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Dhir Jeswani: Enriching Customers' Experience In Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

Dhir Jeswani: Enriching Customers' Experience In Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

Dhir Jeswani,  CEO

Dhir Jeswani


The pre-owned car market has been showing a propitious growth trajectory in recent years. However, several issues such as misrepresentation of the real condition of the car, unreliable paperwork, or lack of fair pricing are some of the factors that corrode consumers' trust in used cars. Dhir Jeswani, CEO, Morya Cars established the venture to address such substantial challenging factors and set a new benchmark of efficiency for consumers looking to purchase pre-owned cars. Also, to sustain and augment the growing demand of the industry, Dhir has developed multiple strong strategies that have helped him to maintain a well-established value chain, build trust and innovate to meet the needs of the evolving customers.

His business approach focuses on providing expertise and assurance, along with services, accessories, and service packages on the company's pre-owned models. To ensure confidence in customers, his Bappa Morya Workshop offers thorough check-ups for due diligence on visual inspection, document scrutiny, system operations, test drive, and check on vital components by a team of trained evaluators. Under Dhir's leadership, the company has gained paramount success and soon will be launching its fifth showroom in Navi Mumbai. Let's hear it from him.

How has the post-pandemic situation of the automotive industry treated you?
After Covid, it is seen that people are more aligned towards buying
pre-owned cars rather than new ones majorly because of their economic situations. The pandemic had a huge effect on businesses, hence people preferred spending money on depreciating assets which as a result turned out to be a good business opportunity for Morya Cars. With our aim to provide high quality services to our clients and offer the best deals at reasonable price rates, we acquired a good number of sales for pre-owned cars during and after the pandemic.

We have an excellent & the best after sales service because we believe in making relations & not just profits

Share with us the major challenges you have experienced in your journey.
Morya Cars is a big team of people belonging to different hierarchies. There are a lot of people involved in the process of delivering the right car to the right customer. Managing every employee at every level, and keeping the system running smoothly is a big challenge.

Also, during a deal, we make sure that we are engaging ourselves with a genuine buyer. More over, procurement of stock has also been quite challenging customers show more interest when they are offered a reasonable price for the best deals. Hence, to stay a step ahead of the market, we came up with the concept of doing business at a very competitive price. Though it took some time, but it has been a success for Morya Cars and over the years we have been able to build connections, maintain customer relations and grow various channel partners.

What are the unique strategies that you have adopted in Morya Cars to provide the best services to your clients?
We have a unique approach to
selling pre-owned cars. We undergo a thorough checking of every part of a car to ensure its condition & quality, before buying it from the owners as well as selling it to our customers. Even if the car is 10 years old, we buy it without hesitation and take it as a challenge to make it reach out to our customers in the best possible condition. We provide our customers with non-accidental, non-flooded, and genuine kilometers and provide a live report with a live scanner in front of them so that they can be mentally satisfied that there is no manipulation done or there are no errors in the car. We have an excellent and the best after sales service because we believe in making relations and not just profits.

What are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate and what are the opportunities that you foresee?
The used car market in the country is growing at a rapid rate as a result of the pandemic, digitalization, and changing demographics. People are showing more interest & trust in used or pre owned cars because of their affordability, availability, and increased need for personal mobility. To keep up with the transformation a business must operate in a way that ensures genuineness and develop trust among its customers.

Dhir Jeswani, CEO, Morya Cars
With a passion for cars and providing people with the finest deals on pre-owned cars, Dhir began his entrepreneurial journey in the automotive industry. Through his venture, he focuses on catering to the world with pre-owned luxury & supercars and provides high quality service & customer satisfaction.

•Hobbies: Travelling
•Favorite Cuisine: Sindhi delicacies
•Favorite Travel Destination: Koh Samui in Thailand
•Awards & Recognition: Awarded as the Innovative Company of the Year- 2022

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