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Deepak Jain:  Shaping Excellence & Driving Growth Through Decisive Leadership

Deepak Jain: Shaping Excellence & Driving Growth Through Decisive Leadership

Deepak Jain,   CEO

Deepak Jain


IIM Bangalore boasts an illustrious cadre of alumni leaders who have made significant strides in their respective fields. This esteemed collective represents a diverse spectrum of industries, showcasing the institute's impact on molding versatile and accomplished professionals. Among these luminaries is Deepak Jain a dynamic leader with an impressive track record spanning the liquor and lingerie sectors. His journey exemplifies the adaptability and strategic prowess instilled by IIM Bangalore, contributing not only to the growth of renowned brands but also to the transformation of entire industries.

Engaging in an idiosyncratic interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Deepak shares the imperious details of his journey and future road map for Amante India. Let’s hear it from him.

Can you highlight pivotal experiences at IIM Bangalore that shaped your profes-sional growth, extending beyond the academic sphere?

Certainly! My time at IIM Bangalore, though a one year certification course, proved transformative beyond academic refreshers. Engaging with a diverse cohort of 80 self-motivated individuals from various industries enriched my learning experience. Conversations with these individuals provided unique insights into different sectors, diverse problem-solving approaches and perspectives on challenges. This exposure not only honed my professional skills but also fostered personal growth. The collaborative environment at IIM Bangalore played a pivotal role in my holistic development, extending well beyond the theoretical aspects of the courses.

Define Amante India and its market position - what sets it apart in the competitive lingerie industry?

Amante India is a brand that I take immense pride in leading since it stands as a beacon of premium excellence in the lingerie industry. Renowned for its unparalleled quality, comfort, and fashion
-forward designs, we've secured our position as the fastest growing top premium lingerie brand in India and Sri Lanka. This distinction isn't just a title but is reflected in our astounding 50 percent year-on-year growth. The secret to our success lies in our outstanding products, wide distribution reach and an exceptional team - a group of bright, dedicated individuals working harmoniously to propel the brand forward.

What truly sets Amante apart is the palpable sense of belonging and pride every employee feels, creating a positive, transparent environment that fosters growth and innovation.

At Amante, we redefine intimate wear with quality craftsmanship & a fashion forward ethos, creating a sanctuary of confidence & style for women

As CEO, what factors weigh heavily in your corporate growth strategies?

As the CEO, my strategic focus revolves around key pillars for sustainable growth. Elevating our product portfolio is essential - constantly enhancing fit, comfort, and introducing new categories keeps us ahead. Aggressive expansion of distribution channels widens our market reach, fostering further growth. Building brand equity is a continuous investment, ensuring a strong and beloved brand in the market. Nurturing organizational capabilities and investing in our people's development are vital contributors to our success.

From a financial standpoint, efficient working capital management ensures business efficacy. We meticulously integrate good governance practices, emphasizing control mechanisms to balance financial prudence with unwavering growth, ensuring a path that's not just lucrative but enduring.

Unveil your leadership style. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?

My leadership style revolves around a robust management routine, ensuring timely oversight of operations. However, my core belief lies in empowering my team, granting them the autonomy to make decisions and take calculated risks. I trust in their capabilities and judgment, understanding that occasional missteps are part of the growth process. Trust, to me, is
crucial. Believing in my team fosters a sense of ownership and commitment. I consider the risk of a trust deficit more detrimental than occasional errors. Encouraging a collaborative environment, I emphasize the importance of being a team player. This approach not only builds a cohesive team but also instills a collective sense of responsibility and attachment to our shared goals.

Where is your professional journey headed, and what milestones do you aim to achieve in the near future?

Our collective vision is steering Amante towards becoming the top brand not just in the premium lingerie sector but expanding our influence into the mid-premium segment. Beyond core lingerie, we're passionately venturing into adjacent categories like athleisure, thermal, swimwear, and shapewear. The goal is crystal clear to establish Amante as the unequivocal number one brand in India across these diverse categories, possibly within the next 2-3 years. As the brand thrives, so does our overall standing, a reflection of our relentless commitment. Personally, I see my journey intricately intertwined with the brand's growth, aiming for milestones that align with Amante's ascendancy and my professional evolution in tandem.

Deepak Jain, CEO, Amante India

Deepak Jain, popularly known as DJ, is a distinguished leader in the intimate wear industry, brings over two decades of expertise as a Chartered Accountant and MBA graduate. With a robust career spanning retail and liquor industries, he began at Shaw Wallace, a major liquor manufacturer later acquired by the UB Group. Transitioning to Diageo India, a global liquor giant, his contributions were pivotal in elevating renowned brands. Joining Amante in 2014, he swiftly rose to CEO, spearheading growth and establishing it as an industry leader. Deepak's dynamic career, marked by continuous evolution and accomplishments, is a testament to the harmonious fusion of financial acumen, industry knowledge, and visionary leadership. His commitment to excellence positions him as a trailblazer in the intimate wear industry.

•Hobbies: Writing Poetry, Photography, Travelling, Singing
•Favourite cuisines: Traditional Rajasthani Dishes
•Favourite books: Any Poetry Books
•Favourite Travel Destination: My ideal travel destination is anywhere that is a perfect blend of beaches and tranquil, calming scenery

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