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George Muthoot George : Shaping The Future Of Tourism Through Leadership & Innovation

George Muthoot George : Shaping The Future Of Tourism Through Leadership & Innovation

  GeorgeMuthoot George ,    MD

GeorgeMuthoot George


The hospitality industry serves as a vital component of the global economy, offering travellers unparalleled experiences and accommodations while fostering economic growth in local communities. Within this dynamic sector, leaders like George Muthoot George, Managing Director of Xandari Resorts, play a pivotal role in shaping the future of tourism by championing sustainable practices and innovative approaches. George brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

As a distinguished speaker and recipient of prestigious awards, including the Distinguished Alumni award from Manipal University, George continues to inspire and lead by example, spearheading a new brand of hospitality with Xandari Resorts that prioritizes sustainability and community-oriented tourism across India. Through his visionary leadership, George Muthoot George exemplifies the trans-formative potential of the hospitality industry to drive positive change and shape a more sustainable future for generations to come. Let’s hear more from him.

Could you please provide a summary of your professional journey, highlighting key milestones and factors contributing to your growth?

My interest in hospitality emerged from my upbringing in Delhi as early as seventh grade. I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management from Manipal's Welcom group Graduate School, followed by work experiences with renowned hospitality chains such as Oberoi, Intercontinental, Radisson, and family-owned establishments. Despite being born into a banking and finance family, my passion for hospitality steered my educational and professional path.

Completing a Master's in International Hospitality Management from Cornell University in Paris further solidified my commitment. My diverse experiences provided invaluable insights, shaping my vision for hospitality. With tourism's significant economic role, perceptions have evolved. I'm proud to have embarked on a journey towards creating a sustainable and forward-thinking hospitality brand, alongside a dedicated team. Our collective efforts aim to redefine the future of hospitality, aligning with my vision and aspirations.

How would you characterize Xandari Resorts standing in the market and in the tourism industry?

When we envisioned entering the
hospitality sector, we were guided by the principles of community, collaboration, and conservation, which form the foundation of our brand ethos. Our aim was clear, position ourselves within the leisure segment, emphasizing upper mid-level to premium experiences. Our target audience encompassed domestic travellers as well as foreign visitors, seeking authentic and enriching experiences. We recognized the detrimental impact of unsustainable hospitality practices and committed ourselves to a more responsible approach.

We coined the term 'ecosystemic' to embody our holistic approach to sustainability, empha-sizing harmony between humans, nature, & local communities

Our vision for conservation encompassed not only the preservation of biodiversity but also the safeguarding of traditional ways of life. We coined the term 'ecosystemic' to embody our holistic approach to sustainability, emphasizing harmony between humans, nature, and local communities.

Could you share some guiding principles that underpin your leadership style or your journey to becoming an industry leader in hospitality?

To me, leadership is more about mentoring and guiding rather than micromanaging day-to-day operations. I provide the team with overarching goals and objectives, offering guidance on values, ethics, and approaches to problem-solving. I strongly believe in encouraging diverse perspectives and fostering an environment where innovative ideas thrive. Mistakes are not seen as failures but rather as valuable learning opportunities for both individuals and the team as a whole. I actively encourage risk-taking and experimentation, understanding that this is often where breakthrough innovations originate. This approach extends beyond my own team to larger associations outside the organization, where I strive to mentor and facilitate rather than dictate.

Diversity within the team is essential. While many team members come from hospitality backgrounds, we also value input from individuals with diverse industry experiences. This brings fresh perspectives and enriches our approach to hospitality. Leadership, therefore, involves not just surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals but embracing a variety of viewpoints and weaving them together cohesively to drive progress.

Could you please share your perspective on how these practices have been beneficial for you and makes Xandari Resorts stand out from crowd?

We outline the objectives to be achieved and instill core values such as community collaboration and
conservation to guide our actions. What sets us apart is the freedom we are given to experiment and innovate in our daily operations. There have been instances where we've tried new approaches, and yes, sometimes we've encountered setbacks. However, the culture of experimentation and learning from failures has been instrumental in our growth.

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering, from the board level to the ground level. Our leadership ensures that our operations prioritize environmental conser-vation and community welfare. This approach not only fosters innovation but also attracts conscious consumers who value brands that align with their sustain ability ethos.

Overall, our dedication to sustainability not only sets us apart in the industry but also ensures that we operate in a responsible and ethical manner. It's a point of pride for our team to be part of an organization that prioritizes environmental conservation and community well-being.

How do you envision the expansion of Xandari Resorts?

Our approach to expansion differs from the conventional focus on numerical targets. Instead, we prioritize sustainability and value addition in destinations. We aim to venture beyond popular tourist spots, seeking to offer enriching experiences that promote learning about diverse cultures and environments. For instance, at our beach resort in Mararikulam, we cultivate organic fruits and vegetables, providing guests with a farm-totable experience. This not only promotes healthy eating but also educates urban dwellers about agriculture. Our expansion strategy revolves around selecting destinations where travellers can immerse themselves in nature and gain insights into sustainable living.

Our goal is to foster harmony between travellers and the local communities they visit. We believe hospitality is more than just filling rooms; it's about creating memorable experiences that resonate with our guests. Our primary focus is on domestic travellers, as we aim to showcase the richness and diversity of India's culture and landscapes. While we do consider international expansion, particularly in regions like Costa Rica and Africa, our emphasis remains on nearby destinations such as Sri Lanka and Lakshadweep. In each location, we aim to contribute positively to the local community while ensuring sustainability for the future.

George Muthoot George, MD, Xandari Resorts

George Muthoot George is the MD of Xandari Resorts. He is a hospitality industry leader known for his sustainable practices. With a degree from Welcom group Graduate School of Hotel Administration and experience with global organizations, he spear-heads innovative initiatives and champions conservation-focused tourism.

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