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Hussain Selani: An Experienced Investment Professional Offering Innovative Finance & Investment Solutions For Corprates & Family Offices

Hussain Selani: An Experienced Investment Professional Offering Innovative Finance & Investment Solutions For Corprates & Family Offices

 Hussain Selani,    CEO

Hussain Selani


Residing in a post-pandemic world, we all are more or less aware of the changing dynamics of the corporate segment and the evolution of industry verticals to cope with the paradigm shift. As the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of advanced technologies to address innumerable business complications, the world is envisaging the arrival of some novel trends to address these shifts and pivot the industry towards its previous pace. Emerging as a sturdy link between these contemporary innovations and their implementation across various verticals to catalyze the economic upsurge, finance leaders are pragmatically engaged in determining how businesses can adapt to these trends, particularly across those areas where digital and finance intersect.

Armed with the passion to address the existing advisory and service gaps in the way corporate are currently catered to, Hussain Selani laid the foundation of Corpcare Ventures, along with his friend and founding partner Sourabh Kumar. His main aim was to help CFOs & Treasury Heads reap better benefits, and help them manage their various financial requirements on both sides of balance sheet. Corpcare Ventures was built to provide contemporary investing and financing solutions for corporate in the most convenient and cost-effective manner possible. As an experienced investment professional and new-age entrepreneur, Hussain has been able to garner an impeccable set of skills by virtue of his association with some of the leading conglomerates of the financial sector, including Aditya Birla Capital, Citi India, UBS Wealth Management, DBS Bank, and more, during his illustrious professional career. In his current position as the CEO of Corpcare Ventures, Hussain has built a strong team of distinct professionals and a robust technologyplatform to deliver unparalleled consultation & execution services to corporate clients in a timely manner.

Hussain is implementing his superlative expertise as a noteworthy finance leader of the present era to offer innovative finance and wealth advisory solutions to corporate and family offices.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Hussain provided his views on a myriad of topics related to the financial services industry. The highlights from the conversation are below:

What inspired you to co-found Corpcare Ventures? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers?
As I delved deeper into the financial segment during my professional voyage, I realized the absence of a single platform or a one stop shop, which caters to all the financial needs of corporate. This compelled me to look for a solution and craft an innovative platform that is constantly mindful of the ongoing financial issues faced by the corporate segment and develop state-of-the-art solutions for them. We provide solutions pertaining to all the various needs of our clients. Some of the services that are most requested for are been around
lending requirements, surplus management, bond issuances, bond placement, generating both short term liquidity and long term liquidity for corporate, detailed investment policy construction, and structuring thorough guardrails around investment management. Corpcare provides all these solutions under one umbrella we have set up the right expertise to help our clients through open architecture ,which gives us the opportunity to find the best possible solutions for our clients.

We have set up the right expertise to help our clients through open architecture, where we can go out and figure out the best possible option for our clients

How would you define Corpcare Ventures as an organization and its current position in the market?
Corpcare Ventures is very uniquely positioned in the industry. We are not product providers or product pushers in terms of our offerings. When compare us to our potential competitors, I have realized that there is no such platform in the market that promotes an open architecture and provides all services required for a corporate under one roof. Few renowned conglomerates provide these services under different entities within the group to meet the demands of the clients. However, I have noticed that the first priority for such large conglomerates is to bring products from their own enterprises. A product, service or entity neutral platform like Corpcare doesn't exist.

Secondly, we don't follow a product pusher approach. Most of the times its observed that, if an adviser meets the client, then she tries to ensure that a certain predefined product suite is placed with the client. We are very different in that context, as our first meeting starts on a very consultative note. Since we are not aware of the client's requirements before the meeting, during the discussion we first comprehend what stage of the financial journey our client is in. As the meeting unfolds gradually we develop a detailed understanding of their shortterm and longterm requirements. We then assimilate the various ways in which Corpcare can assist them, and then bring forth our customized services for them. This is one of the largest differentiators of our unique positioning no one else in the market is doing what we are. To cater to the wide variety of such services, our crowning achievement is building a comprehensive super FinTech platform, where all needs will be addressed precisely on a single dashboard. This will be a ground breaking initiative for all financial professionals and CFOs.

You have been in the finance industry for almost two decades now. In your opinion, how has the mindset of people about investments and financial solutions evolved through time?
Yes, there are several significant changes, and a lot of credit goes to our regulators for this as they have been guiding the trajectory in which the Indian regulatory landscape unfolds. Our clientele, is more sophisticated, because they come under the domain of informed clients who are quite mindful and cognizant of their investment strategy. So over the last decade or
so treasuries and family offices have also evolved very significantly in terms of their requirements, and that's what makes them sophisticated. They are very aware of the risks involved in their investments and they refrain from investing in a haphazard manner without a proper thought process.

decades ago investment was majorly summarized in fixed deposits or liquid funds for any treasury surpluses, but things have changed substantially today. Now, due to the involvement of the entire capital market as well as the CFOs, newer avenues are opening up. One has to gear up to adapt to the constantly changing e market and the regulatory environment and hit the ground running. Various factors such as the rate cycle environment, the kind of various geopolitical issues hitting it, and uncertainties like COVID, have made all investors quite risk averse. It's also made investors very well informed about how investment decisions are to be taken. Therefore, the advisors 'responsibility also increases to the extent and they need to bring in the correct set of precise solutions as per investor requirements. The old regime of a generic product push from a predefined, standard list of products isn't going to work anymore!

How has been your journey so far? How has your experience been helping you to arrive at positive outcomes?
My journey has been quite enriching, and I have garnered a lot of experience in my journey so far.

During my tenure with ING, I was exposed to the retail platform. I drove the entire sales vertical at ING, which gave me a tremendous understanding of how to deal with various client segments from distinct backgrounds. I had also set up the entire DBS priority banking in India when DBS started, which gave me the experience in the kind of proposition one needs for a priority segment client. Then when I joined UBS, it was a completely different approach for me in terms of the clients they're dealing with, the products and services required for them, the right proposition for them, and so on. So, all these changes have continuously helped me gain a lot of relevant experience through the numerous client propositions and segments. I'm extremely thankful to my mentors across all the organizations I was a part of in my journey so far, as because of them, I've been able to develop the required skill sets and knowledge to set up my own company today.

Hussain Selani, CEO, Corpcare Ventures
Born and brought up in Mumbai, Hussain is a management graduate &comes from a humble family background. Hussain has completed his education both in Mumbai as well as Indore. With his prolific expertise across the Wealth Management, Private Banking & corporate banking business verticals, along with Sourabh Kumar, Hussain co-founded his brainchild Corpcare Ventures in 2022. Corpcare Ventures provides investing and financing solutions for corporates & family offices in the most convenient and costeffective way possible.

Hobbies:Travelling & exploring nature
Favorite Travel Destination: Europe Favorite Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
Awards and Recognition: 40 under 40 Best Financial Professionals in the Country

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