Bhavesh Vaswani& Chirag Vaswani: The Millennial CEO & COO Duo Paving A Brite Path Ahead | CEOInsights Vendor
Bhavesh Vaswani& Chirag Vaswani: The Millennial CEO & COO Duo Paving A Brite Path Ahead

Bhavesh Vaswani& Chirag Vaswani: The Millennial CEO & COO Duo Paving A Brite Path Ahead

 Bhavesh Vaswani, CEO, Brite Coatings,    ChiragVaswani, COO, Brite Coatings

Bhavesh Vaswani, CEO, Brite Coatings

ChiragVaswani, COO, Brite Coatings

Amongst the youngest executives of the present era, come the names of Bhavesh Vaswani and Chirag Vaswani, who are doing an exemplary job in terms of leading a brand older than them. As the experienced stalwarts look up to them in admiration for the exclusive industry specific skills and expertise they have garnered so far, the team of CEOInsights got the opportunity to have an exclusive interaction with them.

Think of it like riding a cycle. I help steer the handle forward by peddling ahead, while Chirag balances the wheel behind. It takes two to push forward,” avers Bhavesh Vaswani, CEO of Brite Coatings, when asked about the journey of the duo managing their professional journey impeccably so far. To affirm the statement made by Bhavesh, ChiragVaswani, who is currently positioned as the COO of the firm and is predominantly assisting Bhavesh to spearhead the company prolifically, promptly quotes Louisa May Alcott, “It takes two flints to make a fire”. While harnessing the Founding Vision and Mission of Brite Coatings, which encompasses around taking India to the world of high specialty self-adhesive and coated products, the dynamic duo of Bhavesh and Chirag is seamlessly engaged in exploring innovative roadmaps for the company. During their reign, they have successfully introduced new S&Ps to increase their efficiency and maintain the eminence of their brand which is reigning in the market for the last 40 years.

CEO Insights engages in an insightful conversation with Bhavesh and Chirag.

Elaborate on Brite Coatings’ expertise and area of function.
Bhavesh: Brite Coatings is a leading manufacturer of specialty self-adhesive products and solutions firm. Ever since our inception in the 1980s, we have had innovation in our DNA and have created various technologies which are now widely used in our industry always creating value add products. We are the oldest active Indian company in this field and a true representation of the indomitable Indian spirit having weathered countless storms in the
business world. Standing tall with the “Make in India” initiative, we are proudly manufacturing products in India, for the world.

Chirag: We work with various MSMEs and MNCs across industries by manufacturing self-adhesive products and providing solutions in line with their specifications. With a notion to fulfill the needs of our customers and add immense value to their product innovation as well as customization, we develop and manufacture self-adhesive products for real world requirements. Recently, we have been pushing the envelope on self-adhesive technology through our proprietary development methodology DUROFIXtm.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors/companies providing similar solutions?
Chirag: Recently, we have developed a self-adhesive moisture barrier film and vapor barrier film for a global MNC for their gypsum board business in South East Asia. Our product is not only saving 40% cost of our customer but has tested to be 2X efficient than the material that was imported for the same purpose. Apart from various new age product innovations we also give our customers an advantage over pricing.

Bhavesh:Being trusted partners for over 6 Fortune 500companies for strategic, localized manufacturing, we are engaged in conducting research for their specialty selfadhesive and coated film requirements. We have now started to become a global manufacturer to such entities as they not only prefer to buy material from us for their localized needs but also their global procurement and customer requirements. We work as technology, R&D, and localized manufacturing partner with companies such as DuPont USA, Kraton Polymers USA, Mitsubishi Chemicals Japan, and Saint Gobain Gyproc to name a few. We aim to strengthen and grow our global position in the adhesive industry across various geographies.

As the dynamic duo, elaborate on your strengths together. Reflect on some of your major projects.
Bhavesh: I handle key customers and product development activities as core aspects of my professional role. This is our growth engine which allows us to grow forward. Meanwhile, Chirag has a strong analytical base and a desire to deeply understand various backend aspects. So he oversees the drives for our ISO, 5S, Lean Six Sigma, and other quality as well as consistency initiatives, which are our anchor and give us stability.

Chirag:Both of us spearheaded the development and implementation of the DUROFIXtm methodology towards developing self-adhesive
label stock and tapes. This has now opened up a wide array of solutions for various industries there by bridging the gap between problem & solution needs & offerings for our clients. The DUROFIXtm system stands for a well defined R&D-driven approach, quick turnaround in developments, and multiple prototypes for market testing with unbelievable flexibility. This is what has gotten us appreciation from technology CXOs of some of the biggest companies across various industries.

How would you describe the journey of Brite Coatings so far under the prolific guidance of your leadership? Share about your future endeavors as well.
Bhavesh: We live in a decentralized world and our main goal has been to strengthen our strengths and outsource our weaknesses. We want the world to remember Brite when it comes to its need for the development of self-adhesives to solve new age industrial problems. Our objective is to have a well motivated team of individuals who come together as one. We believe in building a qualitative & happy environment over a quantitative & stressful one which ultimately reflects in our productivity & efficiency. We want people to truly feel like a family and a part of something bigger than themselves.

Chirag: Our experience brings us a deep knowledge base and stability while our new age practices bring us flexibility and allow us to understand the pulse of our ideal clients. Our median attrition rate is less than 5% which is a feather in our cap & it shows we have a good culture that aligns with both, our 40-year history and the current value systems of this generation. Our goal for this financial year is to double our turnover. Equal parts focus on the marketing engine and quality anchor are needed to enable us to achieve this ambitious goal.

Bhavesh Vaswani, CEO, Brite Coatings, Chirag Vaswani, COO, Brite Coatings
After entering the corporate arena in 2012, Bhavesh has been implementing new avenues and methodologies to map innovation for Brite Coatings, along with his brother Chirag. As the CEO of Brite Coatings, Bhavesh is pragmatically engaged in bringing out Version 2.0 of Brite Coatings with the changing times & market dynamics.

As the COO at Brite Coatings, Chirag is currently focused on the enactment of various ISO and quality standards across the various functions of the organization. As a quintessential 2nd generation entrepreneur, Chirag is implementing his prolific expertise to improve the internal process flow of Brite Coatings and create a more competent organization.

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