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Dr. Alekya Singapore:  A Reigning Leader Of Dermatologic & Cosmetic Segment

Dr. Alekya Singapore: A Reigning Leader Of Dermatologic & Cosmetic Segment

 Dr. Alekya Singapore,    Founder & Dermatologist

Dr. Alekya Singapore

Founder & Dermatologist

With more people becoming beauty-conscious these days, the demand for prolific dermatologic and cosmetic treatments is rising exponentially. But for Dr. Alekya Singapore, to beautify a person is to treat a person beyond his/her skin and hair, gradually upheaving his/her confidence and self-belief. Well aware of the costly affairs of the dermatology segment, Dr. Alekya quit her high-paying full time job to make premium cosmetic treatments available to the general public at affordable rates and laid the foundation of The Skin Sense. Under the exemplary guidance of Dr. Alekya, The Skin Sense has emerged as a premium modern podium imparting a holistic approach to any medical or cosmetic dermatological problem the patients have. Dr. Alekya Singapore believes not just in treating the condition of the patients, but also in educating them about the causes and long-term maintenance, which has assisted her in winning the confidence of all her patients. As a successful doctor and woman entrepreneur who has been able to establish herself as a reigning leader of her segment despite facing countless hurdles, Dr. Alekya Singapore draws her inspiration from her mother, who solitarily raised Dr. Alekya and her siblings after the death of their father.

Below is an excerpt of Dr.Alekya Singapore's insightful interaction with Women Entrepreneur magazine.

What inspired you to establish The Skin Sense?
During my practice, when I was working for the government and the private sectors, I came across many people who had very less self-esteem and confidence. Not only just women, but men are also becoming concerned about their looks, and that's what makes the cosmetology segment a niche domain at present. After envisaging a lot of drawbacks existing within the dermatology and cosmetology segment at that time, I was eager to initiate a noble platform that will incorporate beauty within my
patients by working on their psychological and emotional aspects rather than just going for advanced and costly treatments right away.

My notion was to reach out even to the common public, and not just to someone who can easily afford the cosmetic treatments

I've seen many of my friends and cousins being judged based on their looks, which hampered their self-confidence, and this is true not only just for women, but men as well. I wanted to make a person feel confident in their own skin and hair. So, just to ensure that I am directly available for the people who need to work on their appearance to ultimately boost their psychological, emotional, and mental well being, I have laid the foundation for The Skin Sense.

What makes The Skin Sense stand apart from other competitors in the market? What is its USP?
The Skin Sense focuses on being available to every patient who needs skin and hair care, not just as a cosmetic healthcare organization, but also as a clinical advisor. The main difference between other clinics and mine is that when I started this clinic, my notion was to reach-out even to the common public, and not just to someone who can easily afford the cosmetic treatments. The skincare segment has always been known as a highly expensive domain, where the common public cannot afford the regular treatments, let alone the crucial surgeries.

I intend to change this perspective of the dermatology segment by offering holistic treatments at affordable rates, that includes studying the overall symptoms and history of the patients to carry forward the treatment, rather than going ahead directly with the skincare procedures or surgeries. We also have a wing that will support the common public with free camps, at least twice a month, through which they will be able to get the medical treatments they want in the other departments as well. We are also planning to join some other institutions as well, wherein they will be training the doctors under the name of The Skin Sense for doing free service to the public in the future, once we come up with more branches in India.
In your opinion,what are some of the most significant milestones that you have achieved throughout your professional journey?
There are a couple of milestones. The first thing was to see myself upsurging as a pioneering leader across the dermatology segment. I am proud of being invited as a speaker to the World Congress of Dermatology and I was the only Indian at that conference which was attended by dermatologists all over the world. From there onwards, due to my contribution to the dermatology segment and my dedication to serving during the COVID, I have been bestowed with Vidya Ratna Award, Women's Excellency Award, and so on. As a single woman who has paved her path, I am proud of being able to walk this journey alone as a successful entrepreneur in this male-dominated world, with no support from the family or from anywhere else. My achievements not only motivated me to do better but also gave me good encouragement that I didn't get from anybody so far till then. So, this has been the driving force behind me that ascertains me that even if I'm doing this alone, I'm still doing good.

What would your advice be to young women and girls who also aspire to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?
My message to aspiring medical professionals who want to take dermatology is that, it's not as easy and fancy as it looks. You need to put-in your efforts and hard work, mean while keeping the competition in mind. Keep moving forward and updating yourself with innovations and let the subject love you back. Working as a single woman, I can deduce that it is very difficult for women in this male dominant society to thrive as an entrepreneur. But without losing hope, increase your effort, and stay focused on.

Dr. Alekya Singapore, Founder & Dermatologist, The Skin Sense
Emerging as one of the phenomenal dermatologist and cosmetologist of India, Dr. Alekya has completed her MBBS and post-graduation from Hyderabad. She has got exclusionary training in cosmetic dermatology and trichology in India and abroad. Dr. Alekya has interacted with numerous patients as well as healthcare professionals via talk sessions, through which her notion is to get in touch with the new innovations that are happening in the skin industry and spread awareness to common people to reach out to a dermatologist at the earliest before taking any hasty steps.

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