Dr. Sujit Paul: Charting A Visionary Path By Pioneering Quality Healthcare With Vision & Leadership | CEOInsights Vendor
Dr. Sujit Paul: Charting A Visionary Path By Pioneering Quality Healthcare With Vision & Leadership

Dr. Sujit Paul: Charting A Visionary Path By Pioneering Quality Healthcare With Vision & Leadership

  Dr. Sujit Paul,   Global CEO

Dr. Sujit Paul

Global CEO

The Retail Pharmacy sector plays a vital role in increasing customer’s access to affordable high quality medicines and to generate employment in the far flung areas of the country. In addition to this dedication, the generic medicines available from the pharmacies plays a critical role in decreasing the out of pocket expenditure incurred by customer for various chronic illnesses & during hospitalization. In order to ensure availability of high quality medicines by patients, collaboration among key stakeholders is needed ranging from medical professionals, advocacy organizations, regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical & drug development companies. Emphasizing the power of science to drive societal and individual transformation, at Zota Healthcare, their unwavering dedication, thorough research and development, pioneering innovations, and fervour to instigate change have empowered them to advance their product range, aligning with their growth objectives. Dr. Sujit Paul, the Group CEO of Zota Healthcare is actively transforming the company daily, laying the foundation for its journey towards success.

During a personal interview with our team, Dr. Sujit Paul provided insights into the functioning of the industry and shared his vision for the future of the organization.

Can you provide a short overview of your career path and what drives your daily work routine?
With over 24 years of experience in the industry, I've had the opportunity to work across different scales of organizations, from small to midsize and large, in various capacities. My primary drive in my daily routine is to gauge the impact I can make on lives each day. I measure the success of my day by the number of lives I can positively influence and the amount of happiness I can share with others. It's a deeply ingrained personal philosophy, and I am highly committed to spreading joy and making meaningful connections with people daily.

Describe Zota Healthcare - Davaindia and its standing within the industry.
Zota Healthcare along with its retail brand Davaindia has firmly established its footing in the healthcare sector, boasting a legacy of over two decades. Positioned as a formidable player in the industry, the company is renowned for its expertise and prominence in the realm of generic medicines. This involves the production of high-quality, cost-effective medications, offering affordable alternatives to brand-name drugs from its network of 650+ pharmacies spread across India. Through this extensive network, the organization reaffirms its commitment to providing accessible and affordable healthcare solutions, solidifying its significant presence and impactful role within the Indian healthcare landscape.

We prioritize quality and firmly believe that our customers choose our stores regularly due to the high-quality medicines we offer at affordable prices

In your role as CEO, what considerations do you factor in when formulating impactful strategies for corporate growth?
As the Group CEO of the organization, I consider corporate governance a crucial aspect. I firmly believe that for an organization to have long-term sustain ability, it should be anchored in strong value systems. When I refer to the long term, I envision a span encompassing four to five generations. In my role, my primary emphasis revolves around ensuring that our end consumers, patients, internal teams, and stakeholders are all guided by sound governance principles. It's about fostering a robust, values-driven culture within the organization one where our mission and values aren't merely words on a board, but are deeply ingrained beliefs held by everyone. This is what I, as Group CEO, strive to in stil throughout the organization.

Can you provide insights into your approach to leadership and how you cultivate a culture of continuous learning within your team?
In terms of our organizational leadership approach, we prioritize effective people management, anchoring our beliefs and operations in the growth of individuals. Our focus revolves around how much each person can contribute to the organization and the value we, in turn, offer to our internal team members. We strongly emphasize a culture of continuous learning that permeates from the lower levels of the organization to
the leadership level. Personally, I actively engage in guiding and training the entire team to ensure they not only grasp leadership principles but also understand how to cultivate a value-driven culture. It's about instilling a positive mind set to comprehend and deliver in the most effective and impactful manner.

How do you use advanced tech to drive innovative and unique product development, maintaining Zota Healthcare’s tech prowess?
Technology plays a central role in our organization. Across our various sectors, we boast some of the finest POS systems and robust Supply Chain Management backend. Additionally, we effectively utilize information technology, notably through a mini artificial intelligence unit, incorporating machine learning to track medication movement for chronic patients. Understanding the purchasing patterns for specific medical needs, such as gastro or orthopaedics, initiates our strategy. Technology serves as a fundamental asset, enabling smooth operations and scalability for our organizational growth.

Could you outline the future plans you envision for both the Brand Davaindia and yourself over the next five years in the healthcare sector?
In the upcoming years, our vision is to establish a strong presence in both urban and rural areas across the nation, aligning with Zota Healthcare's mission. We aim to elevate or brand Davaindia to an international brand, providing high-quality and affordable healthcare on a larger scale. To elaborate further, we are ambitiously striving to extend our reach to every state in the country. Presently, we already have a footprint in all four zones of India east, west, north, and south. Our comprehensive plan is strategically structured into short-term, mid term, and long-term goals, employing diverse business models to ensure the availability of topnotch medications at affordable prices for the Indian populace. Davaindia sees this endeavour as a revolutionary movement, dedicated to establishing a robust healthcare brand globally.

Dr. Sujit Paul, Global CEO, Zota Healthcare - Davaindia
Dr. Sujit, leads the domestic and international businesses. An industry veteran with many years in senior leadership roles. He has 22 years of rich experience in setting up, scaling and operating for a plethora of brands such as Reliance Retail, Asian Paints, Bata, Kodak, Apollo Hospital, Trust Pharmacy, Columbia Asia Hospital and many more. His last stint was as a Vice President of.

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