Captain Rahul Rai: Leading A Brand That Pays Tribute To All Heroes & Their Unbeatable Courage | CEOInsights Vendor
Captain Rahul Rai: Leading A Brand That Pays Tribute To All Heroes & Their Unbeatable Courage

Captain Rahul Rai: Leading A Brand That Pays Tribute To All Heroes & Their Unbeatable Courage

Captain Rahul Rai,   Founder

Captain Rahul Rai


As far as I remember, my dream was always to create an aspirational fashion brand that will effectively have similar aspirational value as some multinational brands. When the opportunity in my life was right, I started researching and building the foundations of this long-standing dream of mine. One conclusion that was obvious in my research was that the Indian businesses, irrespective of the industry they are in, were not regarded aspirational.

A lot was due to the cost sensitive market we operate in. But this status quo and reliance on international brands for ‘cool quotient’ had to be tackled. Indian and things Indian had to be given a space in the minds of the youth and population at large. Our brands also must rule the same aspirational value as other multinationals do. So, my vison was very clear, ‘be the best and most premium yet be accessible’. I firmly believe that in the coming times, India and everything made in India will hold the same passion and relatability as ‘made in Japan or made in Germany’. Realizing this vision will not be easy, we will fail, we will make mistakes, but I am happy that I am doing this and with a solid purpose to build an aspirational product from India.

Athleisure and Active wear that combine functionality with sleek minimalistic design are redefining the role of sportswear in the fashion scene. They are dominating the day-to-day wear as it makes it easy to transition from a work meeting to hanging out with friends. And since they can be worn anytime, anywhere, people are building their wardrobes to prioritize comfort and functionality. We are stepping further to create a fusion between performance wear and lifestyle apparels that are suited in and out of the boardroom. In the words of the founder, “I call it performance
clothing. Whether you are in the office or out in the field, the AH clothing will make sure that you are comfortable, you look your best and feel confident to give your best”.

The Founder of Armour Heavy(AH), Captain Rahul Rai, has served the Indian Army forfive years. A lot that his company represents is inspired from the military. Armour Heavy is a military term that is given to a formation of weapon systems that have a larger component of battle tanks, making the assaulting unit unstoppable & impenetrable. He started the clothing line as a reflection of the grit and courage shown by the brave citizens under adverse circumstances in their fields of work.

We want to create an aspirational clothing brand that is made in India while using locally produced raw materials; a brand that the youth of the country feels proud of wearing

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Captain Rahul takes us through his professional journey,along with the unique traits of the company.

Can you give a brief account of your educational and professional background and also brief us about what inspired you to start Armour Heavy?
I come from a family that has been serving the Indian Army for three generations. No one in my family has explored corporate jobs or businesses. I have had the privilege to grow up around military things & very regimented. I joined the Indian Army in 2001 & after training, I was inducted into the prestigious Armoured Corps which had T 72 tanks. After completing my military tenure, I started to explore how to realize my dream of starting my own fashion brand. I did not have the IT background to start a D2C business or manufacturing experience to
straightaway jump into such an unexplored area. Nor did I have any investments to jump into such a cost intensive business field. So, I stuck to what I was taught, 'fire when ready'. I have been in marketing and sales enablement roles for over 17 years. After acquiring the right experience I needed, and being financially comfortable, I decided to take the plunge.

My inspiration to start AH was the lack of aspirational products from India. When the Indian youth shops for premium clothing its generally made in China or Southeast Asia. I envisioned that a premium product had to be Made in India! If we wear clothing made else where from a third party brand, how will be relate the self-reliance theory?

What are the current offerings of Armour Heavy and what are your flagship products?
It’s been just over one year since our operations started. The collections that we are working on now will be the best in the world. The product of AH will cater to the following needs which include Absolute Comfort, Tough & Durable, and Premium. Quality & Style. Each aspect of our product will focus on comfort. For the same, we are working with the best raw material suppliers in the business. Drawing inspiration from my military background and our supply chain that extends to the defense forces, AH products will always be tough and durable. As no fashion brand can be in

Captain Rahul Rai, Founder, Armour Heavy
A military graduate, Captain Rahul has served in the Indian Armed forces for five years. He is a third-generation officer in his family.After His stint in the military, he went to explore the corporate world where he has worked in Marketing and Sales Enablement roles for 17 years. He is a brand enthusiast & draws a lot of inspiration from the journeys of Rudolf Dassler and Phil Knight, founders of Adidas and Nike, respectively. Currently, he is a Founder and Chief Vision Officer for Armour Heavy.

Hobbies:Fashion Designing, Golf, Fitness and Nutrition
Favorite Cuisine:Indian cuisine & home made food
Favorite Book:Shoe Dog
Favorite Travel Destination:
Leh & India

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