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Dr. Sapan Shah: Dr. Shah's Superspeciality Eye Hospital Bringing Advanced Eye Care To The Mainstay

Dr. Sapan Shah: Dr. Shah's Superspeciality Eye Hospital Bringing Advanced Eye Care To The Mainstay

 Dr. Sapan Shah,    Director

Dr. Sapan Shah


A few decades ago, most cataract surgery operations in India particularly those targeting low-income or rural populations were done in makeshift operating rooms in villages. The technology was old, and the conditions were typically subpar, with little follow up. However, as India recognized that its growing number of blindness resulted from untreated cataracts, things began to change. Over the past several decades, India's eye care system has made tremendous strides. On the back of strong leadership, innovation, funding, and government support, eye care has improved, and more people have gained access. Besides, the Indian model for eye care has welcomed Multispecialty hospitals with open arms. However, this is not the case in Tier-II cities like Ahmedabad. Turning the tables around is Dr. Sapan Shah's Multispecialty Hospital called Dr. Shah's Superspecialty Eye Hospital.

A Chartered Accountant's son, Sapan Shah, fulfilled his father's unmet dream to become a Doctor. Dr. Sapan Shah is an MBBS, MS, FAEH inclined toward the surgical field. When given an option, Dr. Shah chose the ophthalmic branch due to its inclusivity in both surgical and terminal domains. More so, Sapan loved the refined work that is demanded of this field. Even during his days in the opthal branch, Dr. Sapan felt something missing. He yearned for more challenges as a surgeon, where he could contribute more to society. He thus went on to pursue oculoplasty and ocular
oncology. The two domains were under developed and not largely touched upon in Gujarat. There were very few specialists in the eye cancer and eye surgery domain in the state. This gave Dr. Sapan Shah further motivation to work in the healthcare sector in Gujarat. He was trained at the reputed Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, one of the country's best institutes for oculoplasty training.

The hospital is dedicated to providing a positive experience for the patients through thorough Professionalism, a positive attitude, and efficient teamwork

Dr. Sapan Shah, along with a few other Doctors of various specializations, runs an eye hospital called Dr. Shah's Super specialty Eye Hospital. Dr. Shah's is a tertiary eye care center catering to all subspecialties of eye care. All the doctors at the hospital have super specialization on top of an MS in Ophthalmology.

Each has done superspecialistion in a different subspeciality of the eyecare segment. Even in a Tier-II city like Ahmedabad, hospitals with super-specialty in the eye are a farfetched expectation. Dr. Shah's Hospital is one of the very few in the state with the equipment to treat/cure various eye ailments of different age groups.

Dr. Shah expresses the lack of awareness about the treatments amongst ophthalmologists in Tier-II cities. With multispecialty eye hospitals, eye diseases can be quite easily cured or treated. Therefore, the hospital management reached out to every ophthalmologist in the city to educate them about the benefits of a multispecialty hospital dedicated to eye ailments and also
inform them about the availability of such a hospital in Dr. Shah's. Dr. Shah's management also conducted Continuous Medical Examination for doctors, thereby helping the management to a great extent.

Dr. Shah's Superspeciality Eye Hospital is amongst the best eye hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with the most modern equipment and technology, housed in a spacious and centrally air-conditioned premise in the heart of the city.

The hospital also combines the expertise of its team, which includes specialist Best Eye Surgeons in Ahmedabad, who are highly experienced in their fields of Orbit Oculoplasty & Oncology (Dr. Sapan Shah), Retina Surgery (Dr. Aashka Shah), Glaucoma Surgery (Dr. Puja Sheth), Pediatric Ophthalmology (Dr. Ankit Shah), and Cornea Specialty (Dr. Sahil Shah). With combined experience, Dr. Shah offers treatments in artificial eye, eye transplant, eye cancer, retinal disorder, retinal injections, eye plastic surgery, laser surgery for removal of glasses, pediatric glasses, glaucoma surgery, and glaucoma laser.

Future Roadmap
Dr. Shah's Superspeciality Eye Hospital is on a mission to maximize the visual potential of every patient through quality treatment. The hospital is dedicated to providing a positive experience for the patients through thorough professionalism, a positive attitude, and efficient teamwork.

Dr. Shah has been providing super specialty services in Ophthalmology and is an honorary consultant at prestigious Shri C.H. Nagri Eye Hospital, L G hospital, Retina Foundation, Centre for Cornea, Tej Eye Hospital, Netralaya Superspecialty Eye Hospital, Santram Trust Hospital, Jyoti Hospital Visanagar and a plethora of various esteemed hospitals in Rajasthan.

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