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Dr. Deepak Sharan: Renowned Leader In Orthopaedic Care & Occupational Health

Dr. Deepak Sharan: Renowned Leader In Orthopaedic Care & Occupational Health

Dr. Deepak Sharan,  CEO

Dr. Deepak Sharan


The role of a CEO in a healthcare firm is multifaceted, encompassing strategic leadership, decision-making, and overall management of the organization's operations and goals. They set the direction, ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare services, fostering innovation, maintaining regulatory compliance, and driving financial growth. Dr. Deepak Sharan, the CEO of Recoup Health, is an eminent figure in the healthcare industry, particularly in Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic Rheumatology, Pain, Musculo skeletal, Regenerative, Functional, and Lifestyle Medicine. With a wealth of experience and expertise, Dr. Sharan has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare and occupational health. His extensive credentials speak volumes about his dedication and influence in the industry. Dr. Sharan's global impact is evident through his prolific publication record and numerous conference presentations, totaling over 600 internationally recognized works. His influence extends beyond patient care, as he serves as an Ergonomics and Occupational Health Consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, sharing his insights and training expertise in various methodologies such as Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation, ERGO check Risk Mapping, TACOs Tool, OCRA methods, and Push-Pull-Carry.

As the CEO of Recoup Health, Dr. Deepak Sharan shares more about his journey in this one on one interaction. Let’s hear more from him.

Can you provide a summary of your professional journey and what motivated you to pursue a career in the healthcare industry?
My drive to establish a career in healthcare springs from a firm dedication to comprehending and treating the underlying causes of illnesses. As an Orthopedic Surgeon, Ergonomist, Rehabilitation, Lifestyle, and Functional Medicine Physician, my experience of over 35years in research and clinical practice has centered on tackling the root causes of ailments rather than merely addressing their symptoms. This philosophy has guided me in crafting tailored, long-term treatment strategies that collaborate harmoniously with a patient's own efforts.

My path has been shaped not only by my surgical endeavors but also
by my roles as a clinician, researcher, and influential figure in musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain on a global scale. Holding positions such as the current Chairperson for the Scientific Committee on Musculo skeletal Disorders at the International Commission on Occupational Health and the President of the International Myopain Society has reinforced my commitment to advancing global health. Through collaborations with esteemed organizations like the ILO and WHO, I've been fortunate to impact worldwide scientific research and education. This intersection of direct patient care and the ability to contribute to healthcare on a broader scale has been a driving force in my career.

With a wealth of experience & expertise, Dr. Sharan has made significant contri- butions to the field of healthcare & occu-pational health

My aspiration is to continue pioneering inventive treatments and educational initiatives that not only heal individuals but also empower communities and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Define Recoup Healthcare's position in the healthcare market.
Recoup Health embodies a holistic approach to healthcare, emphasizing comprehensive, integrated care. Our focus extends beyond immediate symptoms, addressing the root causes of diseases. Led by physicians, our systems approach aims for disease cure and longterm patient care, serving as enduring partners in health journeys. RECOUP HEALTH represents our commitment to Regenerative & Functional Medicine, Ergonomics & Occupational Health, Chronic Disease Care, Rehabilitation, Wellness Optimization & Longevity, Personalized, Predictive, Precision & Preventive Medicine, and holistic, evidence-based, and technology-driven practices.

As the CEO, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies?
Our strategy integrates key elements not solely for expansion but also to elevate the quality of our healthcare services while prioritizing patient wellbeing. Continuous innovation and evidence-based research, drawing from 35+ years of inquiry, propel us at the forefront of medical advancements. Patient centric care focusing on root-cause treatments and personalized, predictive, precise, and preventive care ensures relevance and value. Collaborating with global health organizations amplifies our impact and fosters international growth. Investing in clinician education
maintains our competitiveness in the evolving healthcare landscape. Sustain-ability guides balanced growth aligned with our philosophy, ensuring long term healthcare impact. Upholding top-notch medical standards and international compliance solidifies our standing as a trusted healthcare provider.

What technological innovations drive our advanced patient treatments?
We provide personalized care through Digital Therapeutics, offering teleconsultation, tele-rehabilitation, and virtual/ augmented reality for neuro musculoskeletal and psychological recovery. Our approach includes eye tracking, motion analysis, medical infrared thermography, and tailored exercises and relaxation techniques. Utilizing wearables like neuro feedback for sleep improvement and stress reduction, Heart Rate Variability, posture trackers, somatic feedback monitoring, and Surface EMG Biofeedback, we ensure comprehensive patient support. Our developed App enables virtual ergonomic workplace analysis, complementing the RECOUP Entire Person Health Score an inclusive self-assessment tool. Additionally, we explore the Digital Twin concept for managing chronic diseases, marking a leap in our technological advancements for patient care.

What direction do you envision for the future?
Our aspiration is to pioneer holistic health and wellness, driven by our meticulously structured four-stage RECOUP Protocol. We're dedicated to transcending conventional health management by offering a proactive, personalized approach to care. Our trajectory involves shifting healthcare from reactive to proactive, empowering patients to proactively oversee their well-being through our tailored four stage RECOUP Protocol for chronic diseases. Services will be individually tailored, ensuring a unique health journey for each person. Our goal is to cultivate a healthcare culture that embraces innovation and prioritizes illness prevention through cutting-edge research and technology. Committed to setting a benchmark for optimal health, we evolve in tandem with healthcare and patient needs. Our mission is to not only help patients thrive but to flourish, attaining peak levels of health and well-being.

Dr. Deepak Sharan, CEO, Recoup Health
Dr. Deepak Sharan, CEO of Recoup Health, is a renowned consultant in Orthopaedic Surgery, Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine, and more. He's an international expert in Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSD) and has treated over a million patients globally. Dr. Sharan's extensive contributions include founding ergonomic schools and serving in leadership roles in esteemed healthcare organizations, alongside training Fortune 500 companies in occupational health methodologies.

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