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Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala: Shaping The Academic Landscape & Inspiring Future Generations

Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala: Shaping The Academic Landscape & Inspiring Future Generations

  Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala,    Academic Director & Principal

Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala

Academic Director & Principal

Formidable Indian leaders in academics have made remarkable contributions to their respective fields, influencing the educational landscape both in India and globally. These leaders have not only demonstrated exceptional expertise but have also exhibited innovative thinking that has pushed the boundaries of knowledge. Their teaching, research, and scholarship have had a long-lasting influence on their fields, resulting in advances ranging from the social sciences and humanities to science and technology.

Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala stands out as an influential figure in academia, boasting a rich 22-year teaching career, including prominent roles in both Indian and international institutions. Currently serving as the Academic Director and the Principal at BGS International Academia School, his unwavering intrinsic motivation drives his daily mission to enhance the educational landscape in India.

"We don't just prepare students for jobs at BGS International Academia; we prepare them for life

With a rich and illustrious teaching experience, Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala helped students to develop the skills and competencies required to be successful in life. His current role as the Principal and Academic Director at BGS International Academia School signifies his dedication to the cause of improving the educational landscape in India. Not only does Dr. Sunnambala have a wealth of experience, but his passion drives him to accomplish his daily goals. His unceasing efforts demonstrate his dedication in improving the approach of teaching and learning process. Not only does he provide inspiration to his students, but also to his colleagues and the education community as a whole. His leadership and vision are crucial in determining how the educational system will develop in the future since he constantly looks for new and creative ways to make a positive impact. In addition to helping the current generation, his work provides a strong basis for upcoming developments in a number of academic fields.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Dr. Madhusoodana Sunnambala offers valuable insights into his professional journey and provides an in-depth look at BGS International Academia School.

Give a brief account of your professional background and experiences. What is the motivation that fuels your daily routines?
I hold a postgraduate degree in Psychology and boast 22 years of teaching experience in India and abroad. Currently, I serve as
Academic Director and the Principal at BGS International Academia School.

I prioritize intrinsic motivation over ostentatious displays. In the realm of teaching the international curriculum, my driving force is the purpose that I have in life, I hold that in my heart to better the lives of my students. This purpose serves as an unwavering source of motivation, inspiring me to innovate daily. I understand that our work in education has a profound impact on human lives, and I treat each day as an opportunity for renewal, fresh thoughts, and interactions with students brimming with new ideas and perspectives.

Their teaching, research, & scholarship have had a long-lasting influence on their fields, resulting in advances ranging from the social sciences & humanities to science & technology

I am committed to nurturing and valuing the unique thoughts and ideas that each student brings. It is this commitment that fuels my motivation to introduce novelty into my teaching. Every morning, I approach the day with a question: 'What can I do today to make a positive difference in the lives of the students?' This question serves as a guiding light, motivating me to explore new ways to unlock the potential within my students and to provide them with a clear path to success.

My primary driving force is, at its core, the desire to assist students in reaching their greatest potential. My daily routine is structured around this goal, as I am committed to helping my students reach their full potential. This is a deeply held belief of mine that influences how I approach learning and motivates me to perform to the best of my abilities every day.

Define BGS International Academia School as an organization. What makes the institution unique from the other competitors in the sector?
BGS International Academia is an International K-12 educational institution that offers Cambridge and IB curricula. Our distinct approach prioritizes skill based teaching in order to provide students with skills and critical competencies. Our educators are subject matter experts who foster skills as well as academic understanding. We embrace the uncertainty of the future by equipping students with life skills in a rapidly evolving world influenced by artificial intelligence. We technically educate each child beyond just subjects. Our curriculum incorporates ethics, morality, and integrity, demonstrating our dedication to values based education. We nurture global citizens who value different cultures and traditions, and we celebrate every festival and function. We don't just prepare students for jobs at BGS International Academia we prepare them for life.

What drives the adoption of the latest technologies in your institutions?
We embrace dynamic technology trends in education, recognizing their importance in the lives of our students. Our students begin coding at a young age not just to create apps or design websites, but to stimulate neuro plasticity and improve neural connectivity. Cutting-edge technology is woven throughout our curriculum; laptops and internet access are available for research purposes. By offering cutting-edge laboratories, interactive panels, and smart boards, we hope to cultivate students who are tech-savvy. The main impetus for this is the recognition that our students' future is heavily reliant on technological proficiency. We facilitate global interactions and idea sharing to keep our students informed and connected in an ever-changing technological landscape.

Apart from academics, tell us about the various extra-curricular facilities and infrastructure that students can avail at your school.
A side from our academic focus, we provide a wide range of activities and top-tier facilities. They are not considered extracurricular at our institution; they are an integral part of our curriculum. For instance, we offer horse riding as a tool for self-control, reflecting a long history of training minds through equestrian skills. Swimming, on the other hand, provides a unique opportunity for introspection and reflection of oneself, allowing people to truly experience themselves. Our campus spans almost 100 acres and offers verdant, pollution-free areas for exploration. There's a large cricket stadium, a basketball and soccer court, a golf course, and indoor games. It is recommended that students incorporate a minimum of two of these activities into their curriculum to ensure that their education is comprehensively well-rounded.

Tell us about your leadership approach, and the guidelines or methodologies you follow to lead your team.
My leadership style is servant leadership with a focus on leading by example. It is about guiding rather than dictating. I establish a clear vision for the team and encourage every one to establish personal goals, whether short-term or long-term. I believe in instilling purpose, be it in my life's mission to empower students or in my team's individual goals. Servant leadership is the core of my philosophy, intending to align our collective vision and foster a collaborative environment in which we can all work together to achieve our shared goals.

As a leader, what would be your advice to the educationists who are starting anew in this domain?
My advice to fellow educators starting out on this journey is to look for people who have a genuine sense of purpose and passion. Passion is often used loosely, but it must be defined precisely. Encourage them to connect their passions to their life's purpose or vision. Education is about more than just following the curriculum; it's about molding the next generation. Seek out individuals who possess a clear sense of purpose or help them develop one. Lead with a vision, not just for financial gain. Making a meaningful impact requires connecting one's purpose to the educational domain in which they work.

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