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Danish Chakarwarty: A Leader In Manufacturing Premier Quality Steel By Products

Danish Chakarwarty: A Leader In Manufacturing Premier Quality Steel By Products

Danish Chakarwarty,Managing Director

Danish Chakarwarty

Managing Director

Steel industry has historically held a dominant position in industrialization. Steel being a raw material and an intermediate product, production and consumption of steel is widely regarded as the signs of economic growth of a country. Thus, the steel industry has always been at the forefront of industrial development and forms the backbone of the Indian economy. Danish Chakarwarty, Founder & Managing Director, Ferron Tubes Pvt Ltd, has been one of the leading contributors to developing the Indian steel industry and its economic progress. His venture was established in 2014 under the aegis of New Hindustan Tubes, founded in 1985. With his huge passion and immense dedication towards the Steel industry, he ideates to expand the industry’s operations to a broader horizon with the adaptation of new technology and methodologies of steel production. During his professional journey, Danish has also been associated with New Hindustan Tubes and has been the President of BNI, the world’s largest business networking group. With his exceptional mechanical skills and industrial knowledge, within a short period, he has established an excellent portfolio of esteemed clients for Ferron Tubes. He is indeed an inspiration for many young entrepreneurs starting anew in the industry. Below is the excerpt of an exclusive interview of Danish with CEO Insights.

What inspired you to start a venture in the Mining and Metals industry segment?
During my childhood, I used to visit my father’s steel manufacturing unit where steel was processed and traded; ever since then, I have developed an interest in the Steel
industry. I even remember an incident of my younger days, where my father took me to visit a steel manufacturing plant in Chandigarh. To a great extent, I was amazed by the details of the processing of steel and told my father that I wanted to grow myself in a similar industry. So, immediately after completing Engineering from the UK, I came back to India and created Ferron Tubes under the aegis of New Hindustan Tubes.

At Ferron, we keep quality and delivery at the center of our actions and keep these values uncompromised

Tell us more about Ferron Tubes and its position in the current steel market.
Ferron Tubes is a young company holding young and innovative employees. We are very energetic and dynamic as a team, while being one of the largest Steel Tube manufacturers in North India. We offer our customers products and try to offer solutions to them, which is quite difficult in a commodity based industry as it is a very price sensitive market. At Ferron, we keep quality and delivery at the center of our actions and keep these values uncompromised.

How would you describe your role in tackling the challenges posed by the pandemic? Also, post-pandemic, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate, and what opportunities do you foresee?
The COVID-19 crisis has undoubtedly been a very unfortunate situation that turned the
world upside down. But seeing opportunity in a crisis is the biggest thing that I have learned throughout my life. COVID has been an opportunity for us to redesign our business model and focus on several untapped areas of the company. We have been able to revamp our operations during the pandemic and grow abundantly since then. On the other hand, as a team of Ferron Tubes, we have come closer to each other and never backed out on our employees. That is what drives the company today. The Steel industry is huge, and it has got great potentials. With the rise in demands and steel prices, the cashflows have improved and have been really positive for the industry. Hence, we see a lot of growth in the coming years.

What advice would you give to the budding professionals in this domain?
The Steel industry is a vast industry with immense opportunities on the way. If you dream big and work hard to grab those opportunities, the sky is the limit.

Danish Chakarwarty, Founder & Managing Director, Ferron Tubes
A Scholar Gold Medalist, Danish holds a Bachelor in Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester,UK. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Ferron Tubes, one of the leading ERW steel tube manufacturing companies in North India.

Hobbies:Reading, Cooking, & Travelling
Favorite Cuisine:Japanese and Indian
Favourite Book:'The Psychology of Money: Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness', book by Morgan Housel and 'Like a Flowing River' book by Paulo Coelho.
Favourite Travel Destination:London

Awards & Recognitions:
-Engineering and Physical Sciences representative by Manchester University Student’s Union

-PAAS Leader of School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering by University of Manchester

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