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Deepesh Kuruppath: A Catalyst Of Change In The Indian Logistics ERP Solutions Space

Deepesh Kuruppath: A Catalyst Of Change In The Indian Logistics ERP Solutions Space

 Deepesh Kuruppath,    Founder & CEO

Deepesh Kuruppath

Founder & CEO

The logistics ERP solutions industry has seen multiple paradigm shifts over the last couple of decades. The rapid penetration of technology has been a huge boost to the growth of the industry. Also, at the same time, the ever increasing competition is making it harder for existing players to get a proper foothold in the market. One company that has been able to make impressive strides within a short span of time in the logistics ERP solutions market is CargoFL. This pioneering business organization has created a diversified product portfolio to cater to the varied requirements of their clients and that includes CargoFL – Dispatch, CargoFL – Trucker, CargoFL – Analytics, and CargoFL RTMS (Road Transport Management System). Deepesh Kuruppath is the brains behind Cargo-FL and under his guidance, the company has been able to break new business frontiers and clock in impressive growth numbers.

In an exclusive interview with CEO INSIGHTS, Deepesh talks more about his professional journey and the unique business operations of CargoFL

Can you talkmore about your educational and professional background? Also what inspired you to enter this market segment?
I did my Mechanical Engineering after which I started my professional career with a small startup.I have 20 plus years of industry experience and 16 plus years in the corporate segment. I was working with the Bank of America in the past as a VP of corporate banking technology.I was also a manager at Accenture and I started CargoFL five year back. We are a supply chain logistics automation technology startup.

As far as what motivated me to enter this industry -In 2016, when Jio made internet accessible across
the country. This even got into the logistics space where the truck drivers had a sudden rise of interest in using smartphones and internet owing to the unlimited bandwidth of the internet. These drivers started using YouTube, Whats App and other mediums of communication and entertainment. So, when we started our operations, our aim was to create a simple cloud based ERP solution for the transport sector.

I believe in looking forward rather than looking back and I make sure that I maintain a positive outlook on both my personal and professional life

Can you talk more about CargoFL and what separates you from the rest of your competitors?
We wanted to help both these truckers as well as businesses in the logistics space to run their operations in a simple way using our android mobile based cloud ERP solution. Using our product, the clients can do accounting, order management, invoicing, creating reports and proof of delivers among many others. And as of now, we are also building technology for fortune 500 companies such as the Tata Group, and Puma to mention a few. Owing to the quality of our offerings and the transparency of our operations, we now have 9 corporate customers as well as 250 transporters on our platform.

Our vision is to make technology democratic and reusable. We want to ensure that, our customers could implement our technology within a short period of time so that their daily operations don’t get adversely impacted. So, we keep in mind there us ability of our technology when we build our platform.

Another important aspect that separates us from the rest is the fact that, we have always kept transporters in mind while building our platform. Most of our competitors focus on developing products for the corporates but the priority we give to transporters has helped us to create a niche in the market.

We believe that in the next five years, there will be a huge disruption
in the Indian logistics industry where every transporter in the country will be using some kind of platform or technology to manage their business. We foresee this change happening and this will help us to stay ahead of the curve and expand our market presence in the future.

Can you name some wards or recognitions your company has received? Also, what are some of your major future plans?
We have been recognized by HPCL, Government of India and AIC Group. In 2019, we were among the top three startups selected by the DELL startup initiative.

Apart from that we were also recognized as one of the fastest growing startups in Pune by a startup initiative by IIT Kanpur.

As far as our future is concerned, we have created a proper market foothold in India and going forward, we want to expand into South east Asia, Middle East, US, and European markets.

What is your success mantra?
I personally believe that we have to take life one step at a time instead of looking for a goal too far ahead. I believe it is better to set short-term goals that can be achieved within five to six months. This is owing to the fact that the world is changing at a rapid pace now and this makes it harder to set long term goals all the time. Setting short term goals will not only help us to grow in an incremental fashion but achieving these short term goals constantly will help you to remain motivated as well. Also, I believe in looking forward rather than looking back and I make sure that I maintain a positive outlook on both my personal and professional life.

How do you achieve work life balance?
I feel like we should take regular breaks in between so that we can spend some time with the family. We should also work on our own health by eating well, working out or doing yoga. This will help us to remain calm and perform well in our professional lives as well.

Deepesh Kuruppath, Founder & CEO
This pioneering business leader aspires to develop a new market leaderby prioritizing on constant innovation and customer satisfaction

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