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Ankur Kumar: Enhancing Customer Experiences Amid An Ever-Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Ankur Kumar: Enhancing Customer Experiences Amid An Ever-Evolving Regulatory Landscape

Ankur Kumar,  Director, Client Success

Ankur Kumar

Director, Client Success

Clients need execution excellence to optimize operations, decrease costs, enhance the customer experience, and comply with regulatory obligations in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) market, which is both highly competitive and highly regulated. Moreover, efficient execution aids BFSI customers in adopting cutting-edge technology and navigating the sector's inherent difficulties. Successful execution allows BFSI customers to maintain their competitive edge, drive innovation, and maximize profits. In light of this understanding, Ankur Kumar is assisting Visionet Systems in managing the whole customer lifecycle, from new business development to outstanding operational performance, for their BFSI customers in the United States.

Ankur Kumar, a graduate of IIM Tiruchirappalli, is a prominent business development and sales pioneer in charge of overseeing executive engagements about the overall direction of the company and the creation of innovative process management solutions. In his present position as Director - Client Success at Visionet
Systems, Ankur assists BFSI customers in achieving their strategic objectives through the identification of their specific requirements and the implementation of tailored solutions that take a People, Process, and Systems(PPS) approach.

In addition, during his tenure at Maruti Suzuki, Ankur was highly recognized for being well-versed in overseeing the financial well-being and profit potential of the dealers in the zones he has managed. Also, for the majority of his initiatives, Ankur has brought about a great many large scale deals for institutional sales and leasing ventures. Below is an excerpt of Ankur Kumar’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.
What are important lessons you inculcated from the institute and carry in your professional journey today? Which are the areas you find these experiences beneficial in your career?
I attended IIM Trichy as part of the institution's first batch, and with that comes a whole host of issues and lessons learned, particularly in terms of the underlying infrastructure and beyond. In addition, I was a key part of many students’ clubs and committees, many of which actively involved students from other institutions throughout India.

My approach to leadership is straight forward I believe in the talents of my team members & co-workers therefore I offer them a lot of autonomy & trust that they will do a good job if any task is entrusted to them

More so, although the present-day campus is magnificent and expansive, complete with all the altar amenities that could have been, were not during our day. In other words, I want to emphasize that the experience at IIM Tiruchirappalli gave us the tools we needed to develop our sense of entrepreneurialism. The institution taught us the value of taking risks, both in terms of testing our limits and in terms of starting and developing our ventures.

Describe your leadership approach. What is your success mantra?
My approach to leadership is straight forward I believe in the talents of my team members and co-workers There fore, I offer them a lot of autonomy and trust that they will do a good job if any task is entrusted to them. It's a very transparent setting, and they can count on me to be there any time my support is needed. We've received the same treatment from more senior members. Therefore, I believe in allowing an individual complete autonomy over how he completes the task at hand. Teams and companies need to have people who embrace their roles and are aware of their obligations.
How do you encourage learning culture among your team to meet the customers’ requirements and draw vital insights from the market?
Keeping in constant connection with clients and the market is crucial. As well as this, make sure you are always up-to-date on any news or publications that pertain to the area of responsibility you now hold. Since it may be restricted to the domain alone, but you're operating on a little larger scale, several conclusions can be drawn from your analysis. Keeping abreast of developments in this area is crucial, as is maintaining open lines of communication with our clientele through a reliable feedback system that allows us to fine tune our services to better meet their needs.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Though I have not yet decided what my long-term goals will be, I do believe in doing things gradually and steadily, especially because starting work at Visionet Systems represents a significant change in my professional life. Although my previous employers spanned a wide range of businesses and geographies, my new position presents a whole new set of challenges and opportunities. Therefore, my short term objective is to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to become an expert in this sector and to make significant contributions to the company in terms of revenues, as well as customer account management and the provision of appropriate solutions.

Further, after I have sufficient experience under my credit, maybe I will be able to choose what course of action is most conducive to my development and ambitions. Thus, rather than try to narrow down what my long-term goals are, I prefer to take things one step at a time and see where they go.

Ankur Kumar, Director, Client Success, Visionet Systems
Ankur Kumar completed his PGDM from IIM Tiruchirappalli. In his professional journey so far, Ankur Kumar has been part of various prominent companies like Maruti Suzuki, Larsen & Toubro, and Bharat Petroleum Corporation. Currently, Ankur Kumar is the Director of Client Success at the Visionet Systems.

•Favorite Hobbies:Playing Cricket, Reading Books, Traveling, and Exploring Different Cuisines

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