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Anshul Mengi: Transforming Healthcare By Providing Easy & Affordable Primary Care

Anshul Mengi: Transforming Healthcare By Providing Easy & Affordable Primary Care

 Anshul Mengi,  Director

Anshul Mengi


Access to high-quality and instant health care services is essential for maintaining health, preventing and managing disease, reducing unnecessary disability and premature death; and achieving health equity for all human beings.

Healthtap is a company that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry by providing patients with quick, easy and affordable primary care through its robust healthcare platform. Patients can find suitable doctors easily through the Healthtap platform and get the treatment and medication conveniently virtually. It allows doctors to answer millions of patient-asked questions on real medical conditions.

Healthtap has an editorial board that reviews every doctor's training and medical licensure to ensure that answers on Healthtap provide reliable information from trusted medical experts. The board also reviews all of the content on the blog for medical accuracy. When patients read medical advice on Healthtap's website or apps, they can be rest assured knowing it's been verified by Healthtap's team of top medical professionals.

In an interview with CeoInsights Magazine, Anshul Mengi, Director of Healthtap India shares his insights on the company's value proposition, the importance of easy access to healthcare and how his company is using advanced technologies to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Could you please talk about your journey in the Healthcare industry?
My journey dates back to the days when I joined a global technology consulting company Thought works straight out of college. It gave me a vast exposure and laid down a strong foundation in my career. I grew up in a small city in north India where I witnessed the profound effects that healthcare, agriculture and education can have on a
community. After a few years, when there was an opportunity to use technology to make an impact in healthcare in order to help people live happier and healthier lives, I knew I had to do it and there has been no looking back since then.

Our goal is to provide patients with a doctor who really understands and keeps up with their health helping them live a longer &happier life

Our goal is to provide patients with a doctor who really understands and keeps up with their health helping them live a longer and happier life.

Could you talk about the learnings and experience that you had acquired from National Institute of Technology and how do you apply them in your current role?
In addition to the core technical skills gained from an engineering college, National Institute of Technology Calicut prepared me to think with utmost composure in any tough situation in life. The tenure there also strengthened my belief that you can solve any complex problems with the right approach and hard work.

How would you define Healthtap as an organization and how have you established it in the market?
Healthtap is a virtual first, affordable urgent and primary care clinic, providing top quality physician care nationwide to Americans with or without insurance. Our proprietary, easy-to-use and innovative apps and electronic medical records help to effectively engage consumers and doctors online to increase the equity, accessibility and efficiency of ongoing medical care for consumers. Healthtap's US-based board-certified physicians are available throughout North America.

Healthtap has the country's largest network of volunteer doctors across 140+ specialties to create a database of millions of trustworthy doctor answers. No more wading through confusing articles on the internet.

Each and every one of our Healthtap Medical Group doctors are US-licensed, board certified and trained through our comprehensive online care program. Their experience is matched by their enthusiasm for
delivering excellent care in the newest medium in the industry. This means the doctor you choose is with you every step of the way.

Your personal doctor leads a comprehensive care team to ensure you always get the help you need, from managing ongoing conditions and prescriptions to prevention and referrals. We embrace technology that creates a direct connection between doctor and patient. We're constantly innovating to make your care better and more affordable.

How do you know you can trust the advice a doctor gives you online?
Healthtap addresses this issue by having a team of highly skilled doctors. Our medical group has board certified, U.S-based online doctors, and our medical operations staff periodically reviews their contacts with patients. You can be confident that the doctor who replies is knowledgeable, considerate and professional, whether you choose to connect with a doctor one-on-one by text or video or receive a free answer to your questions.

Tell us about your leadership approach and governance style. What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
I have always believed that integrity is the bedrock of great leadership and I always try to lead by example. As they say do good work, for good reasons, with good people and you will achieve the zenith of success!

As the Director, how are you planning to adopt new tools/technologies to revolutionize the company's services to be at par with current industry standards?
At Healthtap, we are constantly evaluating and designing new ways/technologies to provide an even better standard of care to the patients. We have been extensively using AI and ML for the last few years and we are upping our investment in those fronts to further provide a better experience to all our users and doctors.

Anshul Mengi, Director, Healthtap India
A technology generalist with extensive experience in consumer web and mobile related technology stacks. Specialist in architecting complex and performant systems and building technology teams, from scratch. He is a voracious reader and an avid golfer.

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