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Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble: A Food Tech Specialist Creating A Safer & Healthier World

Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble: A Food Tech Specialist Creating A Safer & Healthier World

Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble,  Founder & Managing Director

Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble

Founder & Managing Director

While the food industry nourishes billions, it also carries a heavy responsibility— ensuring the safety and quality of every bite from farm to fork. In such a scenario, regulation, label checking, and auditing play a crucial role, in safeguarding consumers and building trust. But navigating the maze of regulations, deciphering cryptic labels, and ensuring consistent quality can be an overwhelming challenge for both producers and consumers. This is where Farm to Fork Solutions steps in, not just as a provider, but as an innovator and problem solver.

With over 19 years of experience in the food industry, Dr. Umesh Kamble, MD of Farm to Fork Solutions is committed to transforming the food industry in India. He understands the complexities of the food chain, the anxieties of consumers, and the aspirations of producers. Umesh has extensive expertise in regulatory compliance, legal metrology, health supplements, food processing, pharmacy, and cosmetic sectors. He is also involved in providing consulting, training, and project management services to help his clients achieve their business goals and comply with the relevant laws and standards.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Umesh shares his experience and thoughts about the food technology industry.

Could you please give a brief outline of your illustrious career journey?

My journey in the food technology world began at Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, where I laid the cornerstone of my expertise, earning a B.Tech in Food Science in 2002. This education set the stage for further refinement as I pursued a master’s degree in food technology at Punjab Agricultural University from 2002 to 2004.

Diverse roles have defined my career, reflecting my multifaceted contributions. Stepping into the corporate domain, I served as a Buyer F&G at Godrej Agrovet from 2006 to 2007, showcasing my adeptness in procurement within the food and grocery sector.
During this phase, I discovered a notable gap emerging in the food sector's industrial growth around 2006-2007. There seemed to be a shortage in acquiring the right workforce, technology, research and development support, and navigating regulatory aspects. Observing this gap motivated me to step in gradually. However, the most pivotal chapter commenced in 2008 when I embraced the role of Managing Director at Farm To Fork Solutions.

We are your trusted partner, guiding you through the intricacy of regulations, empowering you to make informed choices, & helping you achieve the highest standards of quality & safety

Over 15 years, I've steered this journey with visionary leadership, introducing innovative strategies and unwavering commitment to enhancing the food supply chain. This tenure solidified my position as a thought leader in the industry.

Beyond corporate endeavors, my dedication to the industry's growth is evident through my role as the Co-Chairman of the Maharashtra State Development Council at ASSOCHAM. This underscores my commitment to fostering regional economic progress.

How do you, as the Managing Director, strategize for effective corporate growth at Farm to Fork Solutions?

At the strategic level, our focus revolves around assisting Indian companies and comprehending their challenges within the food industry. We position ourselves as the comprehensive solution provider catering to all their hurdles, whether they are startups or established entities encountering obstacles throughout their journey. This endeavor aligns with India's burgeoning role as a significant global food supplier. Our goal is to offer crucial support because the food sector here is largely unorganized. Transforming this sector into an organized framework requires robust systems and processes. We specialize in understanding these systems, emphasizing food safety, and aiding companies in enhancing their operations. We aspire to lead as the foremost company in the industry in the times ahead.

Having been closely involved with the industry, I comprehended the challenges encompassing everything from the initial project plan (DPR) to the research and development phase, even extending to packaging-related hurdles. This realization became a driving force for me.
Please talk about your team-strengthening and leadership approach.

Our team comprises highly qualified indi-viduals who prioritize ongoing learning within our business. Twice a month, we conduct knowledge-sharing sessions. These programs cover a spectrum of challenges, not solely confined to enhancing knowledge, but also focusing on communication, team cohesion, and customer relationship management. We conduct these training sessions internally, ensuring our team stays updated with the latest industry standards. By understanding and adopting these standards ourselves, we effectively communicate them to our clients simply and understandably.

What are your future aspirations?

Looking ahead, our vision for the future is progressive. Having completed nearly 15 years in our journey, our aim is to cover the next decade effectively. Beyond that, in the upcoming 25 years, we're gradually expanding our services to neighboring regions such as Nepal, Africa, and other areas. Our focus lies in augmenting our expertise and global outreach. Ultimately, our vision spans reaching every corner of India and eventually the entire world within the next 40 to 50 years. We aspire to establish our company as a benchmark in the consulting sector, ensuring that anyone entering the food industry instantly recognizes and acknowledges our standards and expertise.

What would be your advice to upcoming future generation leaders?

Unlike the rapid success seen in IT startup companies making profits within three to five years, the food industry isn't structured that way. It's a slow and steady process where speed isn't the only crucial factor. Maintaining momentum while ensuring integration and efficient product distribution is essential. Considering India's vast size, there are significant distribution and supply chain challenges, compounded by diverse weather conditions across regions. This necessitates a patient and steady approach to navigating the market. While India offers tremendous potential for food startups and industry growth, it requires patience, along with well-established processes and systems to progress effectively.

Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble, Founder & Managing Director, Farm to Fork Solutions

Dr. Umesh Munjaji Kamble is a first-generation entrepreneur mentor to 1000+ MSMEs and Startups, the Founder and Managing Director of Farm to Fork Solutions since 2008 a company that provides complete end to end consulting solutions for Food, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharma, & Cosmetics.

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