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Himadri Singh: A Seasoned Finance & Strategy Advisor In The Energy Sector

Himadri Singh: A Seasoned Finance & Strategy Advisor In The Energy Sector

Himadri Singh,  Founder

Himadri Singh


Decision-making in the oil and energy sector is of paramount importance, as it directly influences not only the profitability and sustainability of companies but also global economies and environmental well-being. In such an evolving sector, where strategic decisions can make or break a company's future, Himadri Singh, Founder of Apeiron management emerges as a dynamic entrepreneur, assisting companies in making astute investment, strategy, and technology decisions. He is a dynamic entrepreneur with expertise in energy, finance, and technology. He has over 26 years of professional experience with multiple leadership roles and aspires to revolutionize the Energy industry by utilizing his skills and experience. His journey into this niche sector and dedication to empowering businesses with informed decisions is truly inspiring.

In this interview with CEO Insights, Himadri Singh shares insights on his professional journey and perspective on the energy sector.

Can you walk us through your professional journey?
The journey began just after completing my MBA at HEC School of Management, where I specialized in finance. This academic pursuit provided me with the strategic acumen and financial expertise that proved to be instrumental in transitioning my career into the energy sector.

I worked with BP, a renowned energy solution provider for about eight years, mainly in commercial roles related to upstream activities, involving substantial investments exceeding $2 billion in multiple assets. After this long stint, I ventured into the consulting sector and joined a startup called IO Consulting, initiated by Baker Hughes and McDermott, as a senior commercial manager.

During this period, I developed a strong desire to start my own venture. I spotted an opportunity in the energy market, particularly before the onset of the Covid pandemic when energy prices were relatively lower. We launched our company in June 2020; some might question the timing, but I saw it as
an opportunity to set up and learn while the market was down, with the goal of being well-prepared when the market inevitably rebounded. Since our inception, we have steadily grown our client base across Europe and Africa. Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as a trusted partner to our clients, thereby securing repeat business, which not only maximizes our profit margins but also facilitates the acquisition of additional projects.

The company offers an advisory service model that supports its client's business functions: corporate, technical, commercial, & financial

Can you give a brief outline of Apeiron Management?
At Apeiron Management, we offer an advisory service model that supports our client's business functions: corporate, technical, commercial, and financial. Currently, we are in the early stages of our startup journey, and our team is relatively small. However, our distinctive operational model is a key differentiator for us.

We have curated a team comprising seasoned industry veterans, each boasting an impressive 30 to 35 years of experience. These experts serve as essential members of our advisory panels, and we also have individuals engaged under long-term contracts or as permanent staff. Our team is geographically diverse, with members located in various regions, including the UK, other international locations, and India. Our main operational hubs are situated in India and London, while additional team members work remotely from various parts of the world.

Please shed light on your operational strategies.
Our operational strategy revolves around harnessing the expertise of our seasoned professionals to execute core tasks. Simultaneously, we enlist highly skilled individuals to supervise, monitor, review, and approve our work. Our overarching objective is to deliver high quality advisory services to oil and energy companies, banks, governments, and investors, enabling them to make confident investment decisions.

Our approach operates on two fronts. For international clients, we provide cost-effective solutions by capitalizing on the abundant talent pool in India. This approach allows us to leverage our international

experience to guide projects and reduce overall costs. On the Indian front, we tap into the local talent pool, supplementing it with individuals possessing global experience and insights. This unique synergy enables us to offer superior technical solutions to Indian enterprises, aiding them in optimizing their hydrocarbon resources.

Are there any plans for expanding to new geographical locations?
Currently, our physical offices are established in London and India, and we are actively pursuing expansion opportunities in the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, we have recently inaugurated an office in Houston, USA. Our future growth plans encompass potential expansion into Malaysia and other regions, as we actively explore new opportunities. It's important to note that we are a relatively young startup, but we have already achieved notable success in Europe and Africa, securing a client base in India as well.

We have diligently worked to establish a solid market presence and recently celebrated our inaugural project win from one of India's largest private operators. Moreover, we are in ongoing discussions with prominent public sector entities, including ONGC, Oil India, IOCL, and Cane India, with the optimistic anticipation of securing additional projects.

What advice would you offer to emerging leaders in this industry as they explore new opportunities in the future market?
In the realm of consulting, there is a sea of opportunities. Clients will continue to seek support because it's not feasible for companies to hire all the necessary experts, especially given the current volatility within the oil and gas industry. My advice is straight forward: uphold an unwavering commitment to your clients. Deliver What you promise, and always maintain a high standard of quality. When you consistently excel in serving your clients, you not only secure repeat business but also benefit from positive word-of-mouth marketing, which is essentially free of charge. These factors, combined, can create opportunities to enhance your profit margins without the need for extensive negotiation.

Himadri Singh, Founder, Apeiron Management
Himadri is a dynamic entrepreneur with expertise in energy, finance, and technology. He has over 26 years of professional experience with multiple leadership roles and aspires to make an impact on the Energy industry by utilizing his finance and technology experience.

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