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Gaurav Kumar Wankar : A Seasoned Thought Leader Inducing Substantial Transformation

Gaurav Kumar Wankar : A Seasoned Thought Leader Inducing Substantial Transformation

 Gaurav Kumar Wankar,   Keynote Speaker & Vice President – Product Management

Gaurav Kumar Wankar

Keynote Speaker & Vice President – Product Management

Exploring the journey is more fascinating than the final destination. Along the way, we discover our selves, follow our hearts, and fathom the ways to turn our vision into a living reality. Well here is an extraordinary narrative of a seasoned businessman who is looked up to as an ambassador of transformation. Gaurav Kumar Wankar, VP of Product at SARVM.AI, has been rediscovering and empowering himself in his voyage to make a difference in society.

In terms of his academic bastion, Gaurav is a Global Doctor of Business Administration scholar along with LL.M, M.Tech, double M.B.A, double PG, and 5 Executive Programmes from University of Cambridge, UK; Golden Gate University, California; Swiss School of Business and Management, Switzerland; National University of Singapore; IIM Kozhikode; IIM Nagpur; IIM Trichy; IIM Indore; University of Hyderabad and JNTU Hyderabad, in addition to 400+ International Certifications.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Gaurav walks us through various unaddressed aspects of his phenomenal personality as well as his outperforming venture. His reputation has enabled him to receive recognition from various Business Magazines connecting the C-Suite Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs, MDs & VCs around the world.

Thank you for joining us Gaurav. We would like to understand how have you been altering our perception of business toward digitalization while working across 14 organizations?
As a Visionary Change Management Professional, a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, IC Agile Certified Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Agile Certified Practitioner, and Six-Sigma Black Belt Professional, I have been co-creating the program vision, offering technology leadership, product ownership, identifying the pain areas, driving end-to-end PLM, exploring Next Generation PaaS/SaaS/IaaS/ AIaaS productized services driving Web-3.0 & Industry-5.0 Hyper Personalization.

As a Resilient Leader, I have been spear heading a unified e-commerce
platform, an end-to-end SaaS business place for supplychain management along with launching various Cognitive AI on the Edge Spatial Analytics solutions with immersive AI accelerated Digital Twins enhancing the user experience in Metaverse environment replacing the 4 “P’s” of marketing with the 4 “E’s”, making our lives easier by allowing decision-making based on Digital Reality.

Being a lifelong learner committed to disrupting our intellect with a progressive and growth mindset, staying selfmotivated in trying something new, making mistakes, learning from them, overcoming our fears, and taking on challenges is the key to reforming society

Quite the work you’re putting in. Could you please share the unique experiences IIM Tiruchirappalli offers beyond academics?
Life is all about exploring the journey. There will always be roadblocks, skeptics, and setbacks as we begin living the life of our dreams. However, sky is not the limit when we have the zeal to work towards our passion, persist, and have faith in ourselves.

IIM Trichy has a distinctive flair for imprinting life changing memories in the deepest parts on my mind. Along with global networking and versatile peerto peer learning experience, IIM has also been playing a significant role in transforming my personality and way of thinking. Enriching and enlightening our behavioral insights from our Sanskrit scriptures, professors from IIM have been transforming our fundamental framework of self efficacy, decision making, and leadership wisdom to create an effective organization in favor of a greater cause.

Majestic! Besides being a VP, you are also a Keynote Speaker. How are you paving an innovative path for future generations?
As a Keynote Speaker, I have been a visionary thought leader empowering organizational transformation in a chaotic scenario, inspiring and managing the change portfolio along with the anticipated resistance in ambiguous situations with benefit realization, value creation, and RoI generation.

As an Evangelist, I have been leading by example, spearheading inter disciplinary research in AI, Edge/Cloud Analytics, Electro magnetics, Silicon Photonics, Blockchain and Metaverse Technologies converging various sciences together towards a better
future. The world is evolving, becoming smarter, more flexible and intuitive. AI-driven HyperPersonalization is the future.

You surely had an intriguing journey, would you like to share a few words of wisdom with the aspiring entrepreneurs and readers of our magazine?
As a Resilient Change Evangelist, I have always wondered if we are navigating a race in the maze while feeling safe and secure in our familiar surroundings.

Working across 14 organizations as a VP of Product, Product Manager, Manager of AI, Digital Transformation Consultant, and Senior Product Consultant, I have been connecting the dots and realized that "The Reward is the Journey."

As an ENFP personality, it has always been my passionto break barriers push the boundaries, and move out of my comfort zone towards the learning zone, exploring the growth zone with the joy and excitement of chasing the unknown. Leaving the corporate comfort zone adapting to what it means to work at a start-up while cutting back significantly, not only financially but also in our way of life, in our leisure time, and various other aspects.

The pain and joy, the setbacks and successes, along with the ups and downs, are the key points that we will remember from our experience. There is no other place than a startup to quickly experience a variety of rainbow colors, altering our perceptions and evolving into being a better version of ourselves.

Exploring this enthralling journey has inspired me into raising my game, transcending and reforming society.

Gaurav Kumar Wankar, Keynote Speaker, Vice President of Product Management, SARVM.AI
A Seasoned Thought Leader, an Ambassador of Transformation leading 25 teams across 21 geographical locations, achieving Global Enterprise Agility across Semiconductor, Electronics, IT, Telecom, Aerospace, Automotive, FinTech, AgriTech, HPC, RealEstate, and Media Production industries. Gaurav is an Agile Transformational Coaching Leader, a trusted advisor to the C-Suite with the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat, leading holistic business model innovation transforming this VUCA world.

Awards & Recognition:
•'10 Best Chief Product Officers in India - 2022' by TradeFlock Business Magazine in their December edition.
•'Best CPOs of the year 2022' by Business Connect Magazine in their November edition.
•'Best CPOs of the year 2023' by Innovative Zone Business Magazine in their January edition.

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