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Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai: A Dynamic Leader Creating Value In Indian Healthcare Through Diagnostics

Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai: A Dynamic Leader Creating Value In Indian Healthcare Through Diagnostics

Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai,  Managing Director & Fetal Neuroimaging Consultant

Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai

Managing Director & Fetal Neuroimaging Consultant

According to Tech Sci Research reports, India diagnostic market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.53 percent and reach $28429 million by 2028, owing to an increasing disease burden in the upcoming years. Where several diagnostic firms are extensively contributing to the market’s growth, Infocus Diagnostics stands distinguished under the sheer leadership of Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai who is the Managing Director & Fetal Neuro imaging Expert at the firm.

Having done M.D. in Obstetrics& Gynecology from Baroda Medical College, she started her professional journey as a Fellow and then Lecturer in Gynec Oncology at Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, Ahmedabad. Thereafter, she worked as an Assistant Professor and then as a Fetal Medicine consultant in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Sheth V. S hospital, Ahmedabad for about a decade. Being born to a Radiologist father and married to a Radiologist husband, the passion for Fetal Imaging came naturally to her which back then was an upcoming field. After working for more than a decade in these fields, she consciously realized that prevention and early diagnosis is the key to better health, and that is where she could truly make a difference. Today besides being the Managing Director of Infocus Diagnostics, professionally she is also one of the pioneers of Fetal MRI in India with a special focus on Fetal Neuroimaging.

Below is an excerpt of Dr. Shetals exclusive interaction with CEO Insights.

Define Infocus Diagnostics as an organization and position in the healthcare field.
It was in 2007 that Dr.Tushar Desai, Chairman of Infocus Diagnostics who is also my husband, envisioned establishing the best (one stop)diagnostic center entailing the finest medical skills and the latest imaging modalities combined with compassionate patientcare and I was happy to support him as a Co-founder.

Established in 2008, Infocus
Diagnostics is Gujarats largest Integrated Diagnostic Centre with the latest technology, and avantgarde infrastructure, and the first centre in Gujarat to be NABH-MIS accredited for all imaging modalities. Today Infocus has expanded its wings to 6 more centres spanning across Ahmedabad and Gujarat, several Teleradiology centres, and Corporate Tie-ups, with an expanded team of expert Radiologists. At the core of each centre is the ideology of passion for the subject, dedication, and hard work to give the right diagnosis with the use of the best technologies in an ambience of comfort and care.

Infocus Diagnostics will focus on building upon process-driven systems, and a strong culture of safety to yield quality diagnostic outcomes

Tell us about the challenges you have encountered and how do you find those experiences beneficial in your journey so far? What is your success mantra?
From learning aspects of financial management, infrastructure management, and business management to being up-to-date in knowledge in our own professional field, we had to encounter several challenges. Dr. Tushar and I had our tasks divided, while one delved into the infrastructure & equipment acquisition, financial management, and project expansion, the other looked after the operations, logistics, inventory management, human resource, marketing, design and creativity. To start with our ethos and philosophy were non-corporate with a lean organizational structure and hierarchy unlike today, where every department has a different individual playing a different role. By doing this, we had an opportunity to understand each and every process in the business.

Commitment, Compassion, and Care with Ethics at the core have been the success mantra of our journey.

As the MD, what are the factors you look into when developing effective corporate growth strategies? Also, shed light on the technologies used.
Creating a strategic plan can help through the transition process of facing the changing tides of healthcare. Contrary to the traditional goal of performing and interpreting large numbers of imaging examinations, we understand the need to restructure the business practices and strategies to align with the emerging healthcare paradigm. The structured nature of Radiologic work leads to the production of accurate business
data. We leverage this data to improve the quality of services and in effect achieve our short term and long term goals and growth strategies. But one thing to be noted is that Radio diagnostics is different from the fast growing Pathology in diagnostics, as it is a field that is dependent on quality diagnosis by experienced and dedicated Radiologists and hence we are moving at a slow pace in expansion to ensure the quality is not compromised with increasing the number of centers. As demand for medical imaging has grown dramatically over the last few decades, radiology workflow has become increasingly complex and thus we’ve adapted by finding new ways of connecting people, data and technology. Digitization, virtualization, and integration supported by realtime data analytics have made a real difference to our radiology operations.

What are the traits that best describe your leadership style and what are the impacts you have been delivering in your role so far?
Leadership is about understanding problems, solving them, fostering creativity, aligning business goals with personal goals, and much more. It has been an ongoing process with every mistake becoming a stepping stone to learning.At Infocus, it has been a collective process of working together. Undertaking different management courses, keeping updated with the ongoing business trends & market research,and advancing professionally have helped impact my role as a team leader.

What is the future destination you are heading towards?
Operating in this environment, Infocus Diagnostics plans to strategically expand in other locations in Ahmedabad as well as outside in other geographies. We anticipate rising volumes across most modalities over the next five years. Radiology practice consolidation is not a new trend and aligning with other like minded practices to go on a larger scale is the way forward, to improve practice efficiency, employee satisfaction, patient experience, and cyber security. We plan to expand ahead in a strategic way, with a focus on building upon process driven systems and a strong culture of safety to yield quality diagnostic outcomes.

Dr. Shetal Tushar Desai, Managing Director & Fetal Neuroimaging Consultant, Infocus Diagnostics
With 15+ years of experience in the diagnostics field, she is a practicing Fetal Medicine consultant with expertise in Fetal MRI and Neuroimaging

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