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Dr. Shivaa Mohan: Pioneering Holistic Diabetic Care Through Evidence based Healthcare

Dr. Shivaa Mohan: Pioneering Holistic Diabetic Care Through Evidence based Healthcare

  Dr. Shivaa Mohan,   Founder

Dr. Shivaa Mohan


Diabetes is one of the largest global health problem in the past two decades. The burden of the disease is increasing globally mainly triggered by the increasing prevalence of overweight/ obesity and unhealthy lifestyles amongst netizens. Despite availability of relevant treatment facilities for diabetes, on a global level still 70% of the patients have uncontrolled diabetes and unfortunately the statistics are similar for India as well.

With a growing population and increasing prevalence of diabetes in India, there is a need for more and better clinics with credible health professionals. Working with a relentless mission to eradicate diabetes, Mr. Shivaa Mohan, an award winning diabetologist based out of Chennai has established Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care a one stop healthcare solution for diabetic patients. His healthcare clinic is driven by values of high quality precision, treatment and education. The organization aims at effective and smooth treatment of its patients to provide quality diabetes care.

To know more about Dr. Shivaa Mohan’s illustrious professional journey, kindly peruse the snippet of the exclusive conversation.

I incepted Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care by taking a bank loan, and covered my loan repayments and monthly running costs from the monthly salary i received from my full time job at a hospital. Becoming a diabetologist at a young age of 28 proved to be a challenge more than a boon, as I had to take that extra effort and care to prove my mettle.

I was barely covering my bank loan repayments as well as clinic costs, when the hospital I was working for shut down at pan India level. Though it was a major financial blow, I persevered and kept working towards building Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care as I deeply believed in the cause.

I started my career as a Diabetes
Care Physician for Agada hospital and then later joined Apollo SugarClinic, Chennai (2014-2018). Though I started Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care in 2015, it was during covid that our relentless efforts got great recognition and reviews on social media, which has been great for the growth of our establishment.

At Dr. Shivaa's Diabetes Care we focus not only on consultation, but also helping in diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy and diabetic nephropathy

How would you define Dr. Shivaa's Diabetes Care as an organization and what differentiates it from other Diabetics hospitals present in the country?
With focus on more than 10 types of diabetes we believe that without the right diagnosis there can never be a right treatment. We help people with diagnosis of diabetes like LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of the Adult), FCPD (Fibrocal culous Pancreatic Diabetes), GDM (Gestational Diabetes) and make sure they get treated timely. A treatment protocol called ‘FIT CARE’ has been developed at our facility that enables diabetic individuals to achieve assured sugar control within 2 weeks. There are misunderstandings about about Insulin treatment initiation among our society, 50-75% of individuals refuse the treatment out of fear. We have also developed a signature concept DR. SHIVAA'S DIABETES CARE MODEL that uses a BUS STOP as an example to educate even the illiterates about diabetes, insulin and blood sugar monitoring and through this model the fear of insulin initiation is allayed and we have achieved 100% success in treatment initiation.

What are the facilities you offer at Dr. Shivaa's Diabetes Care? Elaborate tools and technologies you use to treat the patients more effectively?
At Dr. Shivaa's Diabetes Care we focus not only on consultation, but also helping in diagnosis and treatment of diabetic neuropathy and diabetic nephropathy. We also provide a range of diabetic foot wear to prevent and support patients struggling with diabetic foot.

We employ updated technologies and methods to continually improve our treatment processes like digital stethescope and ambulatory blood
pressure monitor for our homecare services as well as flash glucose monitoring device that uses a sensor to record blood sugar for 14 days.

How would you define the current position of India in terms of providing eminent Diabetes treatment facilities at a global level? What more can we expect from this segment in the future?
On a global level still about 65-70 % of diabetics have uncontrolled diabetes and the scenario is the same for India as well. With prevalance of diabetes being on an exponential rise, Indian healthcare needs speciality clinics in numbers with specialized health care professionals that patients can rely on.

Facilities across the nation should focus on building a good team of physicians with knowledge of the latest treatment and are able to provide customized treatment based on individual needs.

Practitioners should be able to effectively use simple tools like tuning fork and monofilament to diagnose diabetic neuropathy and urine microalbumin to diagnose to diabetic nephropathy to treat and prevent complications.

Going forward, what are your goals that you wish to invest in and how do you plan to take them further?
We at the firm are focusing on setting up relevant resources and paperwork to create an artificial intelligence system for us that can aid us to deliver better,effective, and data driven treatment. On our way to expansion, we are on a constant look out to hire people with great credentials, be it in the medical field and IT field. We at Dr. Shivaa’s Diabetes Care not only aim at catering the needs of our patients but to help them live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Dr. Shivaa Mohan, Founder, Dr. Shivaa's Diabetes Care
Dr. Shivaa Mohan is driven by the desire to create a social impact, through his efficient health care services in the field of diabetes. In his own words he works to create a better life for the existing humans and the next generation. He likes reading leadership and spiritual books as well as traveling to unwind, unlearn and relearn.

Hobbies: sports, travel
Favorite Cuisine: Indian
Favorite Books: sai satcharitha
Favorite Travel Destination: Shirdi, Uttarakhand and bali

Awards & Recognition:international speaker for diabetes

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