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Debojyoti Sen:  A Leader With Ambitious Plans To Create Innovative & Sustainable Renewable Products

Debojyoti Sen: A Leader With Ambitious Plans To Create Innovative & Sustainable Renewable Products

    Debojyoti Sen,     Co-Founder, Ganapati Products MD & CEO

Debojyoti Sen

Co-Founder, Ganapati Products MD & CEO

Longterm prospective measures for sustainable development are required to provide answers to the environmental issues we confront today. This is where renewable energy resources come into play as a potentially effective and cost effective alternative. As a result, renewable energy and sustainable development go hand in hand. In light of this, Debojyoti Sen founded the Ganapati Group to assist clients in realizing the complete economic value of the renewable energy industry and to deliver sustainability initiatives and revolutionary solutions.

Debojyoti is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sauryajyoti Renewables as well. When it comes to solar power plantconstruction and commissioning, Sauryajyoti Renewables is a reliable partner. The company's advanced realtime monitoring system ensures that the production of its customers' solar power plants matches or surpasses projections.

In an exclusive interview with the CEO Insights magazine, Debojyoti described his professional and entrepreneurial career in the renewable energy industry so far.

What inspired you to establish Ganapati Products?
After graduating from NIT Jaipur in electrical engineering, I started my career with Wipro. Then, following the completion of my master's degree in the renewable energy sector, I joined the Energy and Resources Institute where I gained hands-on experience with solar projects. I was one of the executive en gineers who worked on India's first floating solar project and Kolkata's rooftop solar policy. Further more, I worked for the West Bengal government as an executive engineer for a year. I then decided to pursue a Ph.D. while at the same period,I was considering establishing my own company. As a
result, I founded Ganapati Products intending to work as a trader in the healthcare and solar industries, eventually branching out into the EPC industry.

Could you talk about the learnings and experiences that you acquired from IIT Dhanbad and how you apply them in your current role?
While completing my Ph.D. at IIT Dhanbad, I launched my own business. The most valuable lesson I learned at IIT Dhanbad was to never give up. Having to cope with a variety of situations and come up with fresh solutions as a consequence of the course's numerous challenges has helped me grow as a person.I received an opportunity to learn new skills and came to understand the value of researching to come up with fresh approaches to accomplishing goals.

I was one of the executive engineers who worked on India's first floating solarproject and Kolkata's rooftop solar policy

How would you define Ganapati Products as an organization and its position in the market?
Ganapati Products is a parent company with a wide range of products and services. Since we don't manufacture any of our Vedic products, we've been able to build a business on trading and OEM partnerships in the healthcare product industry. Because we are present on all of India's online eCommerce platforms, we can sell the original equipment from that specific partner in kiosks throughout the country. We also offer solar powered products.

GanapatiProducts has a market capitalization of 2 percent in the acupressure segment of the healthcare industry. However, we have considered introducing a pharmacy in the future, within the next one to two years.

You also serve as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sauryajyoti Renewables. Could you tell us about the unique
services that are provided by Sauryajyoti Renewables that make it stand out from the rest of the market?
In essence, Sauryajyoti Renewables is a solar EPC beginning with the engineering side service analysis completing the procurement assembly, and handing the project over to the appropriate customer as a turnkey project. We have completed and ongoing project experience of a total of 20 MWp cumulative Roof top Solar plant, 400 MWp Ground mounted solar power plant, 3MWp Rural Electrification Projects, 106 Solar street lights, 250 Solar Pumps, 3013 Home Lighting Systems, 3000 smart LED Street Lights and Liaising work experience of 155 MWp in solar and Wind. We are also currently working on O&M for various systems (both kWp & MWp level) cumulative nearly 33MWp on Pan India Basis. In the previous four years, we've worked with L&T, Amplus, Azure, and other well-known Indian companies, as well as across the country. Even we have worked in all the states of India except Jammu & Kashmir and worked with/for most of the Govt Organizations like WBREDA, WBSEDCL, HAREDA, BREDA, DRDO, NTPC, and many. As far as what makes Sauryajyoti Renewables unique from the competition, we have completed projects with short schedules for the toughest projects in the toughest terrains. We are committed to timelines with the least cost parameter. Furthermore, in the northeastern hilly sections of the country that are hard to access within the given timeframe, we've done solar projects for our clients which even included government bodies.

What has been the success mantra that constantly helps you arrive at positive outcomes?
Never, ever quit; keep going as long as you can. There are going to be ups and downs in your life, but you simply have to stay focused on your objectives and proceed. At some point in time, things will change,
and if you are honest with yourself and with others around you, you will succeed.

Debojyoti Sen, Co-Founder, Ganapati Products MD & CEO,Sauryajyoti Renewables
Debojyoti is an electrical engineer with a master's degree in renewable energy from NIT Jaipur and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at IIT Dhanbad. In addition to publishing 23 journal papers, Debojyoti is a renewable energy development researcher who is passionate about environmental & social concerns.

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