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Anupam Shrey: Trailblazer In Rural Insurtech

Anupam Shrey: Trailblazer In Rural Insurtech

 Anupam Shrey, ,  Founder & Director

Anupam Shrey,

Founder & Director

Anupam Shrey, the man behind the ideation of DigiSafe, is on a mission to simplify insurance and serve rural India by introducing an innovative approach to insurance distribution. Hailing from Bihar, Anupam completed B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from ICFAI University before pursuing MBA from IBS. As a novel podium that crafted the lives and personalities of numerous stalwarts, the position of ICFAI remains quite eminent among other technology and engineering schools in the country.

As a prolific alumnus of ICFAI, Anupam sternly believes that the institution has played a magnanimous role in his personal and professional voyage. Today, he is an entrepreneur equipped with expertise in serving insurance based organizations spread across the country. Anupam specializes in large scale capability building and driving transformations. Having held fecund leadership roles at ICICI Lombard and Bajaj Alliance before founding DigiSafe Insurance in 2020, he is currently focused on catering solutions that make insurance easier in the rural excerpts.

While interacting with CEO Insights, he has articulated his journey as an entrepreneur and Director. Here are the excerpts!

"Our USP is the hand-held support we offer to people who are not very well aware of the complex jargons of insurance"

Tell us your story of building a career in the insurance industry.
I started my career with SHARP Business Systems, India where I got exposed to marketing and finance. Subsequently, I decided to pursue an MBA and that marked the turning point on my career path. ICICI Lombard was one of the oncampus recruiters and fortunately, I got to work with the brand. Since then, I decided to continue in this dynamic insurance. As a growing market, I had a lot of opportunities to showcase my expertise even when I moved to Bajaj Alliance as Zonal Manager.

Since the days of my post-graduation, rural insurance has been my key focus area; starting from an internship to my full time job roles as well. For instance, at the Bajaj Alliance, my role was completely aligned with weather based crop insurance in remote areas. While we were selling insurance, I realised that not every thing that a client needs is available with one company. There were so many constraints and a single company was not able to cater perfectly to what someone exactly needs from an insurance company. I did some introspection and wanted to rewire this market in this niche segment because the rural people need a little extra help. That is when I along
with some of my colleagues decided to build a versatile brand that can offer different types of insurance and varied policies, all in one place.

With that in mind, in 2020,DigiSafe Insurance was launched as a marketplace that helps people pick the best suited insurance for them.

How do your education & vast experience help you to chalk out efficient business modules at DigiSafe?
One of the most crucial things I have learned is to get to the root when any issue arises. The second and most important thing is that the secret to dealing with various kinds of people is to maintain patience. Another key expertise of mine or rather an experience I have had is to be a solution oriented professional.

Digisafe is focused on empowering the rural people including farmers by supporting them to make informed decisions and increasing employment opportunities and revenue

Specifically speaking of my academic journey, it has taught me to manage pressure and stay composed while handling a tough situation. From crucial leadership traits to teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking, my education life prepped me to be ready to flourish in the corporate sector. Talking about how I'm leveraging my experience with the business, my knowledge of the rural market is helping me understand their mindset and develop a trusted relationship with them.

Define DigiSafe Insurance Broking as an organization & its currentmarket position. What makes the company unique?
You can find several insurance broking companies in India, but hardly any brand is focused on the rural market. Just as our Prime Minister Modi says ‘Be Vocal for the Local, we are completely catering to the economically backward area in India where we provide simplified products of motor, health, livestock, and crop insurance while helping customers make informed decisions in terms of coverage, premium, benefits and more.

DigiSafe is keen on securing rural India by reducing uncertain risks through a variety of insurance products. Our objective is to bridge the glaring gap between the urban and rural areas for curated insurance products with an aggressive penetration. Our USP is the hand held support we offer to people who are not very well aware of the complex jargons of insurance.

What are fundamental factors you consider while suggesting insurance plans to your customers? How do you personalize your offerings?
One important factor while offering insurance is to ensure that the customer feels at ease with products that are easy to claim. Our vision is to establish a name in the insurance broking sector and serve as the best-in-class solution for
insurance buyers. We aim to extend the best and tailor fit insurance options to different insurance buyers and support them in managing financial risks and contingencies more efficiently.

With the goal of making everything understandable to the customers for comparing and choosing the products, all the details and information will be provided in their vernacular language. This approach creates more trust between us and the customers.

Throw some light on your current roles & responsibilities?
As a founder and director, I am instrumental in adopting strategies for building the right team and effective business models to explore the untapped opportunities within the sector. This apart, I am focused on facilitation of tech integrations with insurance companies, creating POSP networks across India and curation of customized insurance products which are relevant to rural setup and supervising all the activities of the company.

What is your style of leading the ship forward? What's the way ahead?
With the ever-challenging and competitive nature of the Insurance market, I strongly believe that the success of a leader is building a team and inculcating confidence in them to execute their work with great success. I keep motivating the team and empowering them with knowledge transfer and expertise. Keeping yourself updated with the market challenges and finding solutions like digital transformation, introducing new products, and building customer loyalty and centricity are key factors for existence.

In my opinion, there is no place for complacency in this sector. There will be a lot of innovations in terms of products and opportunities we provide to the farmers and rural population. In the upcoming years, we would like to cover the entire pin codes of India with our prompt and simple products.

Based on your experiences, what would be your advice to entrepreneurs starting a new in this domain?
My sturdy belief is that every person on the earth is talented and creative at something, but being an entrepreneur demands a risk taking and fearless attitude. This apart they should be everlasting problem solvers and unconventional thinkers capable of leading from the front. The initial team will make or break your brand, hence creating a dextrous team and nurturing them will play a crucial role in its success. Also, for every entrepreneur, it is vital to have a Plan B in place to tackle hard times.

Anupam Shrey, Founder & Director of DigiSafe
Anupam comes with decade-plus years of strategic intervention in driving rural insurance. He is a leader aspiring to do his little part for society and economically backward communities.

Hobbies: Playing Cricket
Favorite Food:Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
Favorite Book:Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Travel Destination:Europe

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