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B Madhan Mohan: Sustainable Value Creator Within Digital Logistics Space

B Madhan Mohan: Sustainable Value Creator Within Digital Logistics Space

B Madhan Mohan,  Founder & CEO

B Madhan Mohan

Founder & CEO

The global supply chain industry is growing rapidly, driven by new technological trends in logistics.Staying updated and implementing these technologies is a challenge for executives and managers. With 25+ years of international trade experience in freight, B Madhan Mohan founded Given Logistics in 2021. It aims to simplify and improve international shipping by eliminating complexity, lack of visibility, and unreliability. Madhan envisions a global network connecting makers, movers and markets through trust, technology, and transparency.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine, B Madhan Mohan spoke about Given Logistics journey so far and the position of the firm in the logistics and supplychain industry.

Please tell us about your professional journey. What milestones have helped you reach your current position?
I initially started off on a path that wasn't meant for me.I pursued electronics, but as soon as I realized it wasn't aligned with my passion, I quickly shifted gears and entered the logistics industry. I embarked on my career as a courier operations, and in 1993 I transitioned into the courier and logistics industry, and my formal development began in 1995. Over the years, I gained valuable experience in various roles within the industry, starting with operations for approximately eight years. As I honed my skills, I altered my focus to business development, sales, and network expansion, which ultimately led me to China from 2006 to 2007. To keep pace with the ever-changing trends, I decided to further develop my entrepreneurial skills by taking courses at both IIMA and the London Business School.

During my time in China, I seized an exciting opportunity to partner with a Chinese company, launching Unitex, my inaugural entrepreneurial venture. Through dedicated leadership and strategic management, I guided the company in India for nearly a decade before merging it with an Indian transport organization. Subsequently, I remained with the merged entity for an additional five years.

However, my lifelong dream had always been to develop a digital platform specifically tailored to the needs of the logistics industry.
Inspired by platforms in the passenger travel industry, such as Makemytrip, I aimed to create a platform that combines the best features from different segments of logistics. My objective was to offer a unified, multi-product platform that caters to a wide range of client needs, surpassing the limitations of niche-specific platforms.

We strive to provide a better quality of service while maintaining the same price

With this vision in mind, I founded my current company almost two years ago. We are now in the final stages of project development, meticulously examining various features and options within our organization and collaborating with select clients. Our plan is to launch the final version of our B2B-focused platform by the end of this year or early next year. As we progress, we have an ambitious expansion strategy to gradually enter the B2C market, providing customers with a comprehensive logistics solution.

I am thrilled about the progress we have made so far. The upcoming release of our platform marks an exciting chapter in my career and our commitment to transforming the logistics landscape.

What is Given Logistics? As CEO, what do you first consider when creating effective corporate growth strategies for your company?
Given Logistics, chosen for its proactive approach, aims to bring smiles to employees and customers by prioritizing individual customer needs. By dedicating time to understanding their unique objectives, the company crafts tailored solutions that deliver exceptional value.

Data-driven insights enable companies to make decisions, reduce uncertainty and enhance success rates. At our company, we foster a data-driven culture that empowers our team members to utilize both internal and external market research data, thereby improving efficiency, accuracy, and over all business acumen. Through our efforts in democratizing freight costs, providing market-competitive options, leveraging automation and AI for insightful analysis, and delivering superior service quality, we are spearheading a new era of efficiency and effectiveness in the industry.

What are your future aspirations?
The systems objective is to streamline sales processes, empowering the entire sales team without the need for a sales manager, while offering customers a comprehensive logistics solution for a seamless and efficient experience.

By next year, customers will be able to access a range of logistics
solutions through the platform at no additional cost. We are in the service industry, with a focus on enhancing the quality of our services while maintaining strong relationships with our team, clients, and partners. We highly value relationships, which is why we prioritize leveraging technology to improve service quality and enhance lives, rather than replacing human resources.

Whats your market forecast? What opportunities might develop? Based on your industry experience, what would you tell future leaders in this field?
The market's future holds exciting possibilities. The Indian government's proactive measures to attract quality players in logistics aim to streamline the industry, reduce costs, and enhance infrastructure. Emphasis on port development, coastal shipping, and improved connectivity will revolutionize logistics.

In the ever-evolving freight forwarding industry, we are leading a transformative shift that empowers SMEs to blossom. With a longterm focus on creating an ecosystem, we are dedicated to serving small entities or SME customers. This commitment stems from our recognition that SMEs represent 90 percent of world business and contribute to about 50 percent of global employment. Moreover, our aim is to redefine the landscape of freight forwarding by leveling the playing field and utilizing advanced technologies.

For those aspiring to become leaders in this field, I highly encourage gaining hands-on experience in a specific industry of interest. Building local knowledge and becoming an expert in at least one specialized area are vital steps on the path to success. With passion and a clear vision, entrepreneurial endeavors can thrive. Drawing wisdom from experienced individuals within the industry can provide invaluable guidance, helping us avoid repeating past pitfalls.

B. Madhan Mohan, Founder & CEO, Given Logistics
With over 2.5 decades of work experience, B Madhan Mohan is truly a logistics veteran. His cross-cultural experience that spans many countries is a testament to the impeccable career that he has had. His captivating adventures across over 40 countries have gifted him with a tapestry of rich cross cultural experiences. Furthermore, he specializes in the supply chain, freight forwarding, and express products.

Quick fact
Hobby– Culinary Adventures and long drives
Favorite Cuisine– Chinese
Favorite Book–Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy
Favorite Travel Destination– Road trip to China

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