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Dr. Michael George Paschal & Zahir Hawa: Navigating The Seas Of Innovation & Leadership

Dr. Michael George Paschal & Zahir Hawa: Navigating The Seas Of Innovation & Leadership

 Zahir Hawa, Director,  Michael George Paschal, CEO

Zahir Hawa, Director

Michael George Paschal, CEO

In the dynamic world of business, visionary leaders often emerge with diverse backgrounds and experiences, bringing a unique blend of expertise to their organizations. Dr. Michael George Paschal and Zahir Hawa, the CEO and Director of FluidelineExacta International respectively, are two such leaders who have made significant contributions to their company's growth and success.

Dr. Michael George Paschal and Zahir Hawa, as leaders, have made substantial contributions to Fluideline-Exacta International's success and expansion. Their varied backgrounds, steadfast dedication, and enthusiasm for their roles have driven the company to greater achievements. As they guide the organization toward a future focused on innovation and sustainability, their leadership is poised to inspire and foster continued excellence within the company.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Michael George Paschal and Zahir Hawa’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights ASIA magazine.

From your rich professional experience, what are some of the best industry practices you have instilled in Fluideline-Exacta International’s team to foster a culture of innovation?
Dr. Michael - I have instilled a strong focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, I've prioritized learning and development to foster a culture of continuous improvement within Fluideline-Exacta International's team.

How would you define Fluideline-Exacta International as an organization and its position in the market?
Zahir - In 2012, Fluideline-Exacta International was established to address a specialized need in Oil and Gas Fluid testing equipment within the Upstream sector.Today, among the five manufacturers in the G.C.C. market, we proudly command a market share exceeding 50 percent for this product and system. Moreover, we have pioneered the development and integration of skid
test manifolds, a unique offering not provided by our competitors.

What are the potential skills you look for in fresh candidates today?
Dr. Michael - When considering fresh candidates, I prioritize their desire for knowledge, hunger for learning, and unquenchable thirst for acquiring new skills.

We have pioneered the development & integration of skid test manifolds, a unique offering not provided by our competitors

Give a brief account of your flagship offerings and what are the value additions that customers can expect from your offerings.
Zahir - Our flagship product, the Multi-Port Production and Testing Manifold skids, represents a 30-year legacy of manufacturing excellence, featuring ON-off/ shut-off valves. In terms of value, we've transitioned to producing complete skids instead of just offering valves and services. Additionally, we've expanded our business with two new divisions: one specializing in cladding services, addressing a niche market in India with a focus on quality, and another division dedicated to hydrogen implementation, which we believe will be a significant driver of our business beyond 2027.

What is your perception of the competition in the oil and gas industry? How do you ensure Fluideline-Exacta International remains on a competitive level in the industry consistently?
Dr. Michael - I perceive the competition in the oil and gas industry to be intensifying over the next five years, driven by factors such as new technology, pricing dynamics, and heightened client expectations regarding satisfaction. To maintain our competitive edge, Fluideline-Exacta International is proactively embracing the latest technological advancements in our operations and remains open to client feedback, enabling us to carve out a niche market position while consistently meeting evolving industry demands.

How do you guide the team to follow sustainable practices to uphold the company’s contribution towards safe and efficient distribution of hydrogen, while supporting customers’ decarbonization efforts?
Zahir - In addition to pursuing ISO certifications to enhance our plant's sustainability, we are making investments in the Hydrogen implementation sector and conducting sustainable and
profitable research and development for carbon capture technologies.

Going forward, what is your anticipation about the market, with respect to the developments the latest technologies could bring within the industry?
Dr. Michael & Zahir - Setting performance standards is vital in ensuring that our company maintains excellence in every aspect of its operations. We are also committed to obtaining global certifications, which demonstrate our dedication to quality and compliance with international standards. Furthermore, we prioritize investing in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to stay at the forefront of innovation and efficiency.

Dr. Michael George Paschal, CEO, Fluidline-Exacta International

Dr. Michael George Paschal is a seasoned leader with a background in engineering, international operations, and business development. His career includes roles at Tata Davy, Tyco Valves & Controls, Friulco Spa, and Clorius Controls A/S, culminating in his current role as CEO of Fluideline-Exacta International.

Looking ahead to 2030, we anticipate a shift from an Oil and Gas investment landscape to one centred on green energy and sustainable technologies. While Oil and Gas will continue to play a significant role in energy provision, we acknowledge that its growth will slow down considerably. In response, we have ventured into the hydrogen implementation sector and proudly hold the distinction of being India's first service provider to establish a fuel station as the primary mechanical contractor. This strategic move aligns with our vision of embracing sustainable energy solutions for the future.

Zahir Hawa, Director, Fluidline-Exacta International
Zahir Hawa boasts a comprehensive academic foundation in finance, earning a Bachelor's in Commerce and a fellowship in ICWA. Over three decades, he has diversified his expertise, encompassing machine operations, AutoCAD, quality systems, and ISO 9000 certification. Zahir's unwavering passion for continuous learning drives his entrepreneurial spirit.

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