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B.P. Singh Roy: An Inspiring Leader & A Testament To Dedication & Excellence In Real Estate

B.P. Singh Roy: An Inspiring Leader & A Testament To Dedication & Excellence In Real Estate

B.P. Singh Roy, COO

B.P. Singh Roy


The real estate industry is a dynamic and ever evolving sector that plays a pivotal role in shaping the urban landscape and driving economic growth. In this vibrant industry, B.P. Singh Roy, COO – Sales & Marketing at Keventer Realty stands out as a professional leader with a rich and diverse background. He has a Master's degree in Oceanography, an MBA from IISWBM, and an MCA from Jadavpur University in Kolkata His impressive credentials include certification as a Banking and Home Finance Professional from the National School of Banking in Pune. Over the course of his illustrious career spanning three decades, B.P. Singh Roy has made significant contributions to the real estate sector in both domestic and international markets. He has held key positions at renowned organizations such as BHW Birla Home Finance, DLF, Siddha, Srishti, and Emami Groups. His unwavering dedication and leadership have empowered and elevated the real estate sector, making him an influential figure in the industry. Let’s get more insights from him.

Could you please provide a brief overview of your professional background and your motivation behind managing your daily routines?
I hold a postgraduate degree in Oceanography and was in the process of pursuing a Ph.D. in Environmental Pollution, with a focus on studying the impacts of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Sunderban region. However, unforeseen circumstances altered my plans when a family tragedy compelled me to remain where I was. Consequently, I embarked on my career as a sales trainee, initially selling typewriter ribbons on the streets of Kolkata. Eventually, I secured a position in the Time Share industry, which led to a long and diverse career path, spanning over three decades. Along this journey, I
have been fortunate to have mentors who have guided me through various roles in companies such as DLF, BHW Home Finance, Emami Realty, and presently Keventer Realty. My source of motivation stems from every setback I've encountered, as each failure propels me to enhance my determination to overcome challenges and attain superior outcomes. My driving force is the unwavering resolve to persevere long after others might have given up, a determination that tells me to 'hold on' even when all that remains is the will to succeed.

I aim to build trust & confidence within the team, motivating them to stay focused & contribute to achieving our company's goals

As the Chief Operating Officer, what factors do you consider when shaping the company's policies?
Transparency, ensuring timely delivery with high quality results, and maintaining a clear focus on our profit and loss (P&L) objectives are three key factors I prioritize when shaping our company's policies.

What are the most challenging aspects of your role, and what approach do you use to achieve positive outcomes?
In my view, one of the most challenging aspects is instilling a sense of purpose and commitment in every team member, aligning them with the organization's goals. This challenge involves striking a balance between strategy and execution and ensuring that our execution-oriented employees are in sync with our strategic direction. It also entails making our overall strategy accessible to all.

Could you describe your leadership approach? What principles or methods do you adhere to as a leader?
My leadership approach is characterized by balance. I aim to build trust and confidence within the team, motivating them to stay focused and contribute to achieving our company's objectives. I believe in nurturing employees' growth by giving them increased responsibilities and opportunities to develop their skills. This not only
creates a lasting positive impact but also boosts team morale, enabling them to reach their full potential and drive success for the organization.

Where do you envision your leadership taking the company in the future?
As a leader, my ultimate goal is to establish our company as a renowned and trusted service provider in the Real Estate industry and relevant markets. I aim to cultivate a talented next-generation leadership team capable of guiding the company on its planned trajectory, ensuring sustained growth and success.

What do you expect for the future of the market? Based on your industry experience, what advice do you have for emerging leaders?
The Indian real estate market is set to reach $1 trillion in sales by 2030, contributing 13 percent to the GDP by 2025. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, it has shown resilience and is recovering well. Second home purchases surged in 2021, highlighting real estate's appeal as a long-term investment. In the coming year, real estate investments are expected to grow significantly due to lower volatility and higher returns compared to other markets.

Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata are thriving with a strong professional class and a developed corporate ecosystem. The co-working sector is also thriving, driving commercial real estate growth. Homebuyers now seek smart flexi-homes in green spaces, boosting suburban and township development.

Sustainability is a growing concern, leading to more Grade A developments. With reforms promoting transparency, efficiency, and innovation, the Indian real estate market is poised for steady growth. Emerging leaders should embrace cautious optimism, focus on technology and digitization, and lead by example while aligning team goals with company growth.

B.P. Singh Roy, COO, MKJ Enterprises
B.P. Singh Roy is a realestate expert with a Master's in Oceanography, and an MBA from IISWBM. With 30 years in the industry, he has held leadership roles at BHW-Birla Home Finance, DLF, and Emami Group, currently with Keventer Realty, shaping the sector with his expertise and dedication

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