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Izhan Avoor: Elevating Footwear Fashion Through Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Izhan Avoor: Elevating Footwear Fashion Through Entrepreneurial Odyssey

Izhan Avoor,  CEO

Izhan Avoor


Leather, a naturally derived material, is renowned for its robustness and ability to withstand daily use without significant damage. Leather items like bags, shoes, jackets, and furniture have the potential to endure for extended periods, sometimes even spanning decades, if they receive appropriate care and maintenance. When compared to various synthetic materials commonly utilized in manufacturing, leather exhibits superior durability. Toni Rossi shoes are crafted using authentic LWG Gold Standard leather sourced from environmentally friendly tanneries. The manufacturing process takes place at ethical factories that hold SA8000 certification, ensuring fair labor practices. The shoes are designed for ultimate comfort, making them a perfect choice for responsible and ethically conscious fashion wear. Izhan Avoor, one of the Co-Founders of Toni Rossi, has been an exceptional source of inspiration and support, playing a crucial role in elevating the organization to remarkable achievements.

During an intimate interview, he candidly discussed the endeavors and challenges they faced while competing with industry giants.

Could you give a brief account about your professional journey and tell us about the inspiration behind the establishment of Toni Rossi.
My first business venture started in 11th grade when I created a Facebook page called 'Shoe Struck' to sell shoes online. This experience made me realize that pursuing a career in the footwear industry was a viable option. After completing my Bachelors in VIT, I further did my Masters in the UK, focusing on understanding luxury brand operations. This journey served as a guiding direction rather than pure inspiration. Eventually, Toni Rossi came into existence, dedicated to crafting impeccable shoes. Over the last five years, we have grown significantly from a modest shoe collection, continuously evolving
with each passing season.

Please share your academic experience at VIT, including the non-academic learnings you gained from the campus environment.
Apart from academics, my time at the academy has been enriching, allowing me to meet incredible individuals and create cherished memories. The most notable aspect beyond academics has been the exposure to diverse perspectives in approaching various situations and understanding consumer reactions to different product offerings. The academy has been a fun and vibrant place to study since 2003, offering numerous societies and opportunities to engage in areas of personal interest, such as fashion and cultural events. Through these experiences, I gained practical insights into real-life scenarios and collaborated with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Being part of societies and participating in extra curricular activities has been a significant learning and growth journey for me.

Being ahead of your competition is the key & be ahead in terms of your style. And since it's like a fast fashion industry, you have to be on the edge while creating your product line

Define Toni Rossi as an organization and its position in the market.
Toni Rossi, as a brand, embraces tasteful craftsmanship by seamlessly blending the best leathers and designs to create products that epitomize both style and functionality. In the market, we cater to three distinct audience subsets, offering a diverse range of price points from an entry-level of around 4000 rupees per shoe to an experimental and design-powered approach priced at approximately 14,000 rupees. With our parent organization's three decades of expertise in leather and footwear manufacturing, we have collaborated with premium European brands and gained international acceptance. Drawing from this vast experience, we take pride in creating our own collection, reflecting our commitment to delivering the finest leathers and products, including shoes, bags, and more. For discerning customers
seeking premium quality and style, Toni Rossi stands as the ideal brand of choice.

Explain your proficiency in manufacturing leather goods and why customers should consider your brand as the top choice.
Our brand, Toni Rossi, stands out by incorporating a distinctive touch that sets us apart from other experimental brands in the market. While other brands may take a more daring approach, we go the extra mile by blending elements of experimentation with a touch of practicality. Our focus on understanding our customers' needs and working closely with them has allowed us to create leather products that are not only fashion-forward and design-forward but also exceptionally comfortable. Unlike the perception that leather products might be uncomfortable, we have successfully addressed this concern by ensuring our products are comfortable and tailored to meet the desires of our fashion-conscious customers. At the heart of our organization, we prioritize both cultural alignment and product excellence, continuously staying informed about the market's demands and infusing our creations with our unique perspective.

What are your envisioned future plans and the strategic roadmap for the upcoming years?
As a CEO of Toni Rossi, my primary goal for the upcoming years is to elevate our brand to a global lifestyle phenomenon, starting with making a significant impact on the world stage of Fashion. Currently, our focus lies on expanding beyond our successful establishment in the Indian market. We plan to tap into other markets, solidifying our position as a renowned lifestyle brand worldwide. Our strategic roadmap revolves around seizing market opportunities, expanding our reach, and maintaining our commitment to delivering high-quality products and experiences to our customers across the globe.

Izhan Avoor,CEO, Toni Rossi
Izhan Avoor is an alumni from VIT who have ventured into business Toni Rossi. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on meeting customer needs the brand continues to thrive and carve a successful path in the dynamic business landscape. Izhan's journey from being a university graduate to a successful entrepreneur is a testament to the power of determination and the willingness to pursue one's dreams with tenacity and perseverance.

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