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Helmier: Intending To Lead The Coming-Of-Age Of Indian Medical Devices

Helmier: Intending To Lead The Coming-Of-Age Of Indian Medical Devices

Yash Kaul,  Co-Founder & CEO

Yash Kaul

Co-Founder & CEO

India is in the top 20 medical device markets worldwide and is the fourth-largest market for medical devices in Asia. The rising number of medical facilities will boost the demand for medical devices in the market. The medical devices sector in India is projected to reach $50 billion by 2025. However, there is still a huge gap in the current demand and supply of medical devices in India, as India has an overall 70-80 percent import dependency on medical devices. At present, this under-penetration of medical devices in India is presenting itself as a significant growth opportunity. The medical devices sector is highly capital intensive, and in India, the manufacturers will have to invest and focus on producing high-quality products. This sector also requires continuous training of healthcare system providers to adapt to new technologies.

Helmier is a medical disposables and equipment startup focused on Anaesthesia, Critical Care, and Rehab Robotics. The company focuses on getting its customers high quality differentiated medical devices, equipment, solutions, and services that match their expectations.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights Magazine, Yash Kaul, Raghuram Iyer,and Sagar Radhakrishnan, Co-Founders, at Helmier walks us through the unique traits of the company.

Describe its brand persona and what it represents.
We bring to our customers, medical device solutions and services that support them in delivering their commitment to patients. So that they can focus on superior patient care. We listen to our customers and integrate their ideas into products with differentiation and high quality. A large number of our products are indigenously designed and developed as per the needs of Indian patients as per our specifications and quality standards. We are committed to the education and training of healthcare professionals - like none.

Tell us about your flagship offerings.
We have one of the most diverse portfolios in Medical Disposables. In Medical Disposables, we predominantly operate in areas of Airway Management, Vascular Access and Pain Management. In Capital Equipments, we have one of the widest offerings in Hypothermia Management Solutions and Infusion Systems. In addition, we focus on products like Rehab Robotics, humidification systems, High Flow Nasal Oxygen therapy, and transport ventilation. We continue to invest in and extend these portfolios.

Team Helmier deeply understands the customer needs & their pain points. Customer satisfaction is not the value it holds, but delivering more than what the customer can imagine is!

Give a brief account of the quality control measures adopted by the company helping to deliver the best quality products in the industry.
A lot of effort has gone into identifying the manufacturing partners for our products. One of the manufacturing facilities that we use is US FDA-approved, which is rather uncommon in the Indian medical device manufacturing space. In other production sites, we have Helmier quality control inspectors who monitor quality at each step. We have also partnered with SGS, one of the global leaders in Quality Inspection and Quality Control. This adds one more level of globally acclaimed third party quality assurance step when the products arrive at our warehouse. Without a doubt, all of the additional quality processes increase the production costs significantly, but we are willing to invest in this.

Tell us about the recent challenging case study reflecting the success of the company.
We realized that quality comes at a price. Whether it's the quality of the product or the quality of education and training for the HCPs. The challenge we face is the perception that products made in India have to be sold cheaper. Dealing with this mindset has been a challenge. We are happy to have decided that we will not deviate from the two strategic investment options described above, even if we knew that we could make or acquire comparable products at a much lower cost.

Despite being a startup, we will continue to heavily be engaged in healthcare professional education and training because it is the
foundation of what Helmier represents.

Could you tell us about your team? What motivates them the most to ensure customer satisfaction?
Our openly stated belief is that People are the soul of Helmier. Our team, across the hierarchy in the organization, has large experience in managing anesthesia and critical care business. We deeply understand the customer's needs and their pain points. Customer satisfaction is not a value we hold, but exceeding the customer's expectations is! To that end, we never leave any stone untouched. For anyone in Helmier, the first thought is about how our actions impact customers, whether they are in a customer-facing role or not. Well, Do we do anything specific to ensure that perhaps nothing consciously! It’s a way of life at Helmier.

What is the future destination envisioned for Helmier?
Helmier intends to stand out in the league of game-changer companies in the Indian Medical Device industry and we intend to lead its coming-of-age. For our customers, we want to be their all weather partner and first-dialed number whenever they need anything in our therapy areas. For people, whether it is internal talent, channel partners, or suppliers, they see us as an organization that creates an environment for growth. Overall, for anyone associated with Helmier, they should dare to dream!

Yash Kaul, Co-Founder & CEO
Yash Kaul is a BITS Pilani and IIM Kozhikode Alumni with a career spanning over 26 years in Specialty Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device organizations.In his past experience, Yash has been instrumental in launching two global MNCs in India and launching a host of novel pharma and medical devices in India.

Raghuram Iyer, Co-Founder & CMO
Raghuram Iyer is a science graduate with an MBA from Mumbai University and accreditations in Leadership & Strategy from Duke University, has over 23 years of experience in Marketing, Strategy, Sales, and Business Development.

Sagar Radhakrishnan, Co-founder & CSO
Sagar Radhakrishnan is a postgraduate from the University of Madras, Sagar Radha krishnan, and has done his Executive Management Program at IIM Lucknow. He has been involved in launching Commercial Operations of many MNCS in India with an overall experience of 23 years in the healthcare industry out of which more than 10 years is in Anesthesia and Critical care.

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