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Harshil Gala: A Pioneering Business Leader With The Foresight To Make Revolutionary Changes

Harshil Gala: A Pioneering Business Leader With The Foresight To Make Revolutionary Changes

Harshil Gala,CEO

Harshil Gala


eSense Learning is a pioneering business organization that believes leadership in any field is essential and in order to be an effective educational leader, one must foster a conception of excellence within the classrooms. This is where eSense Learning stands out. The company provides a number of eSense Solutions so as to boil down the complex issues of education and provide a concise statement of what needs to be done. The quality and innovativeness of their offerings have helped them to not just build a positive reputation in the industry but also create a niche in the market. Over the years, eSense Learning has been able to make significant contributions in improving the quality of education offered in many educational institutions across the country. With their commitment to never compromise on the quality of their offerings, eSense Learning aspires to continue down their path of innovation and help many more educators across the country to be an important player in the nation building process.

Harshil Gala holds the office of CEO at eSense Learning and under his watchful guidance, the company has been able to make impressive strides and break new business frontiers constantly. Also, being an innovative business leader, Harshil has made sure that they strive for consistent improvement and sustained success in the industry.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Harshil talks more about
eSense Learning and its unique business operations.

We want to make the teachers’ life as easy as possible with our products which are technologically enabled

Tell us about your professional journey and motivation behind the establishment of eSense Learning.
After completing my BMS, I did my Masters from the University of Nottingham. My grandfather is the Founder of eSense and the vision and mission of the company was set by him itself. He foresaw the advancements technology will bring to the education space back in 2008 itself and we aspired to be the best in what we offer. We aim to aid learning and teaching with the help of technology and develop products that makes the whole learning as well as teaching process much simpler and more effective.

Can you talk more about eSense Learning and its operations?
We want to make the teachers’ life as easy as possible with our products which are technologically enabled. First of all, we have a clear understanding what a learner needs today as well as the tools that can hence the whole teaching process for the teachers. This understanding allows us to offer teacher centric solutions that are innovative. eSense is precisely an attempt to contribute to the process of learning by making it effective and engaging in innovative ways. At eSense, we engineer solutions that enrich teaching and learning experience. The emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment.
Our focus is to integrate technology with learning.

In the fast moving market landscape, how does eSense Learning always remain on top of their game?
Recently, we have been developing a lot of new technologies for the CBSE space and this is a new frontier that we want to enter and succeed. Also, we constantly strive to learn about what the teachers need and keep abreast with the latest innovations happening in the industry. This allows us to not only offer the best quality services but also to constantly stay on top of our game. Apart from that, as a leader, I ensure that I always prioritize on guiding as well as motivating my team to constantly improve and develop themselves. I am a firm believer in the idea that a happy, satisfied and motivated workforce plays a huge role in determining the success of an organization.

Going forward, what are some of the major future plans eSense Learning is trying to implement?
The pandemic gave a huge boost in letting people know how much technology can improve the teaching learning process and many are aiming to continue using technology going forward. This has resulted in the adoption of the latest technologies which is improving the quality of education. All this is giving a huge boost to the EdTech industry. With the future of the country in the hands of educationalist, eSense has taken on the responsibility of cultivating the future leaders by equipping our children with syllabus based 2D and 3D multimedia animations. More importantly, through constant innovation and consistent improvement, we aspire to continue being a major player in the Edtech space.

Harshil Gala, CEO, eSense Learning
Harshil is a unique and innovative business leader who treats everyone equally and nicely. For the upcoming entrepreneurs, Harshil has one piece of advice “always learn and reinvent yourself so that you can perform at the highest level consistently”

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