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Devesh Ahluwalia: A Driving Force Leading Advancements In Material Handling Technology

Devesh Ahluwalia: A Driving Force Leading Advancements In Material Handling Technology

Devesh Ahluwalia,    Managing Director

Devesh Ahluwalia

Managing Director

The Material Handling Equipment and Industrial Storage Solutions industry in India plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of various businesses across diverse sectors. This industry involves the design, manufacturing, and implementation of equipment and solutions that aid in the movement, control, and protection of materials and goods within a facility. In this dynamic landscape, leaders like Devesh Ahluwalia, Managing Director, Viren Engineers have emerged as a key figure, empowering the Material Handling Equipment and Industrial Storage Solutions sector.

Serving as the Managing Director of a prominent firm, Devesh Ahluwalia has played a crucial role in providing cutting-edge solutions to clients. His strategic vision, expertise, and commitment to excellence have propelled the industry forward, ensuring clients receive top-notch services and state-of-the-art solutions for their material handling and storage needs. Under his leadership, the company has thrived, contributing significantly to the growth and efficiency of businesses relying on these essential solutions. Let’s hear more from him.

Can you share details about your professional background and experiences, as well as the motivation that drives your daily routine?

I became part of my father's business in 2015, marking a nine-year journey. As authorized dealers for major divisions, such as material handling, covering routine business in regions like Punjab, Haryana, and Jammu Kashmir, we manage sales and services. Catering primarily to OEMs and corporates, our dynamic industry growth offers continuous learning opportunities. Embracing digitalization with CRM tools, online platforms, and compliance adherence. We navigate the challenges, including those posed by COVID-19. Motivated by the immense growth potential in India's thriving economy, our commitment is to harness our full potential,
continuously evolve, and contribute to significant business achi-evements.

Can you share the distinctive experiences that Lovely Professional University (LPU) offers, and what insights did you gain beyond academic pursuits on the campus?

Absolutely, one of the standout features of LPU is its rich cultural diversity. Coming from Punjab, I was exposed to a melting pot of individuals hailing from various states and backgrounds across India. This unique environment greatly contributed to my understanding of how people's behavior is influenced by their regional, religious, and cultural differences. This exposure has proven invaluable in my profes-sional life, particularly in dealing with individuals from diverse backgrounds. Additionally, LPU provided a comfortable yet dynamic campus life with regular events, celebrity visits, and unique experiences such as attending Coke Studio within the campus. Living in the hostel was another significant aspect that brought about a major shift in my lifestyle, as it required managing expenses, finances, and attendance, fostering a valuable learning curve.

I believe leaders should immerse themselves in the market, seize oppor-tunities, & understand that success results from dedication & hard work

Can you provide information about your company and its current market position?

Our company, named Viren Engineers, is primarily located in Ludhiana, Punjab (India) with main offices situated there. We also have branch offices in Himachal Pradesh and Bari Brahmana in Jammu, covering the entire Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, LehLadakh, and Jammu Kashmir regions, extending to parts of Haryana. Established in 2010 by my father as a dealership of Godrej, we have experienced substantial growth, evolving from a five-member team to a workforce exceeding 100, comprising salespersons, service technicians, and support staff.

Currently, we hold a significant market presence, capturing around
60 percent of the total market share in these three states. As a key partner of Godrej in the Material Handling Equipment (MHE) division, we have expanded our services and recently ventured into collaborations with Bajaj Indef for overhead cranes and hoists. Additionally, we have entered into a partnership with Shakti Hormann, a German-based company, serving as their dealer in our territory. Our focus is on exploring opportunities within our existing expertise, providing solutions to the warehousing and industrial sectors for sustained growth.

Could you share your future plans for both yourself and the company in the next five years?

Considering the expanding Indian market and the entry of international players like Toyota and Hyundai, we aim to strengthen our position as a Godrej dealer. To counter this increased competition, we are focusing on enhancing our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and systems, building trust with customers, and expanding our product range to include offerings from Bajaj and Shakti Hormann. Our goal is to increase business fivefold in the next five years, leveraging the enormous potential of the market. As the industry evolves, adapting to new technologies and market changes is crucial, and our Rental fleet of business is also growing, particularly due to the increasing demand from major corporations and multinational companies in the northern states.

What is the advice you'd like to give to the upcoming leaders?

I believe leaders should immerse them selves in the market, seize opportunities, and understand that success results from dedication and hard work. There are no limits to what you can achieve; it's about how much you are willing to grow. Moti-vating your team and building a supportive environment are crucial aspects of leadership, as you cannot thrive alone. A united and motivated team is essential for sustainable growth.

Devesh Ahluwalia, Managing Director, Viren Engineers

Devesh Ahluwalia is the Managing Director at Viren Engineers. He is spearheading transformative ad-vancements in India's logistics landscape, with strategic vision and a commitment to excellence. He has been instrumental in elevating efficiency and innovation in material handling, contri-buting significantly to the industry's growth.

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