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Girish Mallpani: Pioneering A Trailblazing Journey In The Real Estate Industry

Girish Mallpani: Pioneering A Trailblazing Journey In The Real Estate Industry

 Girish Mallpani,   CMD

Girish Mallpani


Real estate around the globe plays a vital role in every economy, acting as a concrete manifestation of economic progress and advancement. India's real estate sector is equally significant, offering a wide variety of commercial properties for enterprises and investors seeking to expand their ventures and boost their earnings. In India, the non-residential real estate sector presents a diverse array of investment prospects for businesses and investors aiming to grow their operations and enhance their earnings. Whether it involves office spaces, retail outlets, industrial properties, or other commercial spaces, the flourishing real estate market in India offers abundant opportunities. Girish Mallpani, the Chairman & Managing Director(CMD) of MPM Group, has been the driving force behind the organization's success. His unwavering passion for his work from an early age has led to a consistent journey of achievements and accomplishments.

During a personal interview, Girish Mallpani revealed the key to his passion and how his organization MPM has dedicated itself to becoming a catalyst for change through diverse initiatives.

Can you provide a brief overview of your professional history and the experiences you've had? Also, what drives and motivates you in your daily endeavors?
Embarking on my professional journey at the tender age of 16, I ventured into the realm of real estate by joining my family's business. Collaborating closely with my esteemed father Shri Rajkumar Mallpani, a revered builder in the industry, we embarked on our inaugural commercial project, where I actively engaged in diverse aspects, including the meticulous art of branding, and the thoughtful design of dynamic malls. These well-crafted shopping destinations have not only stood the test of time but have in fact emerged as
landmarks in the city of Hyderabad, in addition to becoming thriving hubs for people seeking engaging experiences. In parallel with my real estate ventures, I pursued my academic aspirations with a firm determination, earning multiple Master's degrees. Fueled by an insatiable drive to capitalize on the boundless potential for transformation within the real estate domain, I envision myself and my highly skilled and trustworthy team at MPM as disrupters, consistently striving to introduce innovative and refreshing experiences to our patrons.

I aim to disrupt the industry with innovative experiences, products, & solutions for homes & offices. That's my daily motivation.

With over three decades of experience, can you share your journey to success and the guiding principles that have led you to achieve it?
In the real estate industry, adhering to a straightforward yet vital success mantra is of paramount importance delivering on promises, punctuality and unwavering integrity go a long way in building a great reputation. Establishing and maintaining trust holds great significance when individuals choose to invest their hard-earned money, and it hinges upon the proven track record of previous under takings. From the outset, our unwavering commitment has been to set realistic expectations solely within our capabilities and steadfastly deliver on the same without any room for tarnishing our goodwill.

What is the future destination you are striving to reach?
At the heart of our strategy lies a diverse portfolio of projects, encompassing a wide spectrum of ventures, from smaller initiatives to monumental large-scale developments. This approach reflects our commitment to cater to the varied preferences and unique personalities of our esteemed clientele. Our ultimate aim is to establish a substantial and widespread presence across the vibrant city of Hyderabad, solidifying our position as a prominent and sought-after brand. Although we already boast ownership of some of the most exceptional real estate ventures in this region, our
ambitions extend far beyond. Our uncompromised focus is set on expanding to various metro cities in the near future and ascending to the forefront as a leading developer in the country. At the moment, our vision encompasses being acknowledged as the goto company for exceptional commercial real estate projects in Hyderabad, and we diligently pursue this aspiration with exciting and promising developments already in the pipeline to support our transformative goals. Our next step in this direction is the launch of three prestigious and strategically located co-working spaces around the city by the name Altis, to promote a lifestyle predominantly focused on work life balance.

How would you define MPM Group as an organization and its current position in the market?
As MPM Group, we take immense pride in our extensive and illustrious history, spanning over 35 years. Throughout this remarkable journey, our company's legacy has been meticulously crafted on the solid foundation of a strong reputation, setting us apart from many contemporary counterparts in the real estate industry. Our enduring commitment to delivering exceptional results has earned us widespread recognition as one of the most prominent and esteemed real estate businesses in the market. Our portfolio boasts key assets, namely MPM Mall, MPM Grand and Work at Altis, that have garnered accolades and trust from our valued clients. With a landscape evolving through time, we acknowledge the emergence of newer developers pursuing aggressive growth. However, amidst the changing tides, we remain unwavering and influential, guided by our wealth of experience and unyielding dedication to excellence. As we continue to forge ahead, our mission revolves around building on our established position and expanding our footprint within the real estate domain. Our passion for innovation, combined with our persistent commitment to delivering on promises, ensures that we uphold our distinguished status as a driving force in the industry.

Girish Mallpani, CMD, MPM Group
Driven by a rebellious spirit and a passion for creating extraordinary ventures, Girish Mallpani embarked on his real estate journey at 16. With over three decades of experience and a diverse portfolio, he has successfully transformed projects like MPM Mall, MPM Grand and Altis into pioneering successes.

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