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Anil Kumar Singh: Providing Nextgen Network & Connectivity

Anil Kumar Singh: Providing Nextgen Network & Connectivity

  Anil Kumar Singh,    Chief Sales Officer

Anil Kumar Singh

Chief Sales Officer

Communication is key to the success for any business and if you have a well laid out communication grid, then it will allow your business to be nimbler. To effectively communicate with consumers, clients, and workers, modern businesses require excellent connectivity. It determines how well you can provide your service and it is crucial for the day-to-day operations of most enterprises.Through Microscan Communications, industry veteran, Anil Kumar Singh is providing nextgen highspeed connectivity for enterprises to meet the requirements of their clients.

Anil has over two decades of experience in the IT and telecom and under his guidance, Microscan Communications has been able to develop service delivery techniques that promote long-term client relationships and employee happiness.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Anil talks more about his professional journey and the unique business operations of Microscan Communications.

Tell us about your educational background and prior industry experience. What inspired you to take up the role of CSO at Microscan Communications?
I have earned my MBA and Engineering degrees from Mumbai University and I have worked in numerous sectors and businesses such as BPL Telecom, Alcatel, HCL Info System, Reliance Communication, Idea, and Vodafone Idea prior to joining Microscan. My core competencies include strategic planning and execution, as well as handling profit and loss for our business. My diverse experience has given me exposure to working with businesses, channel distribution, and partner ecosystems, as well as establishing national and regional sales strategies.

It was both rewarding and challenging to lay the ground work and build an organisation from the
ground up for its newly formed Strategic Business Unit. I expected the new position to allow me to use my past telecom industry knowledge to establish business strategies that are aligned with the company's goals. We want to tenfold our revenue, which is a fantastic motivation factor for us to give our best.

Define Micrsoscan as an organization and its position in the industry. What are the unique features of Microscan which make it stand out from its competitors?
Microscan Communications is a division of Microscan Infocommtech and we provide convergent services in Mumbai, Pune, and other critical areas across Maharashtra, serving both Enterprise and Retail customers. We specialize in connectivity and networking. Microscan Communication is a prominent Managed Service Provider that helps customers improve their organizations by providing Innovative Internet Services, Cyber Security, CSP, NOC and SOC solutions. The company was established to provide internet access, fiber installation & networking and connectivity expertise.

I have a prepared mindset means I'm ready for taking the new challenges problems, and new opportunities in the market

We are currently known as the best-in-class carrier neutral supplier, delivering on committed QOS and KPIs. Microscan is a reputed organization that has kept Mumbai, the country's financial hub, afloat by deploying best-in-class networking and customer centric solutions. We can assist our customers in realizing the benefits by creating and managing a secure system.

We have plans to expand our horizons to reach the Global Markets and Clientele via our newly setup Integrated Delivery and Command Centre Facilities at Pune.

What has been your success mantra for achieving positive results?
The first is that I'm enthusiastic
about what I do so if you see my zeal, I strive to put it into practice. The second rule is to never express an attitude that is not my responsibility. Third, connect before you correct. While most individuals want to start delivering solutions and correcting their market offerings, I strive to first understand my team, my customer, and my management and then try to supply them. Fourth, I have a prepared mindset, which means I'm ready to take on new challenges and opportunities in the market. Fifth, the outcome of your work is more important than the hard work. The sixth one is that even if there is a crunch in the resources, I try to deliver them positively. Lastly, I am also an expert when it comes to the art of managing relationships.

As the CSO, how do you aim to take Microscan Communications to the next level?
We consult consumers on their digital needs as the CSO of an emerging MSP in India. Being in the sector for more than two decades, we recognize that there is a gap in the market, as well as a lack of understanding regarding cyber security and next-generation connectivity.

Traditionally, the NOC and SOC have served as curators, ensuring that the network runs smoothly with minimal disruptions and downtime. The business usually views it as a support function tasked with preventing major disruptions and revenue loss. However, as market conditions change, the NOC's function has shifted from trouble shooter to enabler of business transformation. We should serve as a one-stop shop for all such inquiries, with competent guidance saving time and money. This will enable our customers to focus on their core business and complete their tasks more effectively.

Anil Kumar Singh, CSO, Microscan Communications
Anil is providing a great advantage to the firmby developing effective business strategies that meet the company’s goals. He has won a multitude of awards such as Special Communication Person Award for 1999-2000 & 2000-2001, and recognized as 'Best Telecom Sales team' of the Quarter several times and honoured with various appreciation certificates while working with HCL. For Idea, he has received Excellence Award for bagging the biggest Blackberry deal of 2000 connections from ISPAT industries- 2010, Winner of 3G Dataknight contest - 2014, and Winner of post-paid RCOM churn contest in Idea - 2018.

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