Arunraj Kartha: Translating Brand Ideologies Into Compelling Narratives That Resonate Globally | CEOInsights Vendor
Arunraj Kartha: Translating Brand Ideologies Into Compelling Narratives That Resonate Globally

Arunraj Kartha: Translating Brand Ideologies Into Compelling Narratives That Resonate Globally

 Arunraj Kartha,  Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Arunraj Kartha

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

I n an era of digitalization, the success of any venture is massively dependent on effective brand-building and advertisement. Nothing makes a larger impact than an engaging, content-rich, and visually appealing ad film that not only demands attention but also spreads the word more efficiently compared to other marketing mediums. An accomplished creative director with more than 20 years of extensive experience in the Industry, Arunraj Kartha started his career as an Industrial chemist before finding his call in film making. Throughout his career, Arun has been a part of numerous path-breaking documentaries, travelogues, and ad films. Under his tutelage, ARK Productions has become one of the well known ad filmmaking firms in India, collaborating with both National and South Indian regional brands.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Arunraj shades light on his overall Journey in the industry, the flagship offerings offered by the firm and its position in the market, and much more.

Could you give a brief account of your professional background and experiences? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I have been a part of the Advertisement filmmaking industry for the last 20 years. After graduation, I initially worked as a chemist for a while before opting for documentaries. I started my documentary career with various small as well as travel documentaries, including Amazing India, a famous travelogue from Kashmir to Kerala that was telecasted on Surya TV, a leading television channel in Kerala. Later, I joined Srikant Murali, a leading advertisement film maker, as an assistant director and worked there for a couple of years, which marked a significant turning point solidifying my passion for translating brand ideologies into impactful films.

Later, I started my independent advertisement venture. My first assignment was for Double Horse, a
leading brand in Kerala, featuring Malayalam star Jayaram. Since then, I have worked on almost 100- 120 advertisements till now. The motivation to infuse narratives with purpose fuels my daily routines and keeps me engaged in this ever-evolving world of story telling.

At Arunraj kartha Productions, we delve beyond surface level narratives to encapsulate brand ideologies in our storytelling

Define ARK Productions as an organization and its current position in the market. What are the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings?
ARK Productions is a video production company specializing in content, corporate films, and television commercials. Our client base includes some of the most prestigious and well-known consumer brands in India, such as PNG, ITC, Nestle, Asian Paints, Hero, Bhima, Max and many more. Today, we have offices in both Mumbai and Cochin. Our standing in the market is a result of years of dedication to crafting ad films that resonate deeply with audiences while perfectly reflecting the essence of the brands we collaborate with. Coming to market position, we are still a fast growing company on the national level. However, when it comes to the South Indian advertisement market, we are one of the leading advertisement companies.

Our flagship offerings revolve around creating emotionally impactful ad films. We delve beyond surface-level narratives to encapsulate brand ideologies in our storytelling. The value addition for our clients lies in our ability to not just understand their products, but also their core values. We work closely with clients, embracing their visions and combining them with our creative expertise to deliver a truly captivating visual experience. What makes us stand out from the rest of our peers in the market is our ability to deliver high quality products in a limited timeframe. Sometimes, our clients even approach us at the last moment with an assignment to be completed within four to five days. We still give our best and have always delivered the best-quality output within that timeframe.

Tell us about your leadership and governance approach. What are the guide lines you follow as a leader?
What is the success mantra that helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Leadership to me is a fine blend of inspiration and empowerment. I strongly believe that a successful advertisement output is a team effort. Starting from the Director, DOP, Editor, the art director, Costume Stylist and the music director to the makeup artist and production team, everyone plays an equally important role in the success of the final product. I'm dedicated to fostering an environment where every member of the team feels valued and motivated. As a leader, I strive to lead by example and nurture a culture where innovation and collaboration thrive. Encouraging diverse perspectives while maintaining a shared sense of purpose has been a guiding principle throughout my journey. Be it a production boy or any other team member, as the director, I value everyone's creative inputs and incorporate them as long as it enhances the final output quality.

What is the future destination you're heading towards?
My vision extends globally, with Arunraj kartha Productions making a mark on the international stage. While the budget for commercials has been reduced significantly over the years, we are still focused on delivering quality output within that budget range. We are also gearing towards captivating storytelling through movies and engaging web series. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, nurturing emerging talent, and fostering collaborations are at the forefront of my goals. I'm excited about the journey ahead and the scope for impact and innovation it holds.

Arunraj Kartha, Founder & Chief Creative Officer, ARK Productions (Arunraj kartha Productions)
An accomplished creative director with around 20 years of extensive experience in the industry, Arunraj Kartha is the founder & Chief Creative Officer of ARK Productions, a leading Advertisement filmmaking firm. His overall journey in the industry is marked by various documentaries, travelogues, and impactful ad films. Currently serving as the Treasurer of the Indian Ad-Film Makers Association (I AM), Arunraj is dedicated to fostering collaborations and contributing to the growth of the industry.

•Hobbies: Playing Cricket, Travelling
•Favorite Cuisine: South Indian
•Favorite Book: The Alchemist, South-based Comic Publications
•Favorite Travel Destination: Kashmir
•Awards & Recognition: Have received the Honorary Kerala State Padmarajan Award in

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