Malhotra: Entrepreneurial Visionary And Inspiring Leader

Anil Kumar Malhotra, Managing Director, TUF Group

Anil Kumar Malhotra

Managing Director, TUF Group

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."- Albert Einstein. This quote perfectly describes the journey of Anil Kumar Malhotra, Managing Director of TUF Group. His relentless determination for adding value to customers and employees has propelled him to the forefront of the metals and mining industry. From humble beginnings to leading a multi-million dollar organization, Anil's story is an inspiration. CEO Insights take a closer look at life read on to take advantage of his wise words.

What motivates you as a leader? What is your success mantra? When I started this business, I never imagined it would grow into the global enterprise it is today. However, I firmly believed that we will grow and achieve one day at a time through diligent hard work. giving your 100% honestly and ethically. Growing up in a lower middle class family with basic value system in place, I witnessed first-hand the sacrifices my parents made to provide for us. This instilled in me a deep sense of family values and the importance of making the most of every opportunity.

We just carried forward without thinking that we will be growing so big but only to add value day by day. By utilizing our time wisely and focusing on adding value, we can achieve great things.

My personal mantra for success is a combination of hard work, patience, and a little bit of luck. Patience is key when it comes to achieving success. Quick results may seem appealing, but staying focused on the long term goal is crucial. I often advise young professionals to remain focused and patient. Hard work and dedication always pay off in the end.

How would you define TUF Group as an organization and its current position in the market?
TUF group has established itself as a highly reliable supplier of raw materials for the steel & metal industry, both in India and worldwide. Our logo symbolizes a furnace and we focus on providing tailor-made alloys and other additions which goes into the steel making furnace to strengthen and enhance the quality of steel. We have a global network that allows us to source raw materials with varying specifications, from ultra-low carbon to niche products like niobium and titanium based alloys.With two production units in India, one Dubai, green field project in Oman and plans to set up / acquire facilities in Europe in the near future, we are committed to expanding our reach and serving our customers even better. Our customers recognize and respect us for our ability to provide customized solutions and unmatched quality.

What are the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings?
In today's world, customers rightfully expect to receive value for their money. At TUF, we understand this and strive to offer not only competitive prices but also customized solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We believe that offering top-notch technical support is just as important as providing quality products. Being a Metallurgist
myself, I give due importance to quality and technical aspects. In addition, our strategically located warehouses across different locations help us provide timely deliveries, reducing logistics time and improving the overall customer experience.

We aim to make our company self-reliant and secure a top position as a trusted & committed a supplier globally

Tell us about your leadership approach.
As a first generation entrepreneur, I believe in working alongside my team, and I've been with them every step of the way, starting with just two people and growing to over 125 employees globally. Although I am the owner of the company, I see myself as a part of the working team, and I strive to lead by example and work together with everyone. One key strategy is to delegate responsibilities to the right people and empower by giving space to lead their own roles. This creates a culture where everyone takes ownership of their work and acts as a leader for their subordinates, leading to growth opportunities and better outcomes for the team as a whole.

Approach ability is another critical aspect of my leadership style. I make it a point to be available on a day-to-day basis for my team to reach out to me, whether it's for professional or personal matters. I believe that creating a family-like culture in the workplace is crucial, where we support each other and work towards achieving our common goals. Overall, my leadership approach is centered-around collaboration, delegation, and approach ability. By working together and empowering each other, we can achieve great things and grow as individuals and as a team.

Reflect on some of the toughest challenges you have encountered in your journey so far.
One of the most daunting tasks was finding responsible and capable individuals to join our team. The right people can help to shoulder responsibilities and add value, but the wrong hires can slow down progress and impede growth. When we were starting out with only a few team members, we couldn't afford to hire top-tier talent, so we had to be selective with our choices. At times, I had to carry a significant workload myself, which took a toll on my personal and family life. However, I learned that nobody is perfect, and it's essential to focus on an individual's strengths rather than their weaknesses. By delegating tasks based on people's abilities and building a cohesive team, we were able to overcome these initial challenges. Although we didn't have the resources for a fullfledged HR department back then, we prioritized coordination and communication to ensure everyone was on the same page. As we continue to grow, we now have the ability to invest in qualified and experienced professionals and a more extensive support system using latest technologies, but these challenges taught us the value of perseverance and resource fulness. We also faced challenges from some of the opportunist employees who left the organisation and used confidential information for their personal short term gains harming the interest of the company. We have learnt our lessons and taken due precautions to protect the
interest of the organisation.

Apart from challenges on professional front, it has been sometimes tough on the family front struggling to keep a balance with work taking too much of my time. I would not have been where am today without the support of my family.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate?
The industry we are in is quite volatile due to fluctuations in prices and logistics issues. As a company, we are constantly seeking opportunities to improve our supply chain management and reduce delivery times to customers. We are also exploring the possibility of backward integration to produce certain raw materials inhouse, especially those that are currently sourced from distant markets. In fact, we have a clear plan to increase our group turnover by five to six times, with an idea to establish two to three new production facilities in India and the Middle East. Furthermore, we are actively seeking funding to support our expansion plans and have assembled a dedicated finance team to tackle these challenges. By focusing on producing materials that are not currently manufactured in this region, we aim to make our company self-reliant and secure a top position as a supplier of these products in the future.

What would be your advice to budding leaders?
You are in this position because you are capable to lead. However, patience and hard work are essential, and there is no substitute for them. It's important to focus on the process of putting in the work, rather than worrying about the results. Dwelling on outcomes can hinder progress. But, every individual's circumstances are unique; for instance, in my case, I started with only 5000 rupees in my pocket in 1996. Having nothing to lose, I approached my work without fear, and over the years, this mindset has given me the courage to work harder. Having no fear of losing anything, I have been able to cultivate patience, and take calculative risks which has been essential for the growth. Work with the philosophy of earning and reinvesting to achieve a predefined goal. It's important to maintain a humble and down-to-earth attitude, regardless of your position in an organization. Basic values, such as respect for everyone, are crucial in building a team or organization. Everyone, from a peon to a CEO, plays a vital role in an organization's success.

In my view, respecting others is fundamental to being a leader. Don’t forget to invest in personal development. Learning is a never-ending process, and it's crucial to keep learning from your team, your subordinates, gurus, classes, books, or any other sources. Sometimes, individuals become too busy with the day-to-day work that they forget to sharpen their skills or work on them selves. This lack of self improvement leads to stagnation, and individuals fail to keep up with the latest trends or developments in the market.

Anil Kumar Malhotra, Managing Director, TUF Group
A metallurgical engineer from Punjab Engineering College, and an MBA graduate in International Trade from IIFT. Starting his career in 1989 he has worked with prestigious companies such as Greaves Cotton, Graphite India Limited, Midwest Iron & Steel Company Limited, and Hascor International and founded TUF Group in 1997.

Outside of work, he loves playing percussion instruments and traveling to scenic natural destinations.

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