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Dr. Diva Kant Misra: Charting New Horizons In Ophthalmology Field

Dr. Diva Kant Misra: Charting New Horizons In Ophthalmology Field

Dr. Diva Kant Misra,  Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Diva Kant Misra

Founder & Medical Director

In the realm of ophthalmology, where expertise and innovation converge, one distinguished figure stands out with remarkable contributions and achievements. Dr. Diva Kant Misra. Dr. Diva Kant Misra (MBBS, DO, DNB, MNAMS, FVRS) is the Director of Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital and Head of Retina Services at Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital, Lucknow. His expertise is fortified by his extensive training in retina from esteemed institutions such as Sri Sankaradeva Nethralaya in Guwahati and the distinguished Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University in San Francisco, USA. With over 10,000 successful retinal surgeries under his belt, Dr. Diva Kant Misra is an experienced and proficient retinal surgeon with a wealth of experience in handling intricate retinal disorders. Furthermore, he is also the Vice President of the Young Ophthalmologists Society of India.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Diva Kant Misra, Founder & Medical Director of Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital shares insights about his professional journey.

What inspired you to start Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital?
The hospital was established in 2022 with my father Dr. Nisha Kant Misra & colleague Dr. Peeyush Misra. The inspiration behind establishing Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital comes from my family's legacy in medicine. My grandfather was a distinguished physician, my father is a renowned ophthalmologist, and my uncle has established himself as a prominent figure in neurology. With such a rich family tradition, a fervent passion for medicine courses through my veins. Originally planning to join my father's practice, I realized that my specialized work needed a dedicated platform. Along side my colleagues, we created this hospital to introduce new technologies and advanced care to the city. Our focus is on super specialized treatments aligned with global standards, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and procedures.

Could you share your leadership approach? How do you educate your staff to provide personalized care to patients throughout their journeys?
I believe in leading by example, setting the standard for my team. I start by modeling the behavior I want to see in others. For example, I
always treat patients with respect and politeness, even when I'm busy. I also make sure to take the time to understand each patient's individual needs and concerns. My team members follow my lead and also treat patients with respect and compassion.

We are committed to providing excellent patient care, & we believe that our commitment to quality & affordability sets us apart from other healthcare providers

We are committed to providing excellent patient care, and we believe that our commitment to quality and affordability sets us apart from other healthcare providers. We are always looking for ways to improve, and we welcome feedback from our patients.

How does your hospital leverage health information technologies for decision making, and what are the latest tools you've deployed?
Our hospital boasts of advanced equipment for retina and cataract surgeries, such as the Alcon Vitrectomy system and Zeiss microscope & viewing systems. We recently acquired the Zeiss IOL Master 700, a top-tier cataract planning machine. Additionally, we employ portable fundus cameras and glaucoma equipment for rural outreach. These tools allow us to reach patients who lack access to advanced facilities. We also empower local physicians with diagnostic equipment, addressing issues like diabetic retinopathy and retinopathy of prematurity.

What do you believe are the major challenges hindering people from making healthy lifestyle choices, and how can these be addressed?
A prevalent challenge is the sedentary lifestyle, particularly among IT professionals with desk jobs. Poor dietary choices and limited access to quality food are other obstacles. Additionally, many lack awareness of the consequences of unhealthy choices. For instance, diabetes-related eye conditions result from poor lifestyle choices. Regular consultations with healthcare professionals and raising awareness about diseases like diabetic retinopathy can lead to positive changes.

Could you outline the significant milestones of your journey and the success principles guiding you?
In my journey, I've been fortunate to receive over 20 international awards, recognizing my contributions to ophthalmology. Notably, I have been named among the Best Ophthalmologists by Three Best Rated for both 2022 and 2023.
My impact has also been recognized on a global scale as one of the Top 50 Global Key Opinion Leaders by PIE Magazine for the years 2023 and 2023. Additionally, I have been included among the Top 20 Asia Pacific Rising Stars of ophthalmology by the esteemed Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology (APAO) in 2023. I have received the prestigious achievement award by APAO for the year 2019. I have been named as the international Ophthalmic Hero of India by the All India Ophthalmological Society for the years 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2023.

I'm also the vice president of the Young Ophthalmologist Society of India, collaborating globally to support young eye surgeons. My principles of achievement encompass the acquisition of a comprehensive and internationally-oriented skill set, the commitment to ongoing learning, and the demonstration of profound empathy towards my patients.

The priceless guidance imparted by my parents, Dr.Nisha Kant Misra and Rachana Misra, coupled with the unwavering support from my wife, Dr. Neharika Neeraj, the encouragement extended by my sister, Ruchita Misra, and the boundless love of my child, Shaurya, have collectively served as pivotal cornerstones in molding and enhancing my journey.

What are the future plans for your hospital and your personal goals in the next five years?
Over the next five years, we aim to expand our hospital's services within Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh, and potentially to other states. We want to broaden our service offerings while maintaining our commitment to cutting-edge technology and affordable, world class care. Personally, I intend to continue expanding my knowledge and skill set, collaborating with global experts, and contributing to the advancement of ophthalmology.

As a leader in the healthcare sector, what advice would you give to emerging leaders?
I'd recommend focusing on acquiring a robust, international skillset and dedicating time to learning. It's crucial to show dedication to your field and compassion toward patients. These qualities, combined with leading by example and maintaining high standards, will guide you to become a successful leader in your chosen field.

Dr. Diva Kant Misra, Founder & Medical Director, Swarnjyoti Eye Hospital
Dr.Misra is board-certified in ophthalmology & has over 12 years of experience. He is a specialist in retinal surgery & has performed over 10,000 successful retinal surgeries. Dr. Misra is the recipient of over 20 reputed international awards.

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