Dr. Sankar Nath Jha: A Frontrunner In The Diabetes Industry Aiming To Make A World Of Difference | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Sankar Nath Jha: A Frontrunner In The Diabetes Industry Aiming To Make A World Of Difference

Dr. Sankar Nath Jha: A Frontrunner In The Diabetes Industry Aiming To Make A World Of Difference

Dr. Sankar Nath Jha,   Diabetologist

Dr. Sankar Nath Jha


India has the highest diabetes incidence of any country, and the situation is much direr in cities than in rural regions, where the illness affects almost twice as many people of all income levels. In India, the prevalence of diabetes, which is mostly a result of poor lifestyle choices, has risen significantly across all age categories, and it now exceeds 10% even among the younger population. Because of this, Dr. Sankar Nath Jha, one of the nation's top diabetologists, acknowledges that raising awareness of the disease among today's youth is crucial. Dr. Sankar has been helping diabetic patients for a long time, and he is an expert in identifying and treating disorders that originate in the body's hormones, hormonal glands, and associated tissues.Below is an excerpt of Dr. Sankar’s exclusive interaction with CEO Insights magazine.

What inspired you to choose diabetes as your specialty?
After finishing medical school, I worked as a cardiologist, and later on, I worked at Bellevue and Oatlands hospitals before opening my clinic. As a result of my clinical experience, I've determined that the number of people with diabetes is on the rise and that India will soon be the world's diabetes capital. This issue is probably a result of the fact that more and more of us are adopting a western diet and working style. And this is how I found myself thinking about the link between diabetes and the endocrine system and its effect on body weight. Due to a lack of awareness campaigns, medical knowledge, and financial means, many Indians have diabetes but don't realize it. That's why we're seeing a rise in issues like cardiovascular disease, renal failure, diabetes, and nerve damage among other micro- and macro-vascular consequences. For this reason, I set up my clinic in the suburb of Hoogly, Kolkata. Other than that, I am a public health expert for the government of West Bengal.
How has your response to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic been? How would you describe your role in tackling those challenges?
The COVID epidemic has been so unusual that no one has ever suspected anything in the past hundred years. The whole world had come to a halt, and people were forced to remain inside; under these conditions, the greatest health problems were lack of exercise, increased food intake, and rising anxiety. Problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure were therefore becoming worse. Anxiety, a lack of exercise, and the addictions individuals acquire are just a few of the many risk factors for diabetes and high blood pressure. During the global crisis, people were unable to exercise, and everyone, even those in Southeast Asian nations, were forced to stay inside for a period of six to nine months. There was a dramatic negative impact on our health as a result of this.

I used to provide virtual consultations during the pandemic phase, capitalizing on social media, created short videos to raise awareness and remained hopeful that a potent vaccine would eventually be developed to prevent the spread of the disease. Unfortunately, many individuals at the time were diabetic, and as you are all aware, having diabetes greatly increases your risk of developing the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). As a result, many of our friends, colleagues, and patients have died from this condition. Having learned our lesson from the experience of not being able to keep blood sugar levels under control, we are now making it our mission to communicate with individuals to alleviate their fears and motivate them to adopt a healthier way of life. Once again, we suggest that anxiety may be avoided via lifestyle changes including eating healthier, getting more exercise, and giving up harmful habits like drugs and alcohol.

In your professional journey so far, which are the milestones that bestowed you with utmost satisfaction - both as an individual and as a healthcare industry leader?
My father worked as a banker, and my family and I lived in a semi-urban suburb of Hoogly. We are a middle-class family of four siblings, and I've been through many of life's ups and downs. Throughout my education, I attended only government universities. Since I was the first in my family to go to medical school, I
knew I had to live up to the high standards my community had set for me.

I'm also a member of the Royal College of Physicians of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Additionally, I began my professional life working in smaller organizations and communities. Now I have my diabetic, thyroid, and hypertension clinic, which bears the term expert in the field. With God's grace, I've built a solid reputation within the society, and its members trust me to provide them with excellent healthcare.

Going forward, what are the changes in diabetics trends that you anticipate, and what are the opportunities that you foresee to serve people better as a physician?
Diabetes care, like the rest of the medical field, has evolved significantly in recent years. There are several accessible recommendations for the management of diabetes, and there are also many novel compounds that help us cure and avoid problems in our patients and beneficiaries. The American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes have developed a single platform and standards to ensure that diabetes is treated consistently around the globe. The study of diabetes in India is supported by a dedicated research society. We are already 100 years into the history of insulin treatment, and I have seen remarkable developments through the years.

I started my career working with a variety of smaller organizations and villages, and I now run my clinic for diabetes, thyroid disease, and hypertension

Dr. Sankar Nath Jha, Diabetologist, Sankar Diabetes, Thyroid & Hypertension Clinic
Dr. Sankar completed his MBBS and MD. PGDHSc(Diabetology) from NRS Medical College, Kolkata, as well as, a Master of Science in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism Residency Program from the University of South Wales. Dr. Sankar Nath Jha began his practice as a Physician, Endocrinologist, and Diabetologist at Kamala Ray Hospital in 2008, and he is also the Associate Professor at the Government College of West Bengal

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