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Daksh Malhotra: A Visionary Entrepreneur With Strategic Acumen & A Proven Track Record Of Success

Daksh Malhotra: A Visionary Entrepreneur With Strategic Acumen & A Proven Track Record Of Success

 Daksh Malhotra,    Managing Director

Daksh Malhotra

Managing Director

In the fiercely competitive business landscape of today, entrepreneurs must possess strategic acumen and a well-crafted go-to-market strategy to flourish. By adopting a strategic approach, entrepreneurs can develop a clear vision, identify lucrative market opportunities, and align resources effectively to accomplish their objectives. A strong goto-market strategy empowers them to launch products or services seamlessly, pinpoint the right target audience, and gain a competitive advantage. These essential skills enable entrepreneurs to make well informed decisions, navigate obstacles with flexibility, and drive sustainable growth and prosperity in their ventures. Daksh Malhotra, an entrepreneur who embodies this approach, exemplifies how strategic thinking is the key to success.

Daksh Malhotra is a visionary entrepreneur and the dynamic Managing Director of Everest Blower & Vacuum Systems Head-Quartered in New Delhi. With a wealth of global leadership experience spanning diverse business verticals and countries, Daksh is a driving force behind the company's fast-paced growth and modernization efforts. He possesses a remarkable track record in General Management, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain & Operations, consistently delivering results and improving profitability.

Below is an excerpt of Daksh Malhotra’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

As a new-age leader, what is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
Passion is the bedrock of my daily endeavours, driving me to excel in my chosen path. Technical Academics may not have been my forte, yet connecting with individuals from varied backgrounds, comprehending their needs, and devising bespoke solutions have been my driving force. Witnessing the growth of my
business and the prosperity of my team brings profound gratification to me.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences Manipal Institute of Technology offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
Delhi being my home town, but it was at MIT Manipal where I discovered a world beyond academics. Nestled in a small town with a mere 3km radius, the campus bloomed with diversity - medical, dental, mass communication, management, and more, attracting over 20,000 students and 1500 faculty. The cosmopolitan atmosphere and pristine surroundings offered a unique environment to connect with people from various states and cultures. Embracing hostel life, I leaned on friends for support, sought mentorship from seniors, and guidance from the warden and teachers. These experiences shaped my self-confidence and honed my leadership skills, preparing me for future challenges with ease and grace.

For me, work is an art of blending fun with productivity, fostering an open environment where ideas flow freely

How would you define Everest Blowers as an organization and its current position in the market?
Everest, now an Ingersoll Rand Business, has been at the forefront of the Pressure & Vacuum Systems industry in India. With a dynamic workforce of 420+ employees, including over 100 graduate engineers, and an impressive manufacturing footprint spanning 300,000 sq. ft., we have proudly operated as a small Indian MNC for several years. Our culture embraces innovation, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to R&D, resulting in successful market launches of ground breaking solutions. The merger with Ingersoll Rand, a global MNC with a staggering $25 billion Market Cap and 20,000+ employees, solidified Everest as the dominant force in Low Pressure & Vacuum solutions across the sub-continent. We remain dedicated to our ‘Customer First ethos’ and will continue to experience robust organic growth while actively pursuing strategic Inorganic M&A opportunities to further fortify our position.
Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
For me, work is the art of blending fun with productivity, fostering an open environment where ideas flow freely. Embracing the philosophy of ‘Hiring people smarter than yourself', I empower my team with autonomy, guiding them towards broader objectives while monitoring their stellar performance. Our comprehensive tools and systems facilitate transparent discussions among peers at all levels, enabling timely course corrections. I thrive on swiftly executing innovative growth strategies and embracing new ideas. In the end, consistency prevails over fleeting pace, ensuring sustained success.

Considering your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to budding industry leaders?
To my younger colleagues, my advice is this, embrace the fact that even in crowded fields, opportunities for improvement abound. Seek them out and forge your path to success. Remember, saving money is no easy feat; invest time and energy in mastering this crucial skill. While not everyone gets to follow their heart or passion, infuse what you do with passion and dedication. Be consistent and disciplined, for greatness is achieved through steady progress, not fleeting adrenaline rushes. Embrace the principle of ‘Givers Gain’ and share your knowledge and kindness generously. As you embark on this journey,keep these principles in mind, and let them guide you to a fulfilling and rewarding career ahead.

Daksh Malhotra, Managing Director, Everest Blowers
Daksh Malhotra is a visionary entrepreneur who completed his BE in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. In 2009, Daksh co-founded Everest Vacuum, showcasing his strategic acumen and innovative thinking. As the driving force behind the company's success, Daksh has demonstrated remarkable leadership, leading Everest Blowers to new heights in the competitive business landscape.

Awards & Recognition:
•For excellence in R&D from Dr. Manmohan Singh in 2012 (then PM of India)
•For Energy Efficient Pumps from Narendra Modi in 2017 (Current PM of India)

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