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Anirban Nandi: Transforming Industries With Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

Anirban Nandi: Transforming Industries With Cutting-Edge AI Solutions

  Anirban Nandi,   Head - AI Products & Analytics

Anirban Nandi

Head - AI Products & Analytics

In the ever-evolving IT sector, Generative AI has emerged as a catalyst for innovation, offering transformative opportunities across various industries. At the forefront of this movement is Anirban Nandi, Head of AI Products and Business Analytics at Rakuten India, with a Global Role in HQ as well. With over 16 years of experience, Anirban specializes in Artificial Intelligence, boasting a distinguished career that began at Target, where he played a pivotal role in developing in-house products. As a founding member of Datalabs, Landmark Group he oversaw a substantial team dedicated to assortment, inventory, pricing, marketing, and e-commerce solutions. Currently, Anirban leads a team of 125+ members at Rakuten India, focusing on developing scalable AI solutions for the global ecosystem and championing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives. His contributions are widely recognized, with accolades including authoring a book on AI Explainability and multiple AI Awards, cementing his status as a top AI leader in India and the APAC region in 2023. Let’s read more from him.

How do you perceive the current impact of AI and how have you integrated it into your role thus far?
AI's influence is truly transformative across various industries and domains. It leads to innovation, boosts productivity, and enhances the quality of life for countless individuals by tailoring user experiences and improving efficiency.

In our professional capacity, we've harnessed AI to elevate our key performance indicators, streamline operations, and enable more informed decision making. Our utilization of Recommendation Systems, Search Engines, Chatbots/IVRs, and Product Sentiment Analysis has significantly enhanced user engagement. Additionally, AI has facilitated more efficient development processes, leading to cost reduction and faster time-to-market. Cost savings are realized through automation of processes, optimized resource allocation, and cloud usage. AI-powered data analytics informs our marketing strategies. We've also taken the initiative to establish AI innovation labs, encouraging internal research and fostering external partnerships. Moreover, we're committed to implementing Ethical AI practices to ensure transparency and compliance. Overall, our adoption of AI is crucial
to remaining competitive and delivering substantial value to our users.

How do you nurture an environment of innovation within your team, and how do you lead them to recognize current data trends and leverage them to benefit the company?
Creating a culture of innovation within teams involves several essential steps. Firstly, it's important to establish a clear vision for innovation and allocate the necessary resources and time for creative exploration. We actively promote open communication, idea sharing, and collaboration across different functions to foster an environment where innovative concepts can thrive. We cultivate a culture where taking risks is encouraged, and failures are viewed as opportunities for learning and growth.

We at Rakuten Data & AI, emphasize the importance of a test & learn culture, actively implementing data-driven experiments to test hypotheses & evaluating the impact of these results on our businesses, services, or products

To effectively identify and incorporate present data trends, we initiate the process by gathering pertinent data from a variety of sources. This data is then subjected to analysis using data analytics and visualization tools to unveil emerging trends and patterns. Machine learning algorithms can assist in predicting/ forecasting future trends based on historical data. We emphasize the importance of experimentation, actively implementing data-driven experiments to test hypotheses and evaluate the impact of these trends on our products or services. Furthermore, we uphold a culture of continuous improvement by adapting our strategies as data trends evolve, ensuring we remain competitive and capable of meeting the evolving demands of our users.

What factors guide your product roadmap development, and how do you steer your team in the direction of creating a smooth customer experience that meets requirements seamlessly?
When building a product roadmap, consider vital factors like Market Research, Business Objectives, Customer Feedback, and Risk Assessment. Market Research keeps you updated on industry trends and competitive analysis, critical for staying competitive. Align with company objectives to ensure each product step contributes to growth and profitability. Evaluate resources time, budget, and team capacity for realistic timelines. Prioritize features based on customer input to align with actual user needs.
To guide your team in creating a seamless customer experience, focus on a customer-centric approach, emphasizing understanding user needs. Maintain consistent design and branding for recognizability and usability. Foster cross-functional collaboration among design, development, and customer support for a unified approach. Use continuous usability testing and feedback collection for product improvement. Provide comprehensive resources and responsive customer support for user assistance.

Tell us about your leadership style. What are the principles or approaches you adhere to as a leader?
Leading an AI team in a rapidly evolving technological landscape requires a strategic approach. Our AI team follows a strategic approach, utilizing methodologies like Design Thinking, Agile Development, and MLOps for efficient model deployment. We prioritize ethical considerations, adherence to Responsible AI frameworks, and addressing bias, fairness, and privacy concerns. We foster cross-functional collaboration, implement robust data governance, and gather customer feedback for refinement. Risk assessment helps manage project risks.

We firmly believe that our organizational culture is integral in guiding our decision-making across various business and technical aspects. As a team, we hold values such as prioritizing 'Health and Family First’, striving to 'Exceed Stake holder Expectations’, championing teamwork and collaboration, appreciating individual efforts, and celebrating collective successes, to name a few.

What is your envisioned future destination?
My ultimate goal is to become a global leader in shaping the AI landscape, driving innovation, and making a positive impact on society. My vision includes pioneering cutting-edge AI technologies that redefine industries and address complex challenges. I'm dedicated to establishing ethical AI development as the gold standard, promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI solutions globally. I aim to leverage AI to address pressing global issues like healthcare, climate change, education, and social equity, contributing to a more equitable and sustainable world. In the future, my goal is to lead in AI innovation, ethics, and social responsibility, creating a brighter, more interconnected, and sustain able future for all.

Anirban Nandi, Head - AI Products & Analytics, Rakuten India
Anirban Nandi is an artificial intelligence specialist with a Masters in Economics from JNU. He is the Head of AI Products & Analytics at Rakuten India, overseeing a 125+ team members with the goal of building innovative and scalable AI & ML solutions.

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