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Dinkar Rao: Linking Business Strategy With People Strategy To Shape A Brighter Future For Enterprises

Dinkar Rao: Linking Business Strategy With People Strategy To Shape A Brighter Future For Enterprises

Dinkar Rao,  Managing Director

Dinkar Rao

Managing Director

In the ever-evolving realm of business, a strong dedication to driving profound transformations in organizational dynamics is the keystone of progress. Entrepreneurs, donning the roles of passionate partners, sales coaches, and business enablers, hold the means to unlocking success. Beyond mere titles, they embody the spirit of change, championing subtle shifts that create powerful impacts. Their multifaceted roles bridge the gap between ambition and accomplishment, harmonizing business strategy with human potential. In doing so, they illuminate the path to enduring growth, adaptability, and a future fuelled by purposeful evolution. An eminent illustration of such an enterprising luminary is Dinkar Rao.

As the Managing Director of Groval Euler’s Consulting, Dinkar Rao embodies a commitment to reshaping organizational dynamics that transcend boundaries and cultures. With an international perspective and a relentless drive for excellence, he stands as a beacon of inspiration for professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide. Dinkar's approach transcends superficial changes; it delves into the intricacies of incremental adjustments, forging a path to remarkable, sustainable impacts.

Below is an excerpt of Dinkar Rao’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

How has your entrepreneurial journey been so far? What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
In my sales journey, coaching sales teams to triumph always fascinated me more than mere enforcement. A victory imbued with genuine accomplishment became my focus - a concept I found lacking in some sales managers fixated solely on numbers. This propelled my entry into consulting with multinational leaders.

From sales training in a prestigious Swedish multinational to leadership development with a Danish-
European firm, my trajectory evolved into board-level consultancy, shaping strategic foresight for Dutch enterprises. Thus, Groval Euler’s emerged, dedicated to enacting tangible shifts in sales and service paradigms. Groval Euler’s propels transformative shifts, nurturing excellence while elevating organizational culture. My engagements, deeply intentional, rally diverse functions, driving profound changes. With over 60 impactful Groval Euler’s interventions and collaboration with 500+ firms globally, I've influenced 15,000 individuals.

Groval Euler’s shapes the visible, Groval Selectia crafts the inner, and Kabir Learning nurtures from the roots, making the journey holistic and enriching

This journey highlighted the intricate dance between skills, environment, and culture. This insight birthed Groval Selectia, shaping organizations from their core. Also, Kabir Learning Foundation nurtures emotional intelligence, a cornerstone for enlightened leadership. My adept team embodies diverse excellence, fostering an ecosystem committed to perpetual organizational ascension.

Could you tell us about the unique experiences IIT Dhanbad offers and what did you learn from the campus beyond academics?
Reflecting on my time at IIT Dhanbad, vivid memories of weekly number encounters resurface. Despite initial doubts, this distinguished institution, nestled in the dynamic mining sector, uniquely moulds individuals. Hostel life, a tapestry of cultures, proved extraordinary. Pursuing an MTech in mineral engineering during post-graduation, I marvelled at the profound lobby diversity. Collaborating with budding industry leaders from varied backgrounds, IIT Dhanbad ingrained the essence of family and friendship, especially away from home. Working closely with Professor DD Mishra, my guide imprinted enduring lessons his simplicity and profound thinking resonated deeply. Furthermore, IIT Dhanbad wasn't just an institution it transformed me, and its values guiding me today.

How would you define Groval Euler’s Consulting as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to clients?
In essence, Groval Euler’s takes the mantle when organizations yearn for profound cultural metamorphosis in sales and service realms. We shape future-ready entities that exude leadership finesse and inspire long-lasting transformations. Imagine an orchestra, where powerful leaders harmonize seamlessly within organizations, sculpting sales and service practices that withstand the test of time. Our journey, which commenced in 2015, remains a collaborative evolution, fuelling inspiration through shared accomplishments.

Moreover, Kabir Learning Foundation is an entity at the crossroads of corporate might and social endeavour. This convergence sparks captivating reactions. Passionate social enterprises and resource rich corporations blend, creating a chemical reaction of vibrant learning. Kabir composes these intersections, resulting in transformative insights that transcend coaching. It delves into the emotional undercurrents of organizational development, capturing the essence of growth. Groval Euler’s shapes the visible, Groval Selectia crafts the inner, and Kabir Learning nurtures from the roots, making the journey holistic and enriching.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Our expansion strategy maintains strict control, focusing on quality over quantity. Our approach revolves around a symbiotic network of specialized associates who excel in diverse domains. We're committed to infusing valuable expertise across industries building materials, mining, technology, and healthcare, ensuring profound subject matter proficiency in our consulting. Rather than generic solutions, our aim is deeply specialized and impactful consultancy. Our expansion remains deliberate, as we meticulously assess candidates for their values and qualities. Our mindset blends Indian and European sensibilities, seeking to emulate American ambitions while upholding simplicity and efficiency. This fusion defines our culture and propels the organization forward.

Dinkar Rao, Managing Director, Groval Euler's Consulting
Dinkar Rao, an M.Tech graduate from IIT Dhanbad, boasts an impressive career journey. He has contributed his expertise to esteemed entities like Mercuri International Group and Better Future. As a visionary entrepreneur, he founded Kabir Learning Foundation, Groval Euler's Consulting, and Groval Selectia, leaving an indelible mark on the realms of organizational development and leadership.

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