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Dr. Rishabh Jain: Epitome Of Diligence With Outstanding Leadership In ENT Treatment

Dr. Rishabh Jain: Epitome Of Diligence With Outstanding Leadership In ENT Treatment

 Dr. Rishabh Jain, Managing Director & Senior Consultant

Dr. Rishabh Jain

Managing Director & Senior Consultant

Almost everyone has had a stuffy nose, clogged ears, or sore throat. Half of the patients going to primary care offices have some sort of ENT issues and these issues are likely to be very common between adults and children. There are a large number of diseases connected with these areas and hence early diagnosis and proper management are necessary to ensure adequate growth and development. Assisting in this area, Siddham ENT Hospital, a comprehensive healthcare platform fulfills all health needs associated with ENT along with head and neck cancer treated with world class service under a single roof.

SIDDHAM ENT HOSPITAL is working under the able leadership of Dr Rishabh Jain who is the Managing Director and Senior Consultant of the Siddham Ent Hospital. Dr. Rishabh acquired his MBBS at the Sawai Man Singh Medical College, Jaipur in the year 1997 and went on to do his post-graduation from the prestigious Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Chandigarh (PGIMER). Dr Rishabh has a strong bent towards Otology and Rhinology which is his sub-specialty of choice, but he has also developed clinical and surgical skills in sub-specialties like advanced endoscopic skull base surgery, voice surgery and laryngotracheal surgeries. His special interests include Implantation Otology, Middle Ear Surgery, and Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Dr Rishabh has also developed his core competency in Endoscopic skull base Surgery, he has operated youngest child for Endoscopic Mastoid Surgery and recently Dr Rishabh has operated youngest girl for Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Dreaded Fungal infection. Dr.Rishabh is the life member of Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI) & Executive Member of Rajasthan Chapter, Member of ISSA & IOAHNS and is also a life member of the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

We engaged in an exclusive interaction with this amazing leader to explore his latest endeavors on his responsibilities in enhancing the ENT Services and maintaining and improving health care sector according to the prevailing dynamics and challenges in the segment. Let’s hear from Rishabh Jain, Co-Founder of Siddham ENT

Share your opinion on Siddham ENT Hospital vision towards healthcare
The most trusted ENT care service provider, Siddham ENT Hospital is one of the leading and well-known ENT hospitals in Jaipur which is known for its advanced ENT treatment. SIDDHAM ENT HOSPITAL With almost 15 years’ experience (in specialist care and treatments), we are one of Rajasthan’s largest private ENT hospitals located in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur. Our core services are the treatment of ailments of Ear, Nose and Throat. We offer the best surgical results in the diseases of Ear, Nose and Throat. Be it surgery for deafness, ear discharge, nose and sinus problems, disorders of the voice or head and neck cancer, the SIDDHAM ENT HOSPITAL results are unparalleled. At SIDDHAM ENT HOSPITAL we have develop and adopted 1. Patient Centric approach, 2. We possess Highly Skilled and Experience Team of Doctors, 3. We at Siddham ENT Hospital working in the direction of R & D to bring Tangible Medical Research which can be beneficial for our patient.

Whether me or other doctors we are patient centric, we try to find the root cause of the disease

As far as the treatments are concerned, how is Siddham ENT positioned to address customer requirements?
Healthcare today is all about efficiency and better patient experience. This health care centre understands the root cause of pain very well. It tries to bring relief with the availability of high ended and advanced ENT equipment and its unique treatment system such as a navigation system, highended microscope, NUL monitor system, high ended Endoscopic system also they have a system where cancer can be detected in its early stage through conducting cancer detection programs which is one of its unique features. Whether me or other doctors, we are patient centric, we try to find the root cause of the disease and to treat that root cause mainly but if we see in other place other places it takes lots of effort and diagnosis to find the root cause of disease this approach we do it.

Please tell me a little about overall journey of Siddham ENT since its inception and can you please explain the professional milestone achieved.
Since its inception in 2011, Siddham ENT Hospital started working on the concept of providing quality treatment. For one decade, Jaipur has been serving E.N.T Patients from all parts of country and from that period we have been a part of this rapid development.
With the aim to ensure the offerings are beneficial to the patients, this healthcare platform offers various holistic ENT services such as Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery, Conservative Laryngectomies, Thyroplasty, Speech Therapy, and many more treatments. In 2010, the hospital outsourced to another hospital building. That time also our main goal was to provide high-standard treatment since Jaipur has not many single ENT hospitals and that time and in multi-speciality hospitals usually they don’t focus more for ENT, for them, it is just assisting branch.

There have been lot of improvement in healthcare sector in India like we can see emergence of lot of medical equipment and machinery. How well Siddham ENT is all equipped with?
The hospital is well-known for its cutting-edge infrastructure, world class facilities, and amenities with 7 floors, 5 ICU beds, and 35 beds dedicated to ENT. In 2011 Siddham ENT hospital managed to do the first endoscopic complicated ear surgery in north India which was well covered in the newspaper at that time and also did the endoscopic surgery on the youngest child for extensive fungal disease in the nose.

Can you tell little about team of doctors and medical practitioners who are working for Siddham ENT and their experience and expertise in their respective field.
We have a team of five ENT doctors myself Rishabh Jain Founder of Siddham ENT Hospital. My main field of interest is Endoscopic Surgery, then we have Dr Pankaj who has 10 years of experience and mainly focus on cancer surgery. Dr Mohit who is on endoscopic sinus surgery and we have Shalu Gupta and Divya, there field of interest is in otology.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
As the hospital continues to grow and gain recognition, the company’s vision is to incorporate upgraded equipment, and machines, and with advanced technologies, the hospital is working to make it a paperless centre. In the coming 5 years we are planning to launch at least 5 more branches dedicated to otology and sinus surgery. We are on our way to an exciting journey for advancing quality in health care services and be a part of nation building.

Dr.Rishabh Jain, Managing Director and Senior Consultant, Siddham ENT Hospital
Rishabh Jain is a renowned ENT & Head Neck surgeon got his training from PGI Chandigarh. He has mastered in Endoscopic Ear surgery Sinus surgery , & sleep surgery with special interest in coblation Adenotonsilectomy.

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